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7 Proven matcha tea benefits: Why You Should Try It ?

hello and welcome  my purpose is to inspire and power and motivate you to live longer healthier and of course more abundant lives in today’s blog I want to speak to you about the amazing health benefits of matcha green tea and I will tell you I didn’t know a lot about matcha green tea until a couple of years ago and it has become one of my favorites and I’ll tell you I love coffee I’m a big coffee drinker I love it I love the whole warmth of it the social aspect of it but matcha green tea with the health benefits of it is slowly becoming

or I should say quickly becoming probably my go-to favorite and I think once you see what this is all about you’re gonna understand why – and we’re gonna hop right on it in just a moment with all the health benefits but first you know I’d love to give a shout out I love celebrating you out there because you guys are crushing it the reviews the testimonials the the heartfelt messages I get from you are just absolutely melting my heart and I want to thank you for that so this one goes out to Vincent Rando and Vincent writes hi dr. NIC I’m 56 and he’s going to be 57 in a couple of months so Vincent if I don’t say happy birthday to you then I’m gonna give you one right now

I started keto way of eating March 3rd of this year I was 345 pounds my size 50 waist jeans were getting too tight uh I said this is it I’m in with this way of eating it’s been 210 days and I get this this is amazing 210 days and he’s lost a hundred and eighteen pounds that’s a half a pound a day consistently 226 pounds now I want to get to 200 and I believe you will I know you will in fact I can’t believe how much I’ve lost in such a short time intermittent fasting every day in a strict keto diet I flood my mind with everything health and fitness and that’s a big part of it so many times you’re exposed to people who maybe don’t believe in what you’re doing they’re telling you the keto diets not healthy not the way to go you can’t eat that way whatever it may be or maybe they just putting their false beliefs on you maybe they know they can’t do it they don’t you to succeed I’m sorry but some people are like that but when you flood your mind with positive thoughts every day positive motivational things you

watch videos and tapes and audios and things like that that are motivational inspirational that’s how you really succeed with this so like I said he’s flooding his mind everything health and fitness your videos have been with me from day one thank you doctor Nick you’ve been my second home Vincent Randall well thank you so much Vincent I appreciate that you have no idea and like I said guys a lot of you maybe aren’t getting the same results as Vincent and that’s okay nobody has to lose a hundred and ten pounds or a hundred and twenty pounds or even 80 pounds even if you’re losing 5 10 15 20 you’re still winning take that next step

you can do it don’t get discouraged by other people who are doing maybe more than you maybe you started this off with your husband and he’s just killing it and you’re struggling along a lot of times it really depends on what we’ve been exposed to all of our lives maybe your insulin-resistant a little bit more but that’s ok just keep going keep plugging you’ll have that breakthrough I promise you just give it the time to work its way through let your body start to really heal healing your hormones and so on and you can do it and I’ll tell you one way like I said is from our communities our Facebook group

and if you really want the extra help take a look at the course we’ve got we just started a course called ultimate keto with dr. Nick and if you really want more help take a look at it if it’s not a fit for you that’s okay but some of you need a little bit more hand-holding or a little bit more instruction and a little bit more insight and so on so take a look at it and see if it’s a fit for you or not but anyway if you like what we’re talking about here make sure you like you share you comment and subscribe and we’re going to dive right on in with the amazing health benefits of matcha green tea so first of all let’s look at five different reasons why this is so powerful and we look at the ORAC value

that’s the oxygen radical absorbance how much free radicals can it absorb of course we all know about antioxidant levels how much antioxidants as a food have that can fight these free radicals catechins we’re going to be speaking about those in a little while but those are super antioxidants basically l-theanine and chlorophyll extremely important and you’re gonna see why in just a little while and how its alkalizing so with that said let’s first talk about its or act value and like I said or act stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity so how many free radicals can it absorb so that’s basically when we look at foods and of course we’ve typically we’re thinking about foods that are very high in the

ORAC score or high antioxidants is the very colorful ones and so berries are of course pretty much at the top of the list we could always think about but what’s interesting about matcha green-tea is this most people think of blueberries is one of the highest blueberries of course everybody knows how super rich and antioxidants are well they’re or ACT score is 24 now get this the or ACT score of matcha green tea is 1384 so it just absolutely blows away one of the top points that you can think of which are blueberries so this thing is a rock star when it comes to absorbing free radicals now next i want to talk about catechins what are those exactly well catechins are actually super antioxidants in fact a lot of people think they’re even more powerful than vitamin E and vitamin C so what Harvard said is this according to a paper published by Harvard Medical School green tea is one of the best food sources of a group of antioxidants known as catechins catechins are thought to be even more powerful than both vitamin C and E and stopping oxidative damage to cells and that’s really the important thing when you think about your health.


you have to literally think about it at the cellular level it has to go right back to the cell and anything that causes damage to the cell structure itself to the DNA the cell membrane whatever it may be that is going to start to cause your body to break down and it ages you early so one of the big things that causes your premature aging is things that cause free radicals to be formed now antioxidants like catechins play a key role in the health and disease with studies showing that they could help protect against chronic conditions like heart disease diabetes and even cancer so some of the biggest diseases that we know about can actually be helped with matcha green-tea because of these catechins because of these super super antioxidants now talk about l-theanine now l-theanine now this is an amino acid and what Elfi neem does is it can actually get your body to produce alpha waves this is very calming effect alpha waves are the frequency that your brain is in when it’s in the most calm most tranquil a lot of times your daydream and you’re kind of off in a daze that’s typically alpha waves sometimes people can meditate with about a very high alpha frequency so that is the one where you’re most calm now the amazing thing about this is that matcha green tea one has an extremely high amount of l-theanine

but it’s also got some caffeine but it’s not as high as coffee so the beautiful thing about how matcha green tea works is that it’s a very alert calm your alert your sharp but yet your very calm so it’s got a very calming effect on your body but also helps increase levels of gaba now that’s gamma amino butyric acid now gaba is a neurotransmitter in your brain now what that means is this neurotransmitters are chemicals within your nerve system that can answer actually transmit the signals from nerve to nerve that’s a neurotransmitter so it’s in the gaps between the nerve fibers so that way it can transmit the signal across the gap so think of it like there’s a canyon you want to get across the canyon to the other side you need a carrier molecule and a neurotransmitter is just that now what’s interesting about gaba

is gaba is a inhibitory neurotransmitter now what it’s known for is inhibiting these impulses so that way your body doesn’t feel stressed and anxious so matcha green tea is very very relaxing because it gets your body to secrete more gaba which helps your body block those messages that are causing anxiety and worry and things like that so super super good for that so you want to include it anytime you’re feeling anxious that’s one of the nice tranquil benefits of drinking a nice cup of matcha green tea now what about its other benefits well number one it’s cancer-fighting been of that’s numerous numerous studies on this number one a bladder cancer study 882 women showed that the risk of bladder cancer was

significantly reduced in women who consumed matcha not only that when it comes to breast cancer a meta-analysis and what a meta-analysis means is this a medicine analysis is a study of the studies so if you have a bunch of studies say 5 or 10 different studies and you want to do a study on the studies that’s called a meta-analysis so meta-analysis found that women who drank the most green tea had a 22% lower risk of developing breast cancer now for those of you who are concerned about colorectal cancer okay colon and rectum a study of 69

thousand seven hundred ten Chinese women aged 40 to 70 found that green tea drinkers had a 57 percent less chance of developing colorectal cancer now that’s significant as if 22 percent wasn’t high enough 57 percent is really super high you know that now for those of you who are concerned guys out there about prostate cancer and of course all men after the ages say 50 are gonna start to get enlarged prostates it starts to become an issue but you don’t want it to turn cancerous so get this one large study found that the Japanese men who drank five or more cups of green tea per day had a 48 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer so good news for us guys if you’re worried about being at risk for prostate cancer

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