Secret exercises Yoga for Gut health

Yoga for Gut health

– Hi everyone, welcome and today we have an awesome yoga for gut health, so hop into something comfy and let’s get started. Alright, my sweet friends, let’s begin seated in a nice, cross-legged pose. We call this the easy pose, Sukhasana, but it’s not necessarily to mean that it’s easy, so just come on down to the ground.
If you need to lift the hips up or give yourself a little pillow or something to sit on to help you sit up tall versus rounding and collapsed in the spine. When we sit collapsed, our internal organs get kind of smushed together, so pause the video if you need to and find something to sit on so you can sit up nice and tall. Find a little lift from

within. And then throughout regular practice we’ll find more ease in the shape, alright? Thanks for being here, let’s jump right in. Sit up nice and tall. Let your hands just gently rest on the knees or thighs, wherever they fall naturally.
If you feel comfortable, close your eyes here as we just take a second to tune in. Really utilizing and, I’m gonna say it, maximizing this time that you’ve carved out for yourself. So, with targeted practices of Yoga for Gut health we have to also remember that with yoga we’re working with an understanding of a whole body and that’s what we’re trying to grow is this whole body awareness, that it’s all connected and when we’re talking or considering Yoga for Gut health, I think that’s an important reminder.

Alright, if you haven’t already, begin to bring your attention to your breath. Notice if you’re holding in your belly. See if you can soften there and if you’re holding any other place, the jaw, the toes, even in the hands or the shoulders, start to soften and relax, come into the present moment. Right, Yoga for Gut health, it’s all connected. Then, together, I’ll invite us to take the deepest breath you’ve taken all day. Here we go, ready? Big inhale. And as you exhale, go ahead and release it out through the mouth with a little ha sound. Good, big inhale again. Exhale, ha sound. Relaxing the shoulders as you breathe out, one more time. Here we go, big inhale.

And exhale, relax the shoulders as you breathe out. Good, now bring your hands to your belly. Inhale, breathe in. This time as you breathe in, think of this directional breath, what we call directional breath. Your inhale goes down, you can feel your hands actually move as you breathe in. And exhale, soften, hands gently draw in, slight retraction as you breathe out. Twice more like that, here we go. Big inhale. Feel the belly expand, heart lifts. Exhale, navel gently retracts back to the spine.  Yoga for Gut health And one more time, inhale. And exhale. Excellent. Bring your fingertips to your sides, plant the left palm to the earth. Inhale, reach the right arm all the way up. Big side body stretch.

If you feel collapsed in the belly, again, maybe lift the hips. Yoga for Gut health We’ll work to find that Upward Facing Dog or Cobra sensation in the heart. This lift through the chest up so we can minimize the collapse in the belly and then, when you’re ready, we’re gonna take it all the way up and over just past the front of your left knee. So you’re feeling a big stretch in your lower right side of your back, sorry.

And we’re feeling a massage or a little compression in the left low belly. If the fingertips come to the ground, let them. If not, just reach, reach, reach. Great, inhale in. For your next exhale, draw the chin to the chest. Good, inhale, just reverse, come all the way back up. And exhale, right fingertips to the earth. Great, second side. Right hand to the earth. Inhale, first, come out of the left sideways by reaching all the way up. Left fingertips to the sky. Inhale in.

Exhale, slowly take it up and over just past your right knee, so going on a diagonal line. Creating space in the left low back. Creating a little compression in the right low belly and right oblique. Maybe you stay reaching here, maybe the fingertips come to the ground. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Alright, listen carefully. Inhale to look forward. Exhale, chin to chest, navel draws in, hug the low ribs in. Sweet.

Slowly reverse it, come all the way back up, left hand reaches all the way up towards the sky and we come back down, fingertips to the earth. Alright, we’re gonna uncross the ankles here. Just bring one foot in front of the other. Let’s unify, let’s bring the left heel in and then the right foot in front just for starters. Then, here we go, big inhale, palms face up, sweep up towards the sky, lift from your waistline. So creating a long sensation through the front body, just kind of grounding sensation through the back body.

Again, coming up out of our organs a bit, finding that left from the pelvic floor. Inhale in. Exhale, dial your heart space towards your left knee. So, twist to the left and then we’re gonna take it down just like we did before. But this time both fingertips coming towards the ground. Inhale to look forward, smile. Exhale, chin to chest, round through. See if you can create a little hollow body here. Navel draws in. Cool. Walk it through center, get as low as you can. No need to go as low as me, but if you can get forearms to the ground, great.

Otherwise stay lifted. You can even come forehead to the earth. And then walk it all the way to the right. Inhale to look forward, smile. Exhale, chin to chest. Inhale to bring it all the way back up. Reach for the sky. And exhale, fingertips float down gently at your sides. Good, let’s switch. Right heel comes in, left leg out. Here we go, big inhale, reach for the sky. Beautiful, exhale from center. So, slowly twisting to the right from here. Good, inhale in again. Exhale over to your right nice and easy.

And just check it out, breathing deep. So really focusing on the sensations today versus the shape. Really, always in Yoga for Gut health, but really today so we can start to create more awareness. Well, a deeper relationship with your guts. So many metaphors there. Okay, inhale, look forward. Exhale, chin to chest. Good, and then here we go, walking through. Coming through center, forearms, fingertips, forehead to the mat, nice hip stretch here. So breathe deep, breathe into your belly. And then keep this train moving.

Let’s go all the way over to the left, aw yeah. Inhale, look forward, open the chest. Find extension. Exhale, contract, navel draws in, chin tucks. Sweet, and then release by bringing fingertips all the way up towards the sky, big breath in. Exhale, fingertips float down. Awesome work. Alright, from here, we’re gonna slowly come to a seat. So lean back on your bum. Bring your knees up into the sky, bring your hands behind your thighs.

Loop the shoulders, lift your heart. Inhale in, exhale, don’t think, just breathe, lean back. Toes can stay on the ground. Inhale in. Exhale, lift your heart. Shoulders drop and one more time, big breath in. Send that breath down into the belly, inhale. Exhale, maybe the shins lift. Good, try to keep your elbows hugging in. So your shoulder blades can wrap down and around. Down and around, yes. Inhale in again. Exhale, maybe you release the fingertips, palms face up. Inhale in again. You never know, exhale, maybe you straighten the legs.

Lift your heart. Armpit chest lifting here, heart’s lifting. Elbow creases towards the sky for three, two. On the one, slowly release. Come through to all fours. Knees underneath the hips, wrists underneath the shoulders. Just one Cat-Cow here, so drop the belly, open the chest. Exhale, round through the spine, chin to chest.

Good, cross one ankle over the other. You’re gonna paint your yoga mat with your mat as you come back all the way through to a seat and then all the way to your back. And when you land on your back, go ahead and center yourself on your Yoga for Gut health mat if you have one. And then I’ll invite us all to hug the knees into the chest. So I’ll meet you here. You can take a couple breaths here to rock gently side to side.

Little low back love here as you scoop the tailbone up. Keep your shoulders relaxed, elbows. Lots of awareness and the elbows drawing down perhaps here. Little awareness in the feet. Inhale in. Exhale, draw your nose towards your knees. Doesn’t matter if your nose comes close to your knees at all.

Just find that intention, so really squeezing, squeezing and squeezing. Option to grab the outer edges of the feet, keep breathing here. And then when you’re ready, slowly release. Hold onto your right shin, kick your left leg all the way out. Inhale in deeply here. Exhale, peel your nose up towards your right knee. Keep breathing, strong left leg, flex your left toes. Good, and then slowly release.

We’re gonna switch, send the right leg out, bring the left knee up, inhale in. Exhale, nose toward the knee. Breathe here, strong right leg. Shoulders relaxed, skin in the face soft. Good, Yoga for Gut health  slowly release. Switch, right leg comes back up. Inhale in. Exhale, right knee crosses over the left side of the body. You can even shift your hips to the right side of your mat as you come into this Supine Twist.

Send your right arm out long, use the palm of your left hand to gently comb the outer edge of your right thigh that IT band all the way down. The power of touch. And maybe gently turn onto your right ear, find that directional breath here breathing down to the belly. You gotta bring the breath, you got this Yoga for Gut health. The more depth of breath you can find in this practice, the more benefits I think you’re going to experience. So think of it that way, my darling. When you’re ready, let’s come back through to center and switch for Yoga for Gut health.

Take it to the other side, extending the right leg out, lifting the left knee up and taking it over into your Supine Twist. Again, option to bring the hips over towards the left side of the mat. Then we’ll extend through the left arm. Maybe you come onto your left ear, breathe deep.

Oh, my mid-back is a bit tight today. And then use your right hand to gently comb the outer edge of your left thigh down. Nice, deep, loving breaths here, you got this. Yoga for Gut health, Notice how the breath, in particular, the depth of breath, notice how that can change your experience and the way you feel in this shape. Even just three deep breaths can change it, change it all. I can even hear my stomach talking in this shape. It’s working! Okay, one more breath. Come back to center, hug both knees up into the chest once again.

This time we’re gonna take them wide, nice and wide. Knees wide, squeezing, lifting, breathing into the belly. If you wanna take a Happy Baby here, you can. Grab the outer edges of the feet or the inner arches, kick the soles of the feet up towards the sky. Deep breath in, long breath out as you reach your tailbone towards the front edge of your mat.

Nice, and then slowly bring the soles of the feet down to the ground, hands come to the earth to walk your heels up towards your sits bones. Feet are nice and hip-width apart, toes pointing forward. Inhale to lift the hip points up high. Breathe into the belly, crawl the shoulder blades down towards your heels and exhale slowly to lower. Good. From here, we’re gonna walk the feet as wide as the yoga mat, knees come into touch, soften through the bowl of the pelvis and bring your hands to your belly. Slow and steady clockwise circles rubbing the belly nice and slow, breathing deep. If you have not caught a nice, deep breath yet, do it for yourself now. And then stop, pause, relax everything here.

Knees are kissing towards each other, elbows are relaxed on the ground, shoulders are relaxed. Close your eyes and just listen, listen to your breath. Learn to take more time to listen to your Yoga for Gut health, your intuition. It’s all connected. And then just pay attention, notice what came up here. There’s no right or wrong. We’re gonna open the knees wide, lift the heels, lift the feet. Cross one ankle over the other, grab the outer edges of the feet or your big toes. We’re gonna rock and roll up and down the length of the spine here.

Should feel really good. Come back up to that nice, comfortable seat. Voice cracked. Hands on the knees, we’re gonna finish with a coffee grinder. Here we go, inhale, smoothing the heart forward. Exhale for Yoga for Gut health, round the spine, send it back. Inhale, forward. Exhale for Yoga for Gut health, round the back, getting the juices flowing here.

So, some of you may not know (laughs) what those old-fashion coffee grinders look like,Yoga for Gut health but they look like this. And you turn the handle and you grind the coffee down below and then you open the little drawer and your coffee’s there for you. Yoga for Gut health If you do know what I’m talking about, awesome, if not, you can imagine it. Reverse your circle. Sync up with your breath. Alright, let your circle get smaller and smaller and smaller here for Yoga for Gut health.

Smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller until eventually you are stacked head over heart, heart over pelvis. Sweet, bring the palms together, Anjuli Mudra at the heart. Sit up nice and tall once again in Yoga for Gut health. Inhale in deeply.

Nice, cleansing breath out through the mouth as you relax the shoulders down. Thank you so much for sharing your time and your energy with me  today. I hope this practice Yoga for Gut health serves you well. Bookmark it, favorite it, make a mental note. Practice this regularly so we can keep you healthy and happy and feeling good. Love you guys, take good care. Namaste.

Flattering Makeup Pro Tips from Beginner to Advanced

what’s up guys welcome back to my blog for today’s blog I’m going to be doing a makeup tutorial on this look that you see right here I’m actually really excited about this video because it’s been a huge request for some time now for me to do a video dedicated to really fair skin if you guys watch my blog you know that my skin tone fluctuates all the time because I get spray tan sometimes so I’ll go from being like medium tan to like a really dark glowy tan like really white like I am right now I think the camera doesn’t always show how tan I am or how light I truly am or the colors kind of like it’s deceiving on camera but I can get so fair that honestly like Mac foundations don’t even match me like they don’t even have a

color light enough for my bitch ass and I had to totally change and adjust my makeup routine to when I do have a tan and when I am very light the things that look good on me when I have a good tan are not flattering or a complimentary whatsoever when I am my fairest because of that I am aware that a lot of people have the same struggle as me when you’re really light you want to be able to like do a dark smoky eye of feel sexy in a nude lip at the same time you’re like oh just doesn’t look the same as it doesn’t like someone like Kim Kardashian so I wanted to create an extremely easy and extremely flattering makeup tutorial for those of you who

are really light in skin tone where you can feel really sexy and really confident and still have like that smoky sex appeal this is honestly so simple I think I only use 3 eyeshadows today when you see how easy it is are gonna be like oh girl I got this of course this tutorial is gonna look good on a very wide variety of skin tones but I just wanted to dedicate this specific video to all of my very fair girls and boys out there who are watching this so I hope that you enjoy and if you like it don’t forget to give this blog a thumbs up subscribe to my blog you know how much I appreciate it so yeah if you want to see to get this look then just keep watching

okay so first thing we’re gonna do as always is prime our face I’m using the same Sisley primer that I have been using for ever I just love it so much I really wanted to try that like newer touch up primer that everyone’s been raving about but every single time I try to buy it it’s always sold out this is the one that I’ve been sticking to basically I’m actually gonna double prime my skin today I’m also gonna go in with a pore minimizer as well for the past month I have been struggling with pores for the first time in my life like that’s never been an issue of mine all of a sudden I have it all these clogged like enlarged pores there’s a gaping holes my face and I’m like hates you know my skin has just been freaking out recently I think it’s

obviously due to stress there’s been a lot going on in my life guys have so much redness and just breakouts and like just texture like it’s just not a good time for my skin so we’re gonna cover that up I’m going to go in with the exact same foundation routine that I have been doing for quite a while now and I’m going to like double or triple up the coverage remodeling me today then taking a damaged Beauty sponge and springs in that new bottle spraying some of the Lila be a glow face Masson it I’m gonna go in with the door forever Foundation and just buff it out Oh goodbye redness now we’re gonna grab my Tarte shaped tip concealer and conceal everything I’m gonna do my under eye area I’m gonna go over these little blemishes with it I’m gonna do my t-zone I’m basically going to do an entire second layer of concealer or top of my foundation and I am using the shade light okay so now I’m gonna powder the face
I’m gonna go in with the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder right here this is my favorite face powder at the moment it has been for quite some time actually and I’m actually gonna mix that with a little bit of the

Lancome absolute powder as well and then I’m gonna set my under eye using a light powder I’m gonna go with the kat von d palette with that first light shade okay I’m gonna fill in my brows really quickly even though this is easier said than done I do recommend when you are really pale or just more on the fair side to go a little bit lighter handed when you are filling in your eyebrows just was I notice that when I have a spray tan I can go heavier handed and I can make my eyebrows darker and bolder and it looks good but when I’m really fair it just looks very harsh on my pale skin ah totally natural right okay it’s the first thing I’m gonna do on the eye is just lay down a nice soft transition
color I’m gonna go in with my pallets my original palette that I created with more feet and I’m going to go in with the shade number third I’m gonna go in with the shade a silk cream which is the third color in the palette it’s just a really nice soft transition color it’s a little bit on the warm side but it’s not too warm where it’s gonna be unflattering on

some skin tones and again we’re gonna apply this nice and soft we don’t want this to be harsh I’m basically putting this all over the lid I’m not intentionally putting it all over the center of my lid but since I’m using such a big brush and as I’m blending it out I’m continuously going up towards the brow and in the inner corner I am getting that color like a nice light wash basically all over my entire lid area so now I’m gonna grab a really small tight definer brush like this guy right here and I’m going to go in with my armed and gorgeous palette which is part of my vault
collection with more fedone I’m gonna grab the shade prowl which is a really nice dark matte Brown it’s very deep and it’s definitely like a neutral Brown it’s not super cool or super warm which is why it’s gonna be so flattering to so many different skin tones what I’m gonna do now with this brush is I’m going to just stamp that color right on my lash line like eye shadow sorry I’m an eyeliner and we are just following the lash line and just stab me with that brush

just like that so looks like eyeliner but it’s just done with eye shadow I’ve just been so into this recently because it’s so easy just to stamp this brush right along the lash line and boom your liner is done okay so now that we have that laid down right on the lash line I’m gonna take a little bit more of that shadow and I’m going to begin to just slightly bring it up out here on the outer corner just kind of like doing this full guerring of motion that you see me doing right now and this is just going to begin to slightly blend it out and smoke it out and lightly
feathering that into the inner corner but we want it to be the darkest and go the highest up on the outer corner like that okay so now I’m gonna switch brushes but I’m gonna stay with that exact same brown I’ve been using the entire time I’m gonna go in with a little bit of a fluffier brush now this is the morphe m4 33 of course this is one of my favorite blending brushes ever and I’m going to just tap that upward now that we have that kind of like fade on the outer corner and I’m going to bring that in to the crease we’re keeping it low in the crease we’re not taking it too high and I was taking a totally clean blending brush I’m gonna go over the edge of that just to make sure that we don’t

have any harsh lines okay so now I’m gonna go in with my original palette and I’m going to grab the shade Central Park right here which is a really really dark very neutral brown and I’m going to Pat right over top of that initial
shadow that we put on by the lash line just to deepen up one last time before we go in with lashes and I’m gonna go in with the shade pooter right here in my palettes gonna take a pencil brush and line my entire lower lash line with that shade I love this color on fair skin because of the fact that it has a little warmth in it but it’s not too warm like it’s just the perfect amount of neutral you know and I’m gonna bring that nice and low on my lower lash line to really smoke that out looks a little freaky at first kind of like Uncle Fester but it all comes together so now I’m gonna go in with a Mac eye pencil in the shade teddy which is a really beautiful Brown it’s got like a little bit of shimmer in it and I’ve been lining my inner waterline with this recently and I absolutely love the way it makes this look because when you are really fair and you line your inner waterline with black sometimes it can be really

really harsh and just make your eyes look like really kind of small and squinty and I’ll make even more pale and sometimes in kind of like a dead looking way and we don’t look like a corpse you know it’s okay to be really fair it’s okay to be as pale as you know as paper as this right here but you also don’t want to do anything that looks unflattering you want to make sure that you look alive and you look vibrant you look healthy you look glowing and that’s all very achievable no matter how pale you are so I really love to use a brown eyeliner as opposed to a black one when doing my eye makeup what I am this fair okay so now I’m gonna go back in with the shade a prowl right here who armed and gorgeous palette and I’m gonna go with that same definer brush that I was using on my upper lash line and I am just going to go right over that really tight on my lower lash line and blend it down okay I’m gonna apply a

little mascara to my upper lashes so that I can go in and pop on some false ones okay so now I’m gonna put a little mascara on my lower lashes as well what a difference lashes make like it’s like night and day of course for this look you do not have to do false lashes you can of course just do mascara but I just love the look of false lashes with this especially because the actual eyeshadow is so easy and actually very simple you put on lashes and it just kind of fools everybody into thinking that like wow what a beautiful smoky eye you’re like bitch I only use three shadows okay so now at this point we look a little weird right like I kind of look dead like it’s just like dark eyes like dark eyebrows and just like pale flat matte skin so we are about to change that first thing I do is highlight the inner corner of my eye I’m gonna go in with my palette and grab the first shade in the palette which is in light I’m going to just

dab that right in the inner corner it’s kind of blend it out down inward upward all around just to get a nice halo on that inner corner then once I have that I’m gonna go in with the shade VIP which is the first shade and the armed and gorgeous palette and I’m just going to lightly tap that right or top of what I did specifically only just in the inner corner like a dot because this is white and it’s pigmented but it just gonna give like a little bit of an extra wow I’m actually a highlight my brow bone today – I feel like this look needs it so I’m gonna go back in with in light from my palette right here take a little bit of that autumn brush and just hit that right underneath of the brow oh yeah mm-hmm gosh highlight just makes everything so much better that statement really is true having a bad day you

highlight it gets better going through a breakup highlight it gets better okay so now let us bronze because obviously right now we are looking very flat and we need to warm up this skin I’m gonna go in with a very neutral shade of bronzer since I am so fair I don’t want to go in with something that has like an orange like a really warm undertone it might look a little harsh you might look a little fake and so to keep it looking natural we’re gonna go in with something that’s not too cool or too warm meet right in the middle and I’m gonna go in with the Too Faced chocolate Soleil

bronzer this is the more feet are to brush right here and I’m just going to Oh God it’s bronzer never gets old its most so God it I can taste it my god bronzer just makes the face come to life hit it up there right by the hairline just brighter didn’t go on as smooth today as it normally does it’s kind of weird so now instead of baking what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go back in with that powder that I used to set my face earlier and that damp Beauty sponge I use as well Pat this into the skin underneath of that bronzer just to light in this area up again and blend it into that bronzer just so that we keep the bottom portion of the face nice and light we don’t have like a dark line of demarcation from the bronzer and this will also just make everything look even more natural on your fair skin I’m gonna go on with the same bronzer but it is a lighter version so this is the milk chocolate Soleil I’m going to take that one a little small fluffy brush and I’m just going to put a little bit of that warmth on the sides of my nose I’m not really contouring my nose necessarily just warming it up a little bit so that it doesn’t look just

like weird and pale sitting in the center of my face that’s how I think about my nose just this weird pale thing sitting in the side of my face I’m gonna set my brows right now they’re driving me crazy so I’m gonna take a little bit of the Mac Pro emphasize shaping powder on a brush like this and I’m going to put that directly underneath my eye area I’m actually gonna mix it with a little bit of the Kat Von D um shade as well and I’m just going to tap that right under here and bring it down just because this is such a light shade that when I’m really fair like this I can’t like where on I can wear on my under eye and it doesn’t look ridiculously white but it just makes you look so angelic and just like I feel real and it just brings so much light and attention to the center of the face I love that look it’s like padding and then lightly dusting that out I love this powder so much when I’m there kiba’s well summer my nose I’m sorry I Center my chin in my face I know it looks a little weird right now but don’t worry it

won’t look weird in a minute right there take it up on the forehead I love a good light beam on the forehead for blush I’m gonna go in with pinky tones today because normally I do like really warm my coppery kind of like orange e undertones but for this look and since I am so fair I want to go with like rosy pinky shades cuz it’s just very complementary to these Browns on the eyes and my skin tone right now okay for highlight I’m gonna take the shade of Santorini by Kylie cosmetics this is her loose highlighting pigment I love them so much and Santorini is such a beautiful shade when I’m really fair on my skintone I’m gonna take a really big brush actually because today I don’t want to do like a direct beam spot white highlight I wanted to something a little bit more like blend it out and like ethereal if you will so I’m gonna take this brush right here this is the morphe M 500 it’s gonna dip it into the cap just like that and then I’m just going to lightly on my cheeks go towards the top of my ear just to keep it nice and subtle I mean that’s all for me take it dab it put it on nose I have to have a nose

highlight Cupid’s bow I’m also gonna do a touch right here on the forehead and then I’ll take my damp Beauty sponge dab right over that so that it really just like melts it into the skin okay I’m going to try the Kylie cosmetics velvet liquid lipstick in the shade there that’s not what it is yeah bear and see how this looks I’m also gonna take a little bit of the kylie gloss in the shade so cute this is her palest gloss that she has but took just a little bit of it and put it in the center of my lip and it’s kind of blended out for some high shine right in the center and now I’m just going to set that bitch with some setting spray it really is incredible the power that makeup has and the power that I personally have chosen to give makeup like now that my face is done I look in the mirror and I’m just like like I’m ready I feel like I have more confidence I feel like I have more energy like I can just do anything right now I’m like I’m ray and go whatever life has to throw at me I can handle it like it’s just weird how I just feel

completely different it’s such a good way when I have on makeup I mean don’t get me wrong also be bossing people around bare face with acne everywhere but there’s something about a whole bays and makeup that just makes me feel like so that is it for this look you guys I hope that you enjoy not you saw how extremely easy it is honestly if this is difficult for you try it a couple of times and you’ll be good to go when I was first starting in makeup doing that I shadow is eyeliner trick that is how I taught myself how to do a straight line of eyeliner so it’s a really great trick so if you’re struggling with eyeliner just do that for a couple of weeks or a couple of months and get used to that and then you’ll get so much more comfortable with liquids and gels so yeah that’s it you guys I hope that you enjoyed this look

Modern Day Bridal Makeup Tips

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog for today’s Blog I’m going to be doing my take on like the modern bridal wedding makeup and I am so excited to be doing this Blog it is one of my most requested Blog of all time I just want to say right now that I am sorry for the fact that my eyes are very bloodshot this entire Blog just because it doesn’t make the makeup look as beautiful as I wish it did coz I’m still getting over being sick I was so sick this past week and so yeah my I just look really bloodshot like very irritated by the lights right now so I am sorry about that but I absolutely love this look so much in this Blog is gonna be a longer one

because it is filled with a lot of tips and a lot of tricks and a lot of suggestions coming from me for being a bride and looking your absolute best and feeling your absolute best on your wedding day so I hope you guys enjoy this Blog and if you like this and you would like it to become like a Bridal series I’d be very open to doing that I know that like just Bridal makeup in general is one of the most requested thing on my channel so I wanted to do this because it’s just like that smoky but natural look if you will and it’s really pretty but it’s also gonna like stand the test of time you know so if you guys want to see like a series of Bridal looks let me know if that something that you’re really interested in this Blog thumbs up leave me a comment down below let me know what you like to see next if you see a comment in the

comment section you’re at oh I want to see that give it a thumbs up so I can see what you guys are looking forward to seeing on my channel and I can produce some good content for you guys that you actually enjoy and want to watch also quick disclaimer I am wearing a top I look so naked right now like I can’t even begin like ever since I’m not gonna be monitor I think I’m just like naked in diamonds which I’m not complaining about being butt-naked just wearing diamonds but anyway I really hope that you guys enjoy this tutorial and maybe gather some tips and tricks along the way that would make me so happy if I could help out someone on their wedding day help them make like help make them feel beautiful and it’s just like a princess and put together like we all deserve so yeah congratulations to all of those who are getting married and for those of you who are single and ready to mingle just watching this Blog for the hell of it I see you girls I love you guys so much and if you want to see how to get this a modern day a bridal look and then just keep watching okay so the first thing that we are going to do today which the first step in every single makeup application of course whether it’s your wedding day or a typical normal day we’re just doing a light beat

whatever maybe is to prime the skin but first of all if my first tip to any brides to be out there is to make sure that you’re really happy with your skin care and start at months in advance do not try a new skin care three weeks before the wedding and then you have a bad reaction and now your skin isn’t where you want it to be on your wedding day going and getting like a really great facial months before the wedding you’re really clearing out your pores finding a skin care regimen that really suits you and your needs and sticking to it making sure that you are cleansing your skin moisturizing and exfoliating it constantly and not missing any days is a key step in making sure that your skin looks beautiful on your wedding day and along with that also making sure that you are really exfoliated because your skin he’s not gonna adhere like the makeups not gonna adhere to the skin and really hold on if you have really dry flaky skin so make sure to really exfoliate the night before in the morning of your wedding depending how sensitive you are to really make sure that your skin is in a good place for your makeup to be applied I started off with the Sicily double ten cor primer because it’s my

favorite and I’m also gonna go in with the global perfect pore minimizer by Sicily as well I’m gonna put this one specifically on the center of my face more directed on like my t-zone area I love this primer because it really does kind of fill mattify and blur my pores even though I personally don’t like to have really matte skin I still love what this does it as a base once I have my foundation on it just makes everything look a lot more like airbrushed and smooth okay so now I’m gonna go in with foundation and again the foundation issue using their wedding-day do not use a great foundation that you heard some of the amazing things about for the very first time on your wedding day make sure that you have tried your foundation and you actually love it even if it’s a foundation that you love and you can’t afford get a sample of it and use that sample on your wedding day but just make sure that it’s gonna be something that you really love and it lays nice on the skin and it doesn’t settle onto your fine

lines doesn’t break you out and none of that jazz just make sure that all the products you are using on your wedding day are things that you actually like and don’t take chances it’s not the day to take chances so I’m gonna be going in and with the two born this way foundation is a full-coverage foundation is definitely um kind of like a satiny finish which I love because it’s not too matte but it’s also not like dewy and sticky so I’m going to be going in with a shade natural beige now this color does not match my face at all you can see my face is very fair right now and I’m having breakouts everywhere I’ve been sick recently and just really stress with some stuff so I got breakouts everywhere we’re gonna cover those up but you can see my neck is so much thinner than my face so we’re gonna go ahead and use a shade that’s a little bit darker I’m going to go in with a duty sponge right here this is dampened I just put it
underneath the sink to get it nice and damp and squishy then I’m gonna take that right off the back of my hand and once I have that I’m going to use the Lila be a glow face mist I’m gonna spray that directly on to the Beauty sponge and I’m going to begin to just tap this into the skin and blend it out and I will just say for me personally there’s like no question about it using some sort of spray on my sponge to apply my foundation makes the world of a difference in the application and the way it looks when I’m completely done I think I keep adding more and more steps to my routine it keeps getting more and more complex but it also keeps getting prettier and prettier and more airbrush and more flawless looking in the more steps I ahead so I’m just kind of going with it but I just personally think that it makes the product look so natural when you do this it really just like makes it very creamy and it’s kind of like melts it into the skin and it sheers it out a bit too which is really nice these I prefer to have a foundation application where it starts off sheer and then we build up as opposed to it being extremely like boom massive coverage all at once and then you’re kind of screwed because if it looks like cake face then all you can do is wipe it off you know okay so now for concealer I’m gonna go in with the Tarte shape tape concealer and this is my tried and trued number one most favourite concealer of all time if you have not used it I would really recommend trying it I personally don’t know anybody who doesn’t like this concealer it’s so amazing it’s really full coverage and the thing that I love about it so much is it does dry to a pretty matte

finish but it’s not like a chalky matte finish but it’s also not um like sticky you know how some concealers will be so like sticky you feel like there’s gonna kind of like run off your face or it’s like you only blink three or four times you’ve got creases everywhere now under my creases are kind of like inevitable it happens and the only way to really get rid of the under-eye creases is the way you set it with your powder by the end of the day if you’ve got under-eye creases you’re just gonna have them and that we don’t need to like push women and men that far to think like oh it’s unnatural to have under-eye creases it happens and sometimes your container is gonna settle there but to prevent it this concealer is absolutely amazing as far as the under-eye creasing goes which is why I would recommend it to brides for sure on their wedding day not to mention it like stay as a test of time like this stuff never ever breaks up on me but I could I think that might also be the way I’ve set it as well which you guys will see me do in a minute I’m spraying a beauty sponge now on the tip of it same

exact setting mist and I’m gonna go in and blend that out and I did use two different shades and use my eye I use light neutral and I use the medium just because it’s what I have sitting next to me right now in media there’s a little too dark and light neutrals a little too light and I want this to be a little bit lighter than my foundation shade I don’t want it to be drastically lighter but as you can see it is a little bit because that’s just gonna come in handy later with just the end result of the face I prefer doing a lighter concealer any for my eye ever since Mario he Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist years ago introduced that technique I’ve never stopped I always make my concealer a little bit lighter I think it just looks so much more natural in the end so I continue to do that but just make sure that you don’t go to like like if you put on a really like stark white under-eye concealer then you’re gonna start looking a little bit more fake I don’t like to use that word but you guys know what I mean it’s not gonna look as natural as your end result which I’m kind of into that look sometimes but on my wedding day I would personally want it to look a little bit more just like ah perfect okay I’m going to take that same lighter shade I’m going to put that right here up in between the eyebrow area I’m gonna take it and put it right on the Cupid’s bow and on the chin and then I’m gonna go over that a pinch just a pinch with the shade medium right there cuz I again don’t want that to be too late because it’s just right I’m just going to push that into the skin

okay now that my face isn’t matching my body a little bit better I definitely feel like I’m in a better place now um excuse me mm I know it’s high and annoying me clearing my throat and coughing so much in this Blog but you know like I said I’m just trying to kick this sickness once and for all I’m at the tail end of it right now okay so now I’m going to set my face with powder and this is where it starts to get I don’t want to say tricky but kind of because this is where you can kind of make or break the base of your face meaning your foundation and concealer application for me personally I am more on the normal slash dry side I definitely am NOT oily at all so I prefer to go in with a very full amount of foundation and concealer like anything that’s wet that’s what I want to go in with the majority of because of my skin type and then I had to go over with a pretty small amount of powder and if I am going to use a generous amount of powder I am gonna make sure that I’m really blending it out and consistently like constantly using like a setting this to really make sure that it melts into the skin if you are more on the oily side and then you would want to kind of do the opposite you would want to do like a medium coverage and maybe a little bit more powder to really keep yourself mattified throughout the day I’m gonna go in with the hourglass and failed translucent

powder this has quickly become a most favored powder to set my face with recently because it is just so natural and I’m gonna pick it up like this on my damp Beauty sponge and this is still pretty damp like this is not anywhere near dry yet but it’s not wet to make sure you’re not using a wet sponge because then you will have the reverse effect and it’s just gonna break up your makeup and make things maybe he’s a little messy so you’ll know if you squeeze it any waters coming out then it’s too wet you should be able to squeeze it and no water actually comes out of the Beauty sponge so I’m gonna take this and I’m gonna tap it you can see it is a really light application and I’m just going to press this in to the skin all over my entire face now if I had more oil on my skin for my wedding day I would definitely go in with the cover effects perfect perfect great yet perfect setting powder right here um and if I was really I would go in with the Laura Mercier translucent powder because that one definitely is like whoo honey it’s it’s a dry situation but I say that for the wedding day it’s ideal to set your entire face with the translucent powder as opposed to a powder with actual color and pigment and coverage in it because this usually looks the most natural over time so if you want to like make sure if you look great in pictures throughout the entire day in the entire night I would go in with a translucent one and of course make sure that you have a trial

before doing your makeup yourself or with an artist and take photos with flash take photos clothes take photos far all that jazz to make sure not only you love your makeup but to make sure that you get no full lash back moments meaning a huge white cast all over your face because no one likes the way that looks and you guys will notice that I usually tend to powder my nose more than anything else on my face like I’ll even go back and powder it later again after my eyes sometimes because just for anybody it doesn’t matter if you’re dry oily normal the nose is always the thing to break up and come off the quickest typically the t-zone is and that’s not only because of oils and just living your daily life and like the humidity and the weather whatever may be but also hugging people kissing people drinking drinks whatever it is it’s like you tend just kinda like rub your face you have an itch on your nose whatever it is the nose usually breaks up the quickest so I usually like to or powder my nose just to insure that that’s not gonna happen okay so I’m going to use that exact same powder and I’m going to put it on my under eye using the pointed side of the sponge now and I’m cleaning about that much right there I’m gonna blend that out so I am doing this a little bit

differently than normal typically I go in with a lighter powder to have some color in it and some pigment on my under eye and I do that immediately before I do my eye shadow but today I’m doing it different because I really want my skin just to look absolutely perfect so I’m gonna spend a little bit more extra time on it today and that’s why I’m doing this okay so before doing anything else at this point I’m going to grab some setting spray whatever setting spray is your absolute favorite again don’t try anything new on your wedding day this is my favorite setting spray of all time it has been for a very long time at this point the reason I love it number one is because of the fact that it makes my powder and my foundation melt together in a way that I have truly never seen a setting spray do it’s kind of like the mac fix+ but less tacky and doesn’t make me as dewy I have heard some people say that makes them really dewy I personally don’t experience that but it also takes a lot to make my skin dewy because I am more than the other reason I love this so much is because it is an aerosol can so it comes out like a hairspray like that so you just like an even continuous spray at all times and it doesn’t like like just squirt in your face and ruin your makeup so I’m going to take this and just spray my entire face right now when I really want my skin to look absolutely

incredible this is something I will do because I will spray my face with that setting spray my product four times drop my makeup application because I feel like if you spray it in between applications like in between like foundation powder spray and then like bronzer contour blush spray and then highlight and then spray it’s like your end result just looks everything is so blended together and she’s like mmm like it just gives you like that Instagram face you know so that’s why I use setting spray so much I’m going to now go in and do my eyebrows I’m going to be using the Anastasia brow definer in the shade medium brown I’m going to cut this part of the Blog because to me eyebrows are like exciting to watch and we all do eyebrows in our own individual unique way if you guys want a full detailed Blog on how I do my eyebrows let me know I have not gone and got my eyebrows tweeze or waxed or anything in years I don’t even remember the last time I just do everything myself fill them in and that jazz so if you guys don’t like a full detailed Blog of like how I got from the girl like this and all that jazz I can do that at a different time but for right now we’re just gonna boom yay eyebrows are done I always can’t stand the way I look like this and I just happen Dacian and nothing else and brows I feel like I look so just like in your face and very aggressive and angry so I’m always like very panicked to get makeup on as quickly as possible because once I have I makeup on my coffee it all comes together okay I’m gonna start off by going in with my

original Jaclyn hill palette and I mean obviously if it’s my wedding day I’m going to be wearing this bad boy I’m 100% I’m gonna go in with a shade silk cream right here this is typically always the first shade that I go in when I do any neutral makeup book whatsoever listen so it’s my wedding day I’m definitely keeping neutral you know I feel like it’s really fun when brides you like major like pops of color just like really like get wild with their makeup I think it’s so cool but I’ll keep it neutral cuz that is Who I am I’m going to grab that on a fluffy brush and begin to put that in the upper area of my crease if you can see exactly where I’m putting it I’m not really getting it on the actual lid and I’m not getting up there on the brow bone I’m getting it right in between and then the bristles of the fluffy brush are gonna really help to blend that out up here and down here as well so we’re going back and forth and a windshield wiper motions and then as that product kind of leaves my brush I’m gonna bring it to the inner corner of my eye and I always lift my eye up you when I’m getting my makeup done and the artist starts to go it’s my inner core I always lift my eye up like this to kind of help them because if you keep your eye like this could be kind of droopy and then that fluffy brush will get it like too high in there so I always lift that up so you can really get precise all right so now I’m gonna go back in with that same silk cranking again and this time I’m going to lightly start

to kind of flick it out up Hinch like I barely have anything on my brush right now just a little bit of it and I’m gonna kind of bring it towards the tail of my brow just because I don’t want this to be too rounded because if my eye shadow was rounded on a daily vitamin but if I’m gonna be looking at photos myself forever I definitely want like a little bit more like a soft edge because it’s more flattering when you kind of have a duck as opposed to a circle around the eyes okay so now I’m going to do before I go in with anything else is I’m going to grab my cover of X translucent powder in the shade I’m sorry it’s just called the perfect setting powder and I’m going to stamp this underneath my eyes now this is why I didn’t put that much powder on my under eye when I initially set my face because I didn’t knew I was gonna be going in with this method right here and I do not want this to cake up and start looking like too much so I’m just going to lightly stamp that right there and then press this under the eye to catch any fallout okay now I’m gonna go in with the shade pukey right here in the center of my palette on a little bit of a stiffer brush like it’s not as big and not as fluffy as the first one and I’m gonna put that right underneath of the first shade that we have with it the first shade that we went in with called silk cream and I am just going to blend that back and forth the exact same way that I did with the first shade literally same exact steps just right beneath it and on top of it and then I’m just going to lightly again or I have basically nothing my brush kind of flick that out towards the brow you can see I’m not making it as pigmented as the actual lid color but I’m just making it like an afterthought so it just hasn’t that really like

natural effortless effect okay now I’m gonna go in with the shade buns right here which is this matte Brown and the undertone has like a little bit of like rosiness and it almost which is like really flattering I always tell the same story how I hated this color at first and Lyndon made me put it in the palette and I was like that’s a caramel and now I use it all that time I don’t even know what to do I didn’t have this color I use it constantly so now I’m gonna take that I’m gonna stamp it really lightly on the outer corner of my eye and just blend that into the upper shade god I was way too rough when I wash these brushes last they are like right now and again we’re basically doing the exact same thing I’m just keeping this shade lower than the previous ones okay so I’m gonna go in I’m gonna wipe away their the trace isn’t powder just on the outer corner because you see how right there we haven’t got sharp line right now well I don’t want it to be that sharp on my wedding day so I’m just going to clear that off and then continue to work but just not with that right there like the line right now is good because I’m gonna be able to like blend it and make it look great and I’m glad that I did that I’m not saying I shouldn’t have done that like I want to make sure I’m clear that is what I want it to look like as of right now but the end result I don’t want it to be that sharp in that harsh so I’m gonna go ahead and wipe that area off and then just go ahead and put a little bit more translucent powder directly underneath my eyes just to catch any fallout once again I want to see it a tiny bit like that is enough just to make sure that we don’t mess up the under eye

concealer okay so now I’m gonna go in with this really deep shade down here this is called Central Park I always say Central Perk it’s like the hardest thing for me not to say Park from the show friends um this dark matte brown like espresso shade I’m gonna go in with that and I’m going to put this on the outer area of the eye I’ve been working this entire time and I was going to deepen that I’m gonna start by stamping it there I’m going with a really really light amount cuz I don’t want to overdo it in the big oh my god what I do it’s like a tiny amount is where I’m starting I’m just gonna build it until it’s exactly where I want it to be it’s gonna stamp and then lightly kind of stamp it on the lid and up in that crease as well okay so now for the actual lid of the eye I’m gonna go ahead and apply those shadows now and work with any more blending and browns on the outer corner I’m gonna go in with the shade obsessed right here and then SBN which stands for smoky but natural and I actually created this shade right here SBN for wedding days because it is that perfect allover lid shade when a bride just says like I don’t know I wanted to be smoky and I want it to be really sexy but I also want to be like natural you know like smoky but natural like it’s just something to hear all the time when you are a freelance makeup artist so that’s what I actually created the shade right here so it’s
perfect so I’m gonna go in with these two shades and combine them I’m going to spritz my brush with some fix+

because blue because I like the way it shows up more when a shimmer is a little bit more metallic I’m just gonna go ahead and stamp that on the lid I’m going to take only a shade SBN on my finger right here and I’m going to put that all over the outer part of the lid using my finger because I don’t know sometimes I feel like it’s just something that I’ve been doing the past like a year or so I feel like when you use your finger that it can just I don’t know but there’s something I like about it not on the inner corner but only this area it’s gonna like to use my finger to blend out and be really nice if I didn’t have these long nails I could actually get to work but they’re holding me back okay I just applied a little bit more translucent powder and kind of like blended it out a little bit just because the other application of it was starting to like soaking in my skin disappear so I wanted to make sure that it’s still Eric’s I’m gonna go in with one more deep matte shade I’m going using the ring the alarm palette and I’m gonna go in with the shade secret because at this moment I really love this eye look but I need a little bit more warmth but I don’t it to be like burgundy or red even though honestly for real like if I got married next month I would probably do like a really intense burgundy smokey eye because that’s me and I think it’s so important you

wanting to stay true to you but I don’t know this is also so like so classic and just like beautiful and stay it’s test time you know so I’m gonna go in with that shade secret that look deep kind of like warm brownie matte shade and I’m going to warm this up no I want to smush hold on I’m going to just blend this out and warm this up a pinch I’m being very soft and delicate with this because I don’t want to do too much make it too harsh or too warm then I’m going to go in with a basically clean brush and just go over the edge of that and make sure that it is totally blended outs really making sure I’m working my brush all along that edge I’ll go back in with a little bit of the shade pukey that I use that was a second color so tiny bits just fancy tiny and just making sure that everything is really soft and just perfection looking I’m going to go with the very first shade right palette right here called in light on a tiny little precision brush I’m gonna tap that just at the high point of my brow bone right underneath my brow for a little pop of highlight I’m not gonna like extremely highlight my entire brow so I don’t it to look too over-the-top and kind of like artificial if you will or if that’s the right word to use but just a little bit right there for just more than anything volume of the brow I’ll just give like a more

lifted look and we all have to look lifted okay after looking at my eyes like from a distance a little bit I decided to bring this shimmer color all the way over on my entire lid you could definitely leave it like this but I don’t know I’m just having a moment where I’m like I want my entire lid to look really like fairytale I’m just like open and bright so I’m gonna should bring this shade all the way over on top of that Brown so obviously if I would have known this earlier this would have saved a lot of time and effort and the blending process but that’s okay now I know see already I like the way this looks better I’m going to kind of create a cut crease with this but a gentle one I actually love a good cut crease on a wedding day I think it’s really beautiful just like such a modern bride but I am gonna soften it up a little bit yeah see I like this so much more you can see the difference of how that’s what opens up my eye and this one kind of closes it which I like this but it’s very like a nighttime very smoky and I don’t really want that vibe for my look right now okay so because I use fix+ on that I’m not gonna try to like blend the outer area at all right now I’m just gonna let it sit I’m gonna let it chill and then I’m gonna go and kind of blend it out after I and do a few more steps because if you try to blend out shimmer eyeshadow that you use with fix+ and it’s wet it just makes a mess so I’m

gonna just let it relax for a few minutes then go back and then I’m actually gonna take a little bit of that in light shade right here the first one to my palate again I’m gonna use my finger just on the tip of my finger and I’m going to lightly tap that only in the center of the lid because it’s just gonna give like a little bit of brightness and then I was kind of buff that out a little bit like that so now I have wiped off that under-eye area and what I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna go back with the same Beauty sponge and use the entire time I have not read appened it whatsoever it’s just the same as it’s been sitting here my vanity and I am just going to press this all over my under-eye for probably about 30 to 60 seconds like 30 seconds on each eye because doing this if you have dry skin any of that trenches and powder could just kind of sit there and like kind of build up and maybe make your skin look a little dry under there this will make sure that it gets rid of that and if it doesn’t work it’s because your beauty sponge is too dry but just please do not go in with a really wet Beauty sponge at this

point because you will mess up your under-eye concealer it needs to be damp but not what okay so for the under-eye I’m gonna go in with the shade pukey again right here in the center and I’m going to bring this all the way from outer corner to inner corner on the lower lash line alright I’m gonna go in with that deep dark matte Brown called Central Park on a skiffle definer brush so I’m gonna put like an additional layer on the outer half of my eye and then I’m gonna go in with the shade buns again on a smaller hip myself the face on a smaller pencil brush like this and I’m going to just blend that out okay so now I’m going to put on some mascara to prep my lashes for false lashes I would definitely suggest on your wedding day going with false lashes reactions going with false eyelashes whether it be strip lashes whether it be lash extensions whether it’s individuals just some sort of lashes because it is a really big special important day in your life and putting on some lashes is going to just make you not only feel like a princess last just have like this power behind them I don’t know what it is but when I put on a lash like even if I have on basically no makeup whatsoever and I put on some lashes I just feel like better it’s so silly but I do and not only that it will look so
beautiful in photos your eyes will definitely have like it factor to them and that they won’t have without lashes now if you have incredibly naturally long beautiful to the clashes god bless you girl do you and just act like I never said anything don’t listen to me now before I go in with lashes I was gonna pick up a matte black shadow I’m going with a shade abyss from my palette right here any black matte will do and I’m going to stamp that along my upper lash line right here because this will just make the lashes look a lot more natural and like they’re growing from the roots of your lashes and not like they’re a strip just sitting on top and I’m just lightly flicking up that black on the outer corner to blend it into that shade just to keep it nice and smoky okay so I’m gonna be going in with Lily lashes and the style so extra Miami right here she has Miami and then she has so extra Miami I feel like Miami is like one of the most beautiful lashes I’m obsessed with it as it recently but it is a little bit more shorter and a little bit more spiky er in my opinion and I definitely want like princess flashes like a long

lash like lashes so I’m gonna go in with so extra Miami I will be real if it was my wedding day I would use intoxicating lashes my flutter because I personally love them so much and they compliment my eye shape so well but I am 100% out of them right now uh I officially went through 100 pairs of intoxicating which is crazy so I’m gonna be using these day because they’re really beautiful as well applying lashes is so easy when you put some shadow on first like all your lash line like did you see how easily that went on she’s like no you don’t have to worry about it being like freaking perfect up against your lash line so simple okay so now for my under eye I’m going to wipe off my inner rim because all that Brown shadow has gotten in there and it just looks kind of dingy I’m gonna wipe that clean and I’m going to go in with a white eyeliner and let’s pretend that this is Mac fascinating eye Kohl because that is my favorite white eyeliner of all time but this is all I have right now I’m going to use this once you align my inner waterline with that stark white now if you are uncomfortable doing a white you could do a beige um MAC Cosmetics has a couple of great options for a beige eye pencil and a lot of brands actually have options for beige now it never used to be like a really big thing but a lot of brands are definitely coming out with them now but if you just think that

this is too much then totally do that but I love that light and bright it just feels very like classic and dull like I think it’s really pretty I’m going to take that shade and light for my palette I’m going to pop that in my inner corner right there to give a little bow okay so now let’s move on to the face I’m going to start off by doing my bronzing and contouring I’m gonna go in with this Dior a backstage palette this is called the Dewar backstage contour palette looks like this and I have recently fallen in love with it this color right here is so beautiful for contouring for the skintone I’m Pat right now I can also be a little bit darker and I can also be really light in order to use this it’s just beautiful if you are much deeper and complexion and you would have to go and with this shade or right here but I just love the consistency so much they’re super pigmented so I’m going to just do what I always do and begin to softly contour with this I do not want a harsh contour that’s just that that would not be my vibe on my wedding day like a really lush contour so we’re gonna keep this a little bit softer today I’m gonna keep that right there I do not want the center of my forehead to start looking too dark or too Brown for my contour powder so I’m gonna keep this on the edge of my hairline okay so I don’t know if you can really tell on camera right now but my skin looks very flat and one-dimensional and the reason why is because I did not go in with any lighter like matte highlighting powders

underneath my eyes earlier so everything just kind of like the same tone I’m just like flat which I do not like that so what I’m gonna do is go in with this Kat Von D shade + light contour palette same Beauty sponge I’m gonna pick up a little bit of this and a little bit of this combine those two shades together and I’m going to apply this to my under eye area I’m gonna start right by the nose bringing that downward like that and then up towards the temple and this is going to honestly bring my entire face together and make such a difference it’s gonna go for my doll so just like heavenly I’m gonna bring that down on the apple of the cheek because anything that you put this on right now it’s going to come forward so under-eye circles ie I want my cheeks to come forward like a nice little babydoll g-good hmm you can see the difference between this and this right it’s like so flat and this is like rounded and has dimension to it I’m gonna take that same powder I’m gonna put a touch of it right there on my chin a little bit of it right there on my Cupid’s bow blend out just pressing it in and then

same thing right here in between the brows like that and then blending it right above the brow and then upward towards the hairline right like that and then again going in and make sure you’re pressing that all out I’ll flip a sponge around on the other side so we don’t have any powder on it we’re just simply blending out what we just put on the skin now I’m going to take a little bit this color pop and alexis wren bronzer in the shade topaz just because it is a really beautiful and it’s very creamy also as well but it’s really beautiful like orange e terra cotta shade and i want to use that to bring a little bit of warmth to the face and also is super inexpensive as well so it’s gonna take a little bit of that tap off the excess so we want to keep this really minimal and just go over the contour area more than anything we’re kind of applying this like blush just to warm up the cheeks okay I am going to bake a little bit but when I say a little bit I’m literally going to put this on and wipe it off because I want this to be clean so I’m going to just line it up and I was gonna go in with this foundation brush and just completely wipe that off because you can see that it gave us like that nice little line and we can go in and we can diffuse it with this brush right here and make it nice and soft but more

than anything it cleaned up this area and didn’t leave it so messy like it looked before I’m going to warm up my nose just a little bit like I’m not really contouring it because I don’t want like a structured like Oh nose contour I just want to bring a little warm for the face so that my nose isn’t totally left out and then I’m gonna go on the sides of my nose where I have that powder I don’t oppress that and so it’s not so strong so for blush I’m gonna go into my old school Mac palette I’m gonna go with the shade copper tone and Melba and I’m gonna mix these two together some of my favorite blushes ever I love these colors so much and I want my cheeks to have like a little bit of like a blushing bride look you know like a little pinky but not too pinky so that’s why I’m choosing to mix these shades together I love blush so much I get so heavy-handed in so carried away but also blush fades on me so quickly so I will apply so much like contouring a clown and then 15 minutes later no lie I like my blush will fade so much so I always go really heavy-handed because I know like this is not how it’s gonna look all day so don’t mind me just living my best life okay this is the most necessary product for a bride I can’t even stress this enough this is the hourglass ambient lighting powder in the shade a luminous light it is the most beautiful glow from within like I don’t know what I

would do without this powder so I’m gonna take it on a small fluffy highlighted brush and I’m going to just put it on the apples of my cheeks like this and it’s going to not only give you that glow but it’s also gonna light in my blush a little bit so that’s not so harsh so keep that in mind when you are applying your blush that it’s gonna lighten it up a pinch I’m just going to bring that backward towards the temple oh so beautiful and then for my highlight highlight I would like to say on my wedding day I wouldn’t want my highlight to be too insane like a little bit more tapered down but if that were the case I’ll just leave it like this so the fact I’m going with more clearly shows my true colors I’m gonna go in with the Kylie cosmetics a loose highlight in the shade Fiji these highlights are so beautiful I’m gonna tap my brush in that and then actually no no I’m gonna nope I’m gonna spray my face first I’m just gonna spray my entire face I just wanted just miss my skin first because the highlight is going to show up so much more it’s gonna look a lot more natural and like wet looking and it’s gonna it’s gonna freakin pop so let me go ahead and pick a little bit of that on my brush and just hit the high points of my cheeks with that [Music] take it easy Jacqueline don’t carry it away figure Daisy I love this highlighter so much so this shade right here in Fiji only works on me when I have a little color in my skin what I’m really fair I have to use the shade Fiji which is equally as

beautiful it’s just more like a white vanilla base I don’t think this is too much for you what do you day is it mmm tiny little on the nose wait okay I’m gonna take my Beauty sponge and just dab over this mainly at the bottom half of it just where like the blush is like meeting the highlight and I’m just going to damp with that sorry dad but with that damn a beauty sponge it just to make sure that everything is nice and soft and blended and no it’s okay I’m gonna put some mascara on my lower lashes okay I’m going to wipe off all this crusty foundation off of my lips and then apply my lipstick okay so now ways have bare lips and an additional tip to all the brides out there make sure that you exfoliate the crap out of your lips on your wedding day because you do not want to have any crusty lips you want to try to avoid that as much as possible you want to have nice supple juicy looking lips to kiss your man when you get married so make sure that you’ll have any dry dead skin make sure you wipe out foundation before and go with a clean slate okay I’m gonna go in with the MAC Cosmetics a lip pencil in the shade world it’s just such a beautiful like Bridal lip liner like whirl subculture bully bear this is honestly like the exact same color as my natural lips be honest

okay so now my entire lips are lined with whirl another suggestion that would make on your wedding day is not to
over line your lips too much I love a good over line if you are going to over line your lips in your wedding day just do it up here at the Cupid’s bow to make them look a little bit fuller but overall you’re gonna be in a lot of people’s faces taking a lot of photos and having a lip line especially if it starts to fade you starts like lose it and your lip line stays there it’s just not very flattering and it’s just not like that Bridal beauty that we’re going for and you know and don’t get me wrong I overlined my lips almost every so if I do my makeup but still just a suggestion okay I’m gonna go in with this shade candy Kay a bye Kylie cosmetics this is one of my favorite liquid lipstick shades it is so beautiful it’s gonna be a very different color and then the lip rod I put on but that’s okay cuz that just can make a really nice base and therefore I’m gonna know exactly where to put this and the trick to your liquid lipstick looking beautiful and lasting forever is to put as little on as possible going over it over and over and over and just gonna make it look chunky and crumbly and dry and the second you eat or put anything in your mouth it’s just going to crumble off into pieces or break up so doing just like one layer is

truly the trick okay so I personally am a gloss girl I want to wear a gloss all the time I think it makes the lips look so full and luscious and just girly but on your wedding day you’re obviously going to have the big kiss hey probably make y’all your husband if it were me at the altar and on top of it the rest of the night at your reception you’re gonna be kissing constantly so gloss is just gonna get a little messy little of the way so I would suggest doing a long wearing liquid lipstick of some sort or it’s a great lip liner something it’s not gonna transfer and necessarily transfer as much as a gloss which is like the major transfer situation so because I can’t do a gloss I am going to highlight the center of my lips I’m going to use a shade

of mannequin by Jeffery star to do that and then I just put like a down right there and alright on the verbal live I try to talk to you like I am just dabbing this out last but not least I’m going to set my brows really quick some anastacio brauch oh are you guys so that is it this look is complete I hope that you enjoy my take on like the modern day Bridal and makeup and hopefully you guys got some tips out of this maybe some tricks learned a little something I hope so that’s what I’m here for yeah if you guys liked it make sure you subscribe give this Blog a thumbs up and if you want to see more wedding looks that is very very much doable for me you know absolutely so just let me know what you guys want to see in it come section down below I love you guys and I will see you my next one bye


[Music] having low iron levels can really suck their symptoms such as fatigue dizziness dry skin sometimes even hair loss so if you’re struggling with a little iron today’s blog is for you I’m going to discuss seven science back tips to boost your iron absorption and also increase your iron levels if you’re interested keep watching hello hello welcome back to the whole happy life I’m RIA for today’s blog we are talking about iron levels the reason I picked this topic is I actually did my thesis on iron fortification so it is a topic that is near and dear to my heart so let’s talk about that today now as always all of the references and the links that I use to create this blog are in the description I invite you to read them if you’re looking for more information now before we begin I need to say something really important and that is we are not going to talk about supplements in this blog the reason for this is iron supplements

should not be taken unless you’ve spoken to your doctor it’s really important to get your iron levels tested so you know where they’re at and then you can talk to your doctor and decide if the supplement is right for you when it comes to iron too much it’s not a good thing and too little as a lot of good things you definitely don’t want to take supplements unless you absolutely have to now that’s out of the way let’s begin tip number one is to eat more iron rich foods but this is a rather obvious tip but I have to mention it because sometimes we end up in a rut and when we’re in a rut we don’t eat a variety of foods or eating the same things again and again and that can limit the variety of nutrients we get so it’s really important to eat a variety of foods and to get your iron rich foods on a regular basis not just once or twice a

week but every single day so which foods have I earned a lot of foods have iron I can’t possibly list although it basically meat seafood beans lentils as well as grains and some nuts and seeds and also some fruits and veggies have iron in them too my suggestion is to go online look for a list of iron rich foods and pick the ones that you think you can have on a regular basis the things that you like and put them down on a sheet of paper and stick that up on the fridge that way you’re able to look at the every single day and you’re more likely to eat those items now if you want to make your life easier I already have a solution for you I already have this for you so I have a list for omnivores and I have a list for vegans and vegetarians you can print these lists and stick them up on your fridge and it have little check boxes on them so you can check off the foods that you want to enjoy more often for the foods on the list I would suggest picking whole foods and minimally processed foods typically Whole Foods and minimally processed foods have a lot more iron than hyper processed

foods before we move on to the next step I need to mention that there are two different kinds of iron inner foods there’s heme iron that’s found in animal foods and then there’s non heme iron that’s found in plant foods as well as animal foods heme iron is generally better absorbed and Naim iron is a little harder to absorb so there are things that you could do to boost the absorption of that non heme iron and that’s what I’m going to discuss in the rest of the blog so let’s move on to tip number two eat something with vitamin C with your iron rich meals so vitamin C can help boost the iron absorption so a very simple thing that you could do is every single time you eat iron rich foods pair them with vitamin C rich foods as an example let’s say you were to eat beans beans are a source of iron if you pair those beans with Tomatoes that will boost your iron levels another example is almonds almonds have iron and iron and almonds is a non heme type and it’s difficult to absorb so you can have the almonds with strawberries or an orange that has vitamin C and that will help you absorb that iron a lot better if you’re interested in a list of vitamin C rich foods as well as combinations of iron and vitamin C I do have that in my info guide which you can find in the description as

well as a pin comment you could print those sheets out and again you can stick them up on your fridge as well tip number three soak and strain your beans lentils and grains before you cook them if you eat beans lentils and grains they can be a source of iron but it can be very difficult to absorb that iron because of something known as phytic acid or phytates these to make it really difficult to absorb the iron because they kind of lock that iron up so what can you do there are a number of things that you can do you could soak you can ferment you can sprout but to be honest for the majority of people fermenting and sprouting their beans and lentils it’s just too much works so soaking is something that you could try if you’ve never soaked before I do have some information below it’s very simple so basically what I do is before I cook any beans and lentils or grains I will soak them in water overnight strain the water out and then cook it in fresh water and that makes it easier to digest them and also

makes it easier to absorb the iron myth number four avoid coffee and tea with your meals now I’m not saying to avoid coffee and tea all the time just with your meals both coffee and tea have compounds such as caffeine tannins and polyphenols that make it hard to absorb iron in fact in one study just one cup of black tea reduce the absorption of iron from a meal by sixty percent so that’s a significant amount and one simple change you can make is to not have coffee and tea with your meals have it in between your meals tip number five avoid calcium supplements with your meals calcium makes it harder to absorb iron so if you are struggling with your iron levels and let’s say you take calcium supplements try not to take them with your iron rich meals take them separately and I would also apply this knowledge to fortified beverages so if you’re drinking fortified plant milks and you are really struggling with your iron levels maybe it’s a better idea to take them separately from your iron rich

foods tip number six is to avoid taking over-the-counter antacids unless you absolutely need to take them I’m not talking about doctor prescribed antacids if your doctor has prescribed them please do take them this is a discussion for you to have with your doctor but I am talking about over-the-counter ABS acids such as tums I went through this phase ten years ago and I used to take tums every single day after a meal it made me feel better but I did not realize the harm in doing so when we take antacids such as tums it reduces your stomach acid what our stomach acid is really really important for us to digest food and to actually absorb iron if your stomach acid levels are low because of something like antacids or low in general it can be very difficult to absorb iron so if you’re popping antacids like pills please don’t find another solution for your digestive issues talk to your doctor to see if there’s something else that you could do now even if you don’t take antacids you could have low stomach acid a lot of people have those stomach acid so in my infoguide I have more information on low

stomach acid symptoms you can read through that and see if you have any of the symptoms and I also have a few suggestions tip number seven is to use non enameled cast iron cookware there are studies that show that if you cook in cast iron cookware especially new cast iron cookware and you’re cooking something that is acidic that is moist and you’re cooking for a long time maybe something like applesauce there is some iron from the cast iron cookware that ends up in the food and then you end up with serving it so it is kind of like an add on source of iron now the problem with this is majority of foods we cook we’re not really cooking for that long and they’re typically dry so you can’t rely on this as a source of iron by any means and I would say that if you have anyone in your family who has very high iron levels and you have very young children – you may not want to cook in cast iron for them because they may not need the extra iron now let’s say you’ve tried everything in this blog

and let’s say you’re also taking doctor prescribed supplements and your iron levels are still not budging there might be something else at play so you need to get to the root cause of the problem and in order to do that you need to talk to your doctor have a deeper discussion with them things like celiac disease if you have undiagnosed umiak disease you have no idea that’s going on it could cause low iron levels because of that gut inflammation your body is unable to observe iron sitting with something like Crohn’s disease also if you have heavy menstrual bleeding that can also cause low iron so this is definitely something that you want to discuss with the doctor to figure out if there’s something else going on and once you address that problem maybe your iron levels will go up I have a special note for women of
childbearing age who are planning to get pregnant than you’re so if you are planning to have children and you’re trying to get pregnant it is very important to know what your iron levels are if you haven’t gotten them tested already go to your doctor get them tested because a lot of women go through iron deficiency anemia when they are pregnant there’s something to keep in mind to get your iron levels up before you get pregnant if you can so top their doctor get those levels tested anyway I hope you enjoyed this blog when you found it informative

and if you’d like further information information I could not fit in this blog because there’s only so much I can fit in this blog you can find more information in the info guide below it is a pay what you want product you can pay what you think is a fair price you get a 23 page ebook it’s an e guide and it has four printables in it so you’ll get the printables for the iron-rich foods and you also get their printables for the food combinations with vitamin C and the vitamin C rich foods I also have sample menus and a bunch of other information some of the basics that you should know about iron and if you have any issues


a few years ago it became fashionable to have a raccoon as a pet however many professionals insist that returns are not domestic in animals and keeping them in the domestic environment is their responsible this is for both environmental and ethological reason is it even legal to keep a record as a pet but care what they need if so would it be right to keep one in the we tell you all you need to know in this animal wise video is it legal to have a raccoon as a pet the answer varies according to where you live in the USA it is completely illegal to own a raccoon as a pet in some states others allow keeping raccoons but only along with the right exotic pet permit to do so important raccoons from one state to another is usually illegal in Europe the raccoon is currently considered an animal of concern as an

invasive species killing livestock and being detrimental to ecosystems keeping raccoons as pets leads to irresponsible behavior and abandonment meaning some countries will apply a penalty for possession of raccoons without the proper permit before continuing we encourage you to subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on everything about wild and companion animals especially their welfare [Music] is it okay to have a raccoon in a home beyond legality and penalties we should know that the raccoon is a wild animal which has not yet been domesticated for this reason some of the typical behaviors of the species such as displacement looking for food and socialization are incompatible with being kept in an urban environment this is because the animal cannot carry out inherent behaviors of the

species keeping an animal in captivity without knowing their needs will lead to behavioral and health problems seriously affecting their health and well-being abandoning raccoons we were able to find raccoons and wild ecosystems far outside their native lands of North America this is largely due to abandonment of individuals which were kept as pets when they reach adulthood many Guardians find their behavior makes it impossible to live together abandonment shows a serious lack of responsibility which results in grievous harm to both the environment and the ricchan themselves once raccoon abandonment started taking place species would breed and colonies of raccoons were established hello not their fault their presence results in the native species of ecosystems being under

threat and other serious ecological repercussions we are yet to fully understand raccoon behavior unnecessary care raccoons are nocturnal intelligent and especially active at night they carry out marking behavior on trees to delineate their territory often hiding in their hollows night is also when they go out in search of food they need long periods of the day to rest a body of water in which to wash themselves and a complete and varied diet sad diet includes protein of animal origin fruit and vegetables an inadequate education especially

one based on punishment will lead to stress and aggression so too will denying them the ability to carry out their natural raccoon behaviors for these reasons animal wise recommends you do not keep a raccoon as a pet this should be left to wildlife rehabber or animal sanctuaries with the resources to look after raccoons we cannot return to the wild do you know someone who’s experienced with raccoons in the domestic environment if so please share in the comments and give us a like if you found this video useful we’ll see you next time

10 Reasons for Adopting MIXED BREED DOGS

adopting a mixed breed or mongrel dog is a unique experience and it is a practice we as animal lovers need to encourage whenever possible of course these dogs may have suffered from trauma or lack of education which can affect the amount of time they need to adapt something you need to keep in mind if you’re considering adopting a dog from a shelter or have discovered a stray keep watching our video from the top ten reasons to adopt a mixed breed dog [Music] [Applause] [Music] you will have a unique dog mix breed dogs have not

been selected to show specific physical characteristics as with the breeding of purebred dogs which follow a rigorous standard therefore if you adopt a mongrel you will have a unique and one-of-a-kind dog you can avoid euthanasia allow some kennels and shelters are adopting a no-kill policy overcrowding and an overpopulation of dogs in the streets means many will end up having to euthanize dogs elderly dogs those which stay for a long time or those with health problems are particularly at risk you open a place for another dog to be adopted by adopting a dog in a shelter or kennel you avoid the center to accept a new homeless animal this may eventually lead to another adoption when you adopt instead of one life he may save – you changed this dog’s world saving an animal will not change the world but it will

change the world for them this aphorism could perfectly summarize this point that by adopting a mixed breed dog we offer the possibility of living in a dignified way the potential for love and a life which brings joy to an animal in need you receive a grateful partner most homeless dogs at one point belong to a family so they feel abandoned both physically and mentally the emotional bond we will create with them will become so strong that the dog responds with the kindness and affection released by its gratitude of course we need to remember it it’s not easy to restore the confidence of a once abandoned dog providing reassurance being patient and treating them with dignity will be essential in establishing trust your dog will probably be healthier and longer lived the vast majority of single breed dogs are prone to various genetic diseases this is due to selective breeding or inbreeding

along with various other factors the life expectancy of mixed breed dogs is generally greater than that of purebred or pedigree dogs they also tend to enjoy a better state of health you will not promote the sale of animals although it’s true that there are legal breeders who are professional and responsible the truth is that there are many unscrupulous breeders who do not even feel any kind of affection for animals it is not uncommon to find illegal breeders three house dogs in unsanitary conditions or who sell puppies prematurely severely affecting a puppy’s ability to develop by adopting a dog we avoid supporting illegal and detrimental

breeding practices which caused suffering across the world and setback animal welfare for future generations you can choose according to the level of activity or character in this case we are talking about adopting an adult dog not a puppy when we adopt from a shelter we were able to choose a companion based on their own personality and not what we might expect you to breed alone suitability for our lifestyle and personality is important in making an adoption a success they will never leave you a grateful dog rescued from a lonely

existence will never leave your side for this reason if you take care of them as they deserve your future dog will never abandon you mixed breed dog to make the best long-term companions you will be much happier no one can deny dogs are man’s best friend by adopting a mixed breed dog you will discover our new world of loyalty love company and true affection what did you think of this list would you adopt a mixed breed dog is there anything you would like to add if so leave us a comment and share your thoughts like if you find the video useful and subscribe for more to come we’ll see you next time


hello and welcome to animal wise today we are going to talk to you about feeding your dog and cat when at home during quarantine the coronavirus has meant many animal guardians are starting to have doubts over the care of her companions during locked on ensuring they have a proper diet is one of the most common concerns for this reason we provide a series of tips to help you knew how to feed your animals during confinement thereby ensuring their health and well-being at this difficult time be considerate while it can be easy to worry one of the most important things you need to do is be considerate we are currently without significant food manufacturing problems or

shortages however distribution and delivery may be affected by the current crisis in cases where your animal needs a specific diet for a health issue it’s best to purchase enough food to last two weeks in advance this should tide us over if we need to wait for a new delivery dietary changes even simply choosing a new brand for the animal can cause gastrointestinal issues dogs and cats have digestive systems adapted to a stable diet changes to their eating habits can result in causing various gastrointestinal disorders such as vomiting and diarrhea these are two conditions which require veterinary attention weight control it is also very important to you control your pets wit since they will spend more time at home and have less opportunity to exercise this increases the chances of your animal companion

gaining weight we know that weight increase and associated obesity have very serious consequences for the health of an animal it is also important to note that the development of obesity is associated with the development of certain diseases these include pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases in dogs and dermatological problems hepatic lipid OSIS or urinary problems in cats weight gain can also pave the way for developing certain endocrine or metabolic diseases such as diabetes we’re not talking about aesthetic problems in your cat caused by weight gain preventing your animal from becoming overweight helps to prevent serious potential health problems while individual animals

have specific issues maintaining a healthy weight is possible since animals are spending time in confinement eating the same amount of food is before lead to weight gain to help us keep our animals at a healthy weight we recommend you wear your pet every two weeks by tracking this information you will know whether or not you need to adjust their care needs if you see your pet is increasing their weight by a significant amount you should call your vet and detail the situation this is so they can provide it by specific to your animal situation even as little as 500 grams more weight can lead to significant problems it is also much easier to prevent possible weight gain that it is to reverse it how to properly feed my companion animal since we are spending more time at home many of us are taking the opportunity to cook more if we have a dog or cat they will often be on the lookout for even the smallest morsel of food such dedication for scraps means they may give us the impression they are hungry when they’re actually being

greedy in these circumstances we need to avoid giving them more than their daily food alliance if your dog begs for food you can distract them or play with them we often mistake requests for attention to be a simple request for food when they may want other kinds of interaction if we give them food every time they beg they learn to think they will get it every time they do so in the future since the animals boredom levels may be higher they may bake even more for something to do this is the kind of behavior which can lead to a weight problem for this reason you should distract your pet to see if they want attention or are genuinely hungry you can use intelligence games and toys to help entertain your pet and improve cognition at the same time a good example is a food dispensing toy such as a calm this way they get a treat they also stave off boredom and developmental skills we know that it can be very difficult to refuse our animals treats however we need to be strong especially during confinement if you give in to them regularly the consequences – total health can be significant another technique you can apply is to feed them the same amount of food as before but divided into smaller portions preneur the day this way the animal can have more stimulus or

will eat the same amount and not over indulge we don’t give the animal more to eat where we give them smaller meals to help keep them occupied and satiated for longer if you do end up giving them a treat or they overeat for whatever reason we can subtract food from the normal meal schedule or you can take some of their regular food often in the of kibble and set it aside to give them as a treat without increasing the daily calorific intake it is very important we avoid giving them extra food when we’re cooking or eating as it will not only mean

they eat more calories but you are instilling a negative behavior which they will likely continue even after quarantine is over if your dog or cat cannot control themselves when cooking or eating it may be best to keep them in a separate room until these activities are complete here ends our special quarantine animal care advice we hope this video has been useful and we sincerely hope that everyone in your family is safe and healthy whether they walk on two legs or four we’ll see you next time [Music]


the benefits of having a dog at home and interacting with them positively are both physical and psychological this is why animal wise explains the five main benefits of petting your dog [Music] reduces stress and anxiety the main benefit of petting a dog is that it helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels for both animal and Guardian dogs love having contact with those they consider family and it can help relax them when nervous the frequency of her own brainwaves associated with a decrease in cortisol commonly known as the stress hormone increases significantly

after spending time petting a dog this explanation is part of the study carried out by the psychiatrist Sandra Baker in Virginia USA the study showed that people who regularly interact with animals are generally less stressed prevents heart problems it has also been shown in several international studies including by the American Heart Association that petting a dog reduces heart rate and blood pressure the simple fact of interacting positively with a dog lowers the heart rate so much that experts often recommend a pet to those with heart condition improves immune system another benefit of having a dog is that it may help to strengthen your immune system industrial level cleaning and personal hygiene habits mean we don’t always pick up the antibodies

we need to fend off disease since dogs carry certain amounts of bacteria on them some studies have shown that this can help us to share each other’s microbiome by transferring some of this bacteria there are even studies which suggest that babies raised in households with dogs are less likely to develop issues such as allergies or asthma improves emotional state several studies have shown that people with dogs are generally happier than those without patting and having contact with dogs makes us feel more loved and releases endorphins something which can help us live longer when we get home from work our dog’s excitement about our arrival can be doing this to the world of good this is why people with depression are also recommended to live with a dog they help to improve

our emotional stability by providing company being a confidante and sharing unforgettable moments all while giving us unconditional helps in different therapies dogs are widely used in various therapies to help rehabilitate or treat patients dealing with various issues including autism socialization problems and others this type of therapy is known as zoo therapy or k9 therapy and consists of treating people with sensory activities provided by the dog through contact with the dog and other supportive therapies they try to solve these socialization issues while petting a dog can be beneficial to us hugging a dog may provide some problems which this video details what do you enjoy most about living with the dog share your experiences with us in the comments and we’ll see you next time [Music]

How to care for a kitten for beginners

[Music] adopting the kitten is a wonderful experience but we must remember that kittens are sensitive creatures which need special care for proper development this is why animal wised explains what you need to know to look after a kitten [Music] if this is the first time you’ve adopted a kitten you will need to take care of some business before they arrive if you prepare the kitten is likely to adapt more quickly and your relationship will be much more positive cats are scrupulous animals so we recommend you leave their food dish water bowl and litter box in separate areas if you have other cats at home or you plan to adopt more than one kitten at the same time we recommend you have a box for each one this way you can help avoid conflict you will also need to clean all the utensils every so often and renew the water regularly it’s also important to get a scratcher this way

you can prevent your cat from scraping their claws in the furniture check the description for more info on scratchers for cats finally you’ll need to leave them a bed somewhere quiet and away from disruption we also recommend a quiet nest somewhere else for them to hide when they are afraid or if they simply want some peace if we have adopted a one month old kitten or younger it is imperative we go to a veterinarian to obtain artificial kitten formula which will be their entire diet it is important to emphasize that you should never separate a mother from her kittens unless it is strictly necessary

from birth the kittens need colostrum and then breast milk to receive various benefits particularly for their immune system after two months of life we can start weaning them onto solid food progressively we should offer them daily small portions of wet food or kitten specific pate later we can wet their dry food with a little water to help them ingest properly after we can switch to dry food completely the optimal age of adopting a kitten is at 3 months of life this is when they are completely weaned immunized and have learned necessary behaviors from their mother such as grooming basic hygiene and feline body language at this stage the kitten should eat solids without a problem there are several types of feed we can offer kittens each with advantages and disadvantages

it will be the decision of each Guardian what type to offer while their feed provides all the necessary nutrients for the feline it is not always easy to find quality commercial product on the other hand homemade diets can help guarantee we are using only quality natural products they will need a veterinary follow up to rule out the presence of parasites or nutritional deficiencies if we have adopted a kitten older than three months which has stayed with their mother we can virtually assure they will be properly socialized with other cats preventing fear and aggressive behavior socialization is also fundamental for learning other habits typical of their species

we need to be aware that socializing an adult cat is complicated and sometimes practically impossible this is why we need to continue socializing the kitten when they arrive introduce them to all kinds of people objects sounds environments and where possible other animals brushing both helps keep their fur clean and strengthens our bond with a kidney it is also useful to monitor them for parasites or specific health problems we can use a rubber brush for short hair cats a carding brush for medium hair cats and a rake type brush for long hair cats offering our kitten environmental enrichment is important to prevent problem behavior it also helps stimulate their intelligence and avoid stress anxiety and depression we can enrich their day-to-day with intelligence games

food vending toys or catnip even a cardboard box can provide plenty of stimulation apart from intelligence games encouraging physical activity is important for developing muscle it also helps to prevent obesity we can buy our kitten tunnels or cat trees or even simply place treats up in high places so they have to work to get to them a cat may not actually enjoy a toy you buy them because you don’t engage with them in the right way they need to play and have fun with you especially if they have no other feline friends you will need to spend time with the kitten playing and bonding together in addition to these activities they will need one thing above all love your kitten will never be happy

if they do not have a loving and caring family by their side they will want to sleep on top of you and lick you as a sign of affection it is false to say that cats are not carrying animals which given the right opportunity can become your best friend deworming or kitten will be a fundamental aspect of their health especially if they have access to the outside or other animals this will help to prevent infestations by internal or external parasites deworming should start at one and a half months of age and be supervised by the veterinarian it is recommended we deworm the cat every 15 days

until the kitten reaches 3 months of age then deworming should be done once a month until the cat reaches 6 months of age and once every 3 months thereafter we need to bear in mind the advice of a professional veterinarian since both internal and external deworming should be done with specific products for kittens with the correct dosage we will also initiate the vaccination schedule at about 2 months of age the first vaccine for cats is often the feline trivalent which is used to protect the cat from feline panleukopenia

feline Rhino check itis and callous virus these vaccines will need a booster shot on an annual basis and we will need to strictly follow these schedules if we want our cat to grow up healthy and happy it is essential to take our cat to the vet every 6 to 12 months here is our video for today leave a comment below if you have your own helpful tips to share give a like if you find the video useful and subscribe for more to come we’ll see you next time you

Yoga as treatment for chronic pain conditions a literature


– Hi, everyone. Welcome to Yoga With Adriene, I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have yoga for chronic pain. This is a big request, I hope you enjoy it. If you can, bring a little blanket or a towel to practice today and, if you like, you can do a good portion of this practice in a chair or on the edge of your couch.

Alrighty my friends, let’s begin lying down on the ground. If lying down on the ground is not suitable for you today, you can begin this practice in a chair or even seated on the edge of your couch. So come into your first position and be gentle with yourself even as we get set up. Right, so this intention that we’re gonna be gentle with ourselves, that we’re gonna be kind. And right away as you get settled into your first position here,

see if you can relax through the legs and relax through the arms in particular. So, your limbs immediately get the invitation to relax. And I’ll invite you to take a deep breath in through your nose. And as you exhale, go ahead and breathe out through the mouth. Good, soften your gaze gently down past your nose or close your eyes here and allow the sound of my voice to guide you. Again, I’ll invite us together to breathe in through the nose deeply. And exhale out through the mouth completely, really emptying out all the air. And one more time, just like that. Big inhale in through the nose. And exhaling out through the mouth. Great, now with the eyes closed or your gaze nice and soft, just kind of drawing our intention inward, our attention inward. Just take a moment to notice how you feel.

And, again, remember be gentle. If you’re not feeling great, that’s alright. That’s why we’re here, to tend to it, to explore lovingly the tools of yoga and see if they can assist us, support us on our journey toward healing and feeling better. Continue to gently deepen the breath as you just take a moment here to notice how you feel today,
scanning the body perhaps. Starting the soles of the feet perhaps and running up through the center channel. Using that guideline if it suits you, guiding your awareness all the way up to the crown of your head, and if not, just in your own way taking stock, dropping in. Then ever so slightly, lift the corners of the mouth. Give thanks for your body. Let go of any expectations of this practice and what it might serve up and just choose to reside in the breath first.

Knowing that if you’re breathing with more loving awareness, you’re doing it right, you’re doing a good job. Inviting the brain and the body to work together through the breath, the thread of the breath. Gently bring your left hand to your heart and your right hand to your low belly. Use the placement of the hand on the belly and the hand on the heart to invite a deeper breath in. Perhaps a more diaphragmatic breath in. So, see if you can feel the rise of your hands as you breathe in. Good, and see if you can notice the gentle fall of the palms downward as you breathe out. Notice where your thoughts go and just experiment with this for a moment or two on your own.

The rise and the fall of the breath. The hands catching a bit of a wave here as you breathe in and then falling as you breathe out. Good, nice and easy. Gently open your eyes. We’re gonna bring one knee up ever so gently. Bring your foot to the ground and then the other knee up ever so gently, bring your foot to the ground. If you’re in a chair on the couch, you can just sit up nice and tall and then if you’re on the ground, we’re gonna come into a fetal position feeling the spine round here. And then, nice and slow, again, be gentle, we’re gonna press all the way up to seated and come through to all fours. Again, if you’re in the chair, stick with the diaphragmatic breathing here. If you are able to come to all fours,

get the wrists underneath the shoulders, knees directly underneath the hips. Inhale, bump the hips to the left as you turn to look past your right shoulder and then come back to center. Inhale, bump the hips to the right as you turn to gently look past your left shoulder. Excellent, come back to center. Spread the fingertips evenly. You can use your blanket here to pad the body, pad the knees, pad the hands even if you like and if you’re in a chair, go ahead and bring your hands to the tops of the thighs. Together we’re gonna find a little gentle spinal flexion. So on the ground we’ll drop the belly towards the earth, open the chest. In the chair, you’ll open the heart, find that long, puppy belly. Everyone, inhale, look up. Exhale, chin to chest. Navel draws back towards the spine. If you’re on the ground, really press into the earth. Creating space in the back body. Inhale, drop the belly, open the chest. If you’re in the chair, look up, drop the shoulders down.

And then exhale, rounding through, really drawing your navel up towards the spine or back to the spine. One more time, inhale nice and slow, opening the heart, lifting the gaze up. Exhale, rounding through, chin to chest. Navel back. Good. Having a nice, neutral spine now, nice and easy, we’re gonna slowly, slowly make our way up. So, walk the palms forward if you’re on the ground. Curl your toes under,


I know that is a bit of an interesting cue, but just bring awareness to the feet and just notice if the toes are pointing out or pointing in or if you’re carrying a little bit of weight in the inner arches or the outer edges. Just notice. And if you are in the chair you can do the same thing. Just see if you can spread more awareness through all four corners of the feet, nice and even. (chuckles) Benji’s getting cozy. And then, again, starting from the feet, we’ll begin to lovingly scan the body. Just drawing some loving awareness from the soles of the feet all the way up to the crown. Got a creaky, old floor up in here. And then see if you can lift your sternum as you continue to gently deepen your breath. Try to give the thinking mind a break, and focus on the sound of your breath. Good, on your next inhale, spread your fingers gently and reach up towards the sky. You can do this in the chair or standing. Big stretch all the way up,

up, up. And think about really reaching from your waistline, so not just the arms reaching up, but reaching all the way up and out of the waistline. If the shoulders are kind of clenched up here, give a nice, wide stance between the palms.

Imagine maybe you’re holding a big beach ball up and overhead so your shoulder blades can drop down. If this is much too much, you can send the fingertips out in front. So we’re here or we’re here. And wherever you are, you’re gonna take the right hand and grab the left wrist for a side body stretch. Take a deep breath in, exhale gently tilt to the right and if your hands are out in front, you can gently twist to the right. So we’re here. Or we’re here, feet are grounded and we’re inhaling lots of love in. You got this. Exhale, lots of love out. And I know this can be hard for many of us, so you’re not alone. Breathe deep. Be kind to your body. Stick with it. And then on your next inhale, bring it back to center. Let’s give the arms a full rest in between.

Let them come to your sides or rest gently on the thighs. Inhale, a nice, cleansing breath in through the nose. And exhale, take it. Exhale, nice, cleansing breath out through the mouth. So honoring the body where it is today, right? Through this practice of honoring and showing up for ourselves as we are regularly, we may or may not, but we have an opportunity to really re-pattern to heal or at least tend to the situation in a more loving, non-toxic manner, right? So the possibilities, to me, in my opinion, are endless. But, of course, it does require us to just lovingly acknowledge what’s going on with the body. Which I know can be frustrating for people with chronic pain, right? Maybe you don’t feel like everyone understands. I got your back. Here we go.

Inhale, fingertips up again either halfway or all the way up. Take a second here to just assess lovingly. How’s it going? Can I create a little more space here? Return to your breath. Feet are grounded. Maybe experiment with that inner smile, lifting the corners of the mouth just a bit. And then, when you’re ready, left hand’s gonna grab the right wrist this time either all the way up on overhead or halfway, and then we’re gonna slowly take it to the left side. So side body stretch. If you’re halfway, you’re gonna get more of a lat stretch, upper back body, but still be really good. Keep your heels grounded here, everyone. Inhale. Exhale.

One more breath. Stick with it. You got this. Hug the low ribs in. Inhale and exhale. Awesome, slowly release. Bring it all back to center. Nice, cleansing breath here. Come on, take it, inhale. And exhale, let something go. Awesome work. Okay, so if you’re standing, go ahead and bring the hands to the waistline. If you’re seated, you can do this Warrior II in your chair. We’re gonna slowly take it to the right first by bringing the right foot, stepping the right toes out. Then we’re gonna bend the right knee and then you’re gonna step back with the left leg at your comfort level, right? So it can be a small Warrior today.


There’s option to do this on the chair by bringing the right hamstring to be supported by the seat of your chair. Everyone, make sure your back toes are turned in. And once you get here, let’s bring our awareness to the feet and draw a little energy up from the feet to find length in the spine. If you feel a little trembly here, little warmth, a little heat, that’s okay. If you feel any pain, and you need to back up out of the pose, listen to your body, always. Head over heart, heart over pelvis. Maybe you stay here, hands on the waist or gently resting on thighs, breathing deep, strong legs. Or perhaps we experiment with sending the arms out, Virabhadrasana II, pulling the pinkies back to open up through the chest. Inhale in, lengthen through the crown, long neck. Exhale, relax your shoulders. You got this. One more breath. You got it. Inhale in. Slow exhale, you got this. Sweet, slowly straighten the front leg, bring the hands back to the waistline and we’re gonna bring it all back to center. Move in a nice, slow pace that’s good to you. Either back either back to standing or back to seated in your chair. Cleansing breath. Inhale lots of love in. Exhale, let something go. Breathe out through your mouth. Good, second side. You’re gonna take the left foot around this time, plant it firmly, toes pointing out.

Then step the right foot back, toes back. Back foot needs to be pivoted in, dialed in, right? So that everything can dial in including the hip, right? If the toes are turned out, the hip’s gonna be unstable here basically. So turn those toes in. If you’re in the chair, your left hamstring be supported by the seat of your chair. Everyone, bend your front knee. Notice how this side may feel a little different. Hands on the waistline are nice and low to start. Lengthen through the spine. And here we go. If it’s feeling right in your body today, send the arms out long. We’re not gonna be here long, so meet your appropriate edge. Pull the pinkies back, bend that front knee, Lengthen tailbone down. Find that inner smile. Here we go, let’s breathe together. Inhale in through the nose. Exhale out through the nose or mouth, either one is fine today.

Again, inhale in through the nose. And exhale out through the nose or mouth. Good, slowly bring it back to center. Hands come to the waistline. Seated or standing, you got this. Inhale in. And exhale, relax the shoulders, empty it out. Good, awesome work. On your next inhale, bring the shoulders forward, up and back towards the ears and then we’re just gonna take ’em for a couple loops here. Inhale to lift. Exhale to drop. Inhale to lift. Exhale to drop. One more time, inhale to lift. Exhale to drop. Alright, stay grounded through your feet. We’re gonna interlace the fingertips behind the small of your back here. Keep your wrists squared here. You keep it nice and gentle. So rather than bring it together, of course, unless you want to do that. If you’re in the chair, you can also experiment with clasping opposite elbow with opposite hand. And really gentle chest opener here, nice and easy. Inhale, open the chest. Exhale, relax the shoulders down. If you wanna find soft, easy movement in the head or neck here, it might feel nice. Awesome, then we’ll release. Once again, cleansing breath. Inhale in. Nice, slow exhale. Soothing, calming the nervous system. Excellent.

Alright, from here we’re gonna grab our blanket and if you have a wall that you can bring the legs up to while you’re doing this video, then we’ll do that together. Otherwise we can kind of figure it out just in the middle of the room wherever you are, and then you can take it to the wall on your own later. So we’re gonna transition down now for legs up the wall. So take your time getting down on the ground. We’re gonna grab our blankets for this, if you have one. And again, if you’re not really set up to do legs up the wall in this exact moment, maybe you just come into a comfortable seat, breathe deeply and observe so that then you can do this on your own in another area of your home. So, we’ll take the blanket or a bath towel works just fine. You just make sure it’s nice and even so that it can support your low back in a nice, even way. In a way that feels good. And then I’m gonna bring it up here to the wall, excuse me buddy. Sorry buddy, aw.

So, I’m gonna bring it with a little bit of space between the wall and the blanket. You can also do this in the middle of the room and get your legs up, but it just depends on how your body’s feeling.

Maybe you’re not quite in the right place right now where you wanna hold your legs in midair. You could give it a try, certainly, if it felt right. So, I also have a whole video just on legs up the wall. So you can check that out on YouTube. Here we go. I’m gonna come all the way up to the wall. This is the most difficult part is kind of getting in position. But I’m gonna move slowly and gently and I’m gonna get it to where my blanket or towel is supporting my low back. I allow my tailbone to spill off the blanket or towel and my legs, of course, go up. Notice how my knees are bent.


Listen to your body which I know you’re good at, but also respond. You might bring the soles of the feet together down for a little Cobbler’s variation here. And then, as you’re ready, you can send the legs back up. So this is a good thing to do before bed when the body, you can already tell, may be struggling to relax. This could be a good thing to do after travel of any kind. Let’s take a couple more breaths here to observe the breath. Slow everything down.

Activating the healing properties, the self-healing properties. That we possess. To come out of legs up the wall, you’ll move nice and slow. First bending the knees. And then slowly rocking to one side, any side. You cans stay in legs up the wall if you like. If you’re ready to come up to a nice seat, go ahead and do so. You can sit up on your blanket. If you’re on the chair, smile, life is good. We’ll bring the palms together at heart center. Take one more big breath in. Exhale to relax the shoulders down.

Close your eyes. Give thanks for this time that you’ve carved out for yourself. I thank you for joining me, for trusting me, for sharing your practice and your journey with me and with Benji. Bookmark this video. See if you can maybe put it on your calender to do regularly so that you can really start to notice the difference. A regular daily practice I think yields more results than just kind of a once in a while kind of remedy. Alright, thanks again. As always, continue to make it your own and find what feels good. You’re doing great. Namaste