a few years ago it became fashionable to have a raccoon as a pet however many professionals insist that returns are not domestic in animals and keeping them in the domestic environment is their responsible this is for both environmental and ethological reason is it even legal to keep a record as a pet but care what they need if so would it be right to keep one in the we tell you all you need to know in this animal wise video is it legal to have a raccoon as a pet the answer varies according to where you live in the USA it is completely illegal to own a raccoon as a pet in some states others allow keeping raccoons but only along with the right exotic pet permit to do so important raccoons from one state to another is usually illegal in Europe the raccoon is currently considered an animal of concern as an

invasive species killing livestock and being detrimental to ecosystems keeping raccoons as pets leads to irresponsible behavior and abandonment meaning some countries will apply a penalty for possession of raccoons without the proper permit before continuing we encourage you to subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on everything about wild and companion animals especially their welfare [Music] is it okay to have a raccoon in a home beyond legality and penalties we should know that the raccoon is a wild animal which has not yet been domesticated for this reason some of the typical behaviors of the species such as displacement looking for food and socialization are incompatible with being kept in an urban environment this is because the animal cannot carry out inherent behaviors of the

species keeping an animal in captivity without knowing their needs will lead to behavioral and health problems seriously affecting their health and well-being abandoning raccoons we were able to find raccoons and wild ecosystems far outside their native lands of North America this is largely due to abandonment of individuals which were kept as pets when they reach adulthood many Guardians find their behavior makes it impossible to live together abandonment shows a serious lack of responsibility which results in grievous harm to both the environment and the ricchan themselves once raccoon abandonment started taking place species would breed and colonies of raccoons were established hello not their fault their presence results in the native species of ecosystems being under

threat and other serious ecological repercussions we are yet to fully understand raccoon behavior unnecessary care raccoons are nocturnal intelligent and especially active at night they carry out marking behavior on trees to delineate their territory often hiding in their hollows night is also when they go out in search of food they need long periods of the day to rest a body of water in which to wash themselves and a complete and varied diet sad diet includes protein of animal origin fruit and vegetables an inadequate education especially

one based on punishment will lead to stress and aggression so too will denying them the ability to carry out their natural raccoon behaviors for these reasons animal wise recommends you do not keep a raccoon as a pet this should be left to wildlife rehabber or animal sanctuaries with the resources to look after raccoons we cannot return to the wild do you know someone who’s experienced with raccoons in the domestic environment if so please share in the comments and give us a like if you found this video useful we’ll see you next time

10 Reasons for Adopting MIXED BREED DOGS

adopting a mixed breed or mongrel dog is a unique experience and it is a practice we as animal lovers need to encourage whenever possible of course these dogs may have suffered from trauma or lack of education which can affect the amount of time they need to adapt something you need to keep in mind if you’re considering adopting a dog from a shelter or have discovered a stray keep watching our video from the top ten reasons to adopt a mixed breed dog [Music] [Applause] [Music] you will have a unique dog mix breed dogs have not

been selected to show specific physical characteristics as with the breeding of purebred dogs which follow a rigorous standard therefore if you adopt a mongrel you will have a unique and one-of-a-kind dog you can avoid euthanasia allow some kennels and shelters are adopting a no-kill policy overcrowding and an overpopulation of dogs in the streets means many will end up having to euthanize dogs elderly dogs those which stay for a long time or those with health problems are particularly at risk you open a place for another dog to be adopted by adopting a dog in a shelter or kennel you avoid the center to accept a new homeless animal this may eventually lead to another adoption when you adopt instead of one life he may save – you changed this dog’s world saving an animal will not change the world but it will

change the world for them this aphorism could perfectly summarize this point that by adopting a mixed breed dog we offer the possibility of living in a dignified way the potential for love and a life which brings joy to an animal in need you receive a grateful partner most homeless dogs at one point belong to a family so they feel abandoned both physically and mentally the emotional bond we will create with them will become so strong that the dog responds with the kindness and affection released by its gratitude of course we need to remember it it’s not easy to restore the confidence of a once abandoned dog providing reassurance being patient and treating them with dignity will be essential in establishing trust your dog will probably be healthier and longer lived the vast majority of single breed dogs are prone to various genetic diseases this is due to selective breeding or inbreeding

along with various other factors the life expectancy of mixed breed dogs is generally greater than that of purebred or pedigree dogs they also tend to enjoy a better state of health you will not promote the sale of animals although it’s true that there are legal breeders who are professional and responsible the truth is that there are many unscrupulous breeders who do not even feel any kind of affection for animals it is not uncommon to find illegal breeders three house dogs in unsanitary conditions or who sell puppies prematurely severely affecting a puppy’s ability to develop by adopting a dog we avoid supporting illegal and detrimental

breeding practices which caused suffering across the world and setback animal welfare for future generations you can choose according to the level of activity or character in this case we are talking about adopting an adult dog not a puppy when we adopt from a shelter we were able to choose a companion based on their own personality and not what we might expect you to breed alone suitability for our lifestyle and personality is important in making an adoption a success they will never leave you a grateful dog rescued from a lonely

existence will never leave your side for this reason if you take care of them as they deserve your future dog will never abandon you mixed breed dog to make the best long-term companions you will be much happier no one can deny dogs are man’s best friend by adopting a mixed breed dog you will discover our new world of loyalty love company and true affection what did you think of this list would you adopt a mixed breed dog is there anything you would like to add if so leave us a comment and share your thoughts like if you find the video useful and subscribe for more to come we’ll see you next time


hello and welcome to animal wise today we are going to talk to you about feeding your dog and cat when at home during quarantine the coronavirus has meant many animal guardians are starting to have doubts over the care of her companions during locked on ensuring they have a proper diet is one of the most common concerns for this reason we provide a series of tips to help you knew how to feed your animals during confinement thereby ensuring their health and well-being at this difficult time be considerate while it can be easy to worry one of the most important things you need to do is be considerate we are currently without significant food manufacturing problems or

shortages however distribution and delivery may be affected by the current crisis in cases where your animal needs a specific diet for a health issue it’s best to purchase enough food to last two weeks in advance this should tide us over if we need to wait for a new delivery dietary changes even simply choosing a new brand for the animal can cause gastrointestinal issues dogs and cats have digestive systems adapted to a stable diet changes to their eating habits can result in causing various gastrointestinal disorders such as vomiting and diarrhea these are two conditions which require veterinary attention weight control it is also very important to you control your pets wit since they will spend more time at home and have less opportunity to exercise this increases the chances of your animal companion

gaining weight we know that weight increase and associated obesity have very serious consequences for the health of an animal it is also important to note that the development of obesity is associated with the development of certain diseases these include pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases in dogs and dermatological problems hepatic lipid OSIS or urinary problems in cats weight gain can also pave the way for developing certain endocrine or metabolic diseases such as diabetes we’re not talking about aesthetic problems in your cat caused by weight gain preventing your animal from becoming overweight helps to prevent serious potential health problems while individual animals

have specific issues maintaining a healthy weight is possible since animals are spending time in confinement eating the same amount of food is before lead to weight gain to help us keep our animals at a healthy weight we recommend you wear your pet every two weeks by tracking this information you will know whether or not you need to adjust their care needs if you see your pet is increasing their weight by a significant amount you should call your vet and detail the situation this is so they can provide it by specific to your animal situation even as little as 500 grams more weight can lead to significant problems it is also much easier to prevent possible weight gain that it is to reverse it how to properly feed my companion animal since we are spending more time at home many of us are taking the opportunity to cook more if we have a dog or cat they will often be on the lookout for even the smallest morsel of food such dedication for scraps means they may give us the impression they are hungry when they’re actually being

greedy in these circumstances we need to avoid giving them more than their daily food alliance if your dog begs for food you can distract them or play with them we often mistake requests for attention to be a simple request for food when they may want other kinds of interaction if we give them food every time they beg they learn to think they will get it every time they do so in the future since the animals boredom levels may be higher they may bake even more for something to do this is the kind of behavior which can lead to a weight problem for this reason you should distract your pet to see if they want attention or are genuinely hungry you can use intelligence games and toys to help entertain your pet and improve cognition at the same time a good example is a food dispensing toy such as a calm this way they get a treat they also stave off boredom and developmental skills we know that it can be very difficult to refuse our animals treats however we need to be strong especially during confinement if you give in to them regularly the consequences – total health can be significant another technique you can apply is to feed them the same amount of food as before but divided into smaller portions preneur the day this way the animal can have more stimulus or

will eat the same amount and not over indulge we don’t give the animal more to eat where we give them smaller meals to help keep them occupied and satiated for longer if you do end up giving them a treat or they overeat for whatever reason we can subtract food from the normal meal schedule or you can take some of their regular food often in the of kibble and set it aside to give them as a treat without increasing the daily calorific intake it is very important we avoid giving them extra food when we’re cooking or eating as it will not only mean

they eat more calories but you are instilling a negative behavior which they will likely continue even after quarantine is over if your dog or cat cannot control themselves when cooking or eating it may be best to keep them in a separate room until these activities are complete here ends our special quarantine animal care advice we hope this video has been useful and we sincerely hope that everyone in your family is safe and healthy whether they walk on two legs or four we’ll see you next time [Music]


the benefits of having a dog at home and interacting with them positively are both physical and psychological this is why animal wise explains the five main benefits of petting your dog [Music] reduces stress and anxiety the main benefit of petting a dog is that it helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels for both animal and Guardian dogs love having contact with those they consider family and it can help relax them when nervous the frequency of her own brainwaves associated with a decrease in cortisol commonly known as the stress hormone increases significantly

after spending time petting a dog this explanation is part of the study carried out by the psychiatrist Sandra Baker in Virginia USA the study showed that people who regularly interact with animals are generally less stressed prevents heart problems it has also been shown in several international studies including by the American Heart Association that petting a dog reduces heart rate and blood pressure the simple fact of interacting positively with a dog lowers the heart rate so much that experts often recommend a pet to those with heart condition improves immune system another benefit of having a dog is that it may help to strengthen your immune system industrial level cleaning and personal hygiene habits mean we don’t always pick up the antibodies

we need to fend off disease since dogs carry certain amounts of bacteria on them some studies have shown that this can help us to share each other’s microbiome by transferring some of this bacteria there are even studies which suggest that babies raised in households with dogs are less likely to develop issues such as allergies or asthma improves emotional state several studies have shown that people with dogs are generally happier than those without patting and having contact with dogs makes us feel more loved and releases endorphins something which can help us live longer when we get home from work our dog’s excitement about our arrival can be doing this to the world of good this is why people with depression are also recommended to live with a dog they help to improve

our emotional stability by providing company being a confidante and sharing unforgettable moments all while giving us unconditional helps in different therapies dogs are widely used in various therapies to help rehabilitate or treat patients dealing with various issues including autism socialization problems and others this type of therapy is known as zoo therapy or k9 therapy and consists of treating people with sensory activities provided by the dog through contact with the dog and other supportive therapies they try to solve these socialization issues while petting a dog can be beneficial to us hugging a dog may provide some problems which this video details what do you enjoy most about living with the dog share your experiences with us in the comments and we’ll see you next time [Music]

How to care for a kitten for beginners

[Music] adopting the kitten is a wonderful experience but we must remember that kittens are sensitive creatures which need special care for proper development this is why animal wised explains what you need to know to look after a kitten [Music] if this is the first time you’ve adopted a kitten you will need to take care of some business before they arrive if you prepare the kitten is likely to adapt more quickly and your relationship will be much more positive cats are scrupulous animals so we recommend you leave their food dish water bowl and litter box in separate areas if you have other cats at home or you plan to adopt more than one kitten at the same time we recommend you have a box for each one this way you can help avoid conflict you will also need to clean all the utensils every so often and renew the water regularly it’s also important to get a scratcher this way

you can prevent your cat from scraping their claws in the furniture check the description for more info on scratchers for cats finally you’ll need to leave them a bed somewhere quiet and away from disruption we also recommend a quiet nest somewhere else for them to hide when they are afraid or if they simply want some peace if we have adopted a one month old kitten or younger it is imperative we go to a veterinarian to obtain artificial kitten formula which will be their entire diet it is important to emphasize that you should never separate a mother from her kittens unless it is strictly necessary

from birth the kittens need colostrum and then breast milk to receive various benefits particularly for their immune system after two months of life we can start weaning them onto solid food progressively we should offer them daily small portions of wet food or kitten specific pate later we can wet their dry food with a little water to help them ingest properly after we can switch to dry food completely the optimal age of adopting a kitten is at 3 months of life this is when they are completely weaned immunized and have learned necessary behaviors from their mother such as grooming basic hygiene and feline body language at this stage the kitten should eat solids without a problem there are several types of feed we can offer kittens each with advantages and disadvantages

it will be the decision of each Guardian what type to offer while their feed provides all the necessary nutrients for the feline it is not always easy to find quality commercial product on the other hand homemade diets can help guarantee we are using only quality natural products they will need a veterinary follow up to rule out the presence of parasites or nutritional deficiencies if we have adopted a kitten older than three months which has stayed with their mother we can virtually assure they will be properly socialized with other cats preventing fear and aggressive behavior socialization is also fundamental for learning other habits typical of their species

we need to be aware that socializing an adult cat is complicated and sometimes practically impossible this is why we need to continue socializing the kitten when they arrive introduce them to all kinds of people objects sounds environments and where possible other animals brushing both helps keep their fur clean and strengthens our bond with a kidney it is also useful to monitor them for parasites or specific health problems we can use a rubber brush for short hair cats a carding brush for medium hair cats and a rake type brush for long hair cats offering our kitten environmental enrichment is important to prevent problem behavior it also helps stimulate their intelligence and avoid stress anxiety and depression we can enrich their day-to-day with intelligence games

food vending toys or catnip even a cardboard box can provide plenty of stimulation apart from intelligence games encouraging physical activity is important for developing muscle it also helps to prevent obesity we can buy our kitten tunnels or cat trees or even simply place treats up in high places so they have to work to get to them a cat may not actually enjoy a toy you buy them because you don’t engage with them in the right way they need to play and have fun with you especially if they have no other feline friends you will need to spend time with the kitten playing and bonding together in addition to these activities they will need one thing above all love your kitten will never be happy

if they do not have a loving and caring family by their side they will want to sleep on top of you and lick you as a sign of affection it is false to say that cats are not carrying animals which given the right opportunity can become your best friend deworming or kitten will be a fundamental aspect of their health especially if they have access to the outside or other animals this will help to prevent infestations by internal or external parasites deworming should start at one and a half months of age and be supervised by the veterinarian it is recommended we deworm the cat every 15 days

until the kitten reaches 3 months of age then deworming should be done once a month until the cat reaches 6 months of age and once every 3 months thereafter we need to bear in mind the advice of a professional veterinarian since both internal and external deworming should be done with specific products for kittens with the correct dosage we will also initiate the vaccination schedule at about 2 months of age the first vaccine for cats is often the feline trivalent which is used to protect the cat from feline panleukopenia

feline Rhino check itis and callous virus these vaccines will need a booster shot on an annual basis and we will need to strictly follow these schedules if we want our cat to grow up healthy and happy it is essential to take our cat to the vet every 6 to 12 months here is our video for today leave a comment below if you have your own helpful tips to share give a like if you find the video useful and subscribe for more to come we’ll see you next time you