Flattering Makeup Pro Tips from Beginner to Advanced

what’s up guys welcome back to my blog for today’s blog I’m going to be doing a makeup tutorial on this look that you see right here I’m actually really excited about this video because it’s been a huge request for some time now for me to do a video dedicated to really fair skin if you guys watch my blog you know that my skin tone fluctuates all the time because I get spray tan sometimes so I’ll go from being like medium tan to like a really dark glowy tan like really white like I am right now I think the camera doesn’t always show how tan I am or how light I truly am or the colors kind of like it’s deceiving on camera but I can get so fair that honestly like Mac foundations don’t even match me like they don’t even have a

color light enough for my bitch ass and I had to totally change and adjust my makeup routine to when I do have a tan and when I am very light the things that look good on me when I have a good tan are not flattering or a complimentary whatsoever when I am my fairest because of that I am aware that a lot of people have the same struggle as me when you’re really light you want to be able to like do a dark smoky eye of feel sexy in a nude lip at the same time you’re like oh just doesn’t look the same as it doesn’t like someone like Kim Kardashian so I wanted to create an extremely easy and extremely flattering makeup tutorial for those of you who

are really light in skin tone where you can feel really sexy and really confident and still have like that smoky sex appeal this is honestly so simple I think I only use 3 eyeshadows today when you see how easy it is are gonna be like oh girl I got this of course this tutorial is gonna look good on a very wide variety of skin tones but I just wanted to dedicate this specific video to all of my very fair girls and boys out there who are watching this so I hope that you enjoy and if you like it don’t forget to give this blog a thumbs up subscribe to my blog you know how much I appreciate it so yeah if you want to see to get this look then just keep watching

okay so first thing we’re gonna do as always is prime our face I’m using the same Sisley primer that I have been using for ever I just love it so much I really wanted to try that like newer touch up primer that everyone’s been raving about but every single time I try to buy it it’s always sold out this is the one that I’ve been sticking to basically I’m actually gonna double prime my skin today I’m also gonna go in with a pore minimizer as well for the past month I have been struggling with pores for the first time in my life like that’s never been an issue of mine all of a sudden I have it all these clogged like enlarged pores there’s a gaping holes my face and I’m like hates you know my skin has just been freaking out recently I think it’s

obviously due to stress there’s been a lot going on in my life guys have so much redness and just breakouts and like just texture like it’s just not a good time for my skin so we’re gonna cover that up I’m going to go in with the exact same foundation routine that I have been doing for quite a while now and I’m going to like double or triple up the coverage remodeling me today then taking a damaged Beauty sponge and springs in that new bottle spraying some of the Lila be a glow face Masson it I’m gonna go in with the door forever Foundation and just buff it out Oh goodbye redness now we’re gonna grab my Tarte shaped tip concealer and conceal everything I’m gonna do my under eye area I’m gonna go over these little blemishes with it I’m gonna do my t-zone I’m basically going to do an entire second layer of concealer or top of my foundation and I am using the shade light okay so now I’m gonna powder the face
I’m gonna go in with the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder right here this is my favorite face powder at the moment it has been for quite some time actually and I’m actually gonna mix that with a little bit of the

Lancome absolute powder as well and then I’m gonna set my under eye using a light powder I’m gonna go with the kat von d palette with that first light shade okay I’m gonna fill in my brows really quickly even though this is easier said than done I do recommend when you are really pale or just more on the fair side to go a little bit lighter handed when you are filling in your eyebrows just was I notice that when I have a spray tan I can go heavier handed and I can make my eyebrows darker and bolder and it looks good but when I’m really fair it just looks very harsh on my pale skin ah totally natural right okay it’s the first thing I’m gonna do on the eye is just lay down a nice soft transition
color I’m gonna go in with my pallets my original palette that I created with more feet and I’m going to go in with the shade number third I’m gonna go in with the shade a silk cream which is the third color in the palette it’s just a really nice soft transition color it’s a little bit on the warm side but it’s not too warm where it’s gonna be unflattering on

some skin tones and again we’re gonna apply this nice and soft we don’t want this to be harsh I’m basically putting this all over the lid I’m not intentionally putting it all over the center of my lid but since I’m using such a big brush and as I’m blending it out I’m continuously going up towards the brow and in the inner corner I am getting that color like a nice light wash basically all over my entire lid area so now I’m gonna grab a really small tight definer brush like this guy right here and I’m going to go in with my armed and gorgeous palette which is part of my vault
collection with more fedone I’m gonna grab the shade prowl which is a really nice dark matte Brown it’s very deep and it’s definitely like a neutral Brown it’s not super cool or super warm which is why it’s gonna be so flattering to so many different skin tones what I’m gonna do now with this brush is I’m going to just stamp that color right on my lash line like eye shadow sorry I’m an eyeliner and we are just following the lash line and just stab me with that brush

just like that so looks like eyeliner but it’s just done with eye shadow I’ve just been so into this recently because it’s so easy just to stamp this brush right along the lash line and boom your liner is done okay so now that we have that laid down right on the lash line I’m gonna take a little bit more of that shadow and I’m going to begin to just slightly bring it up out here on the outer corner just kind of like doing this full guerring of motion that you see me doing right now and this is just going to begin to slightly blend it out and smoke it out and lightly
feathering that into the inner corner but we want it to be the darkest and go the highest up on the outer corner like that okay so now I’m gonna switch brushes but I’m gonna stay with that exact same brown I’ve been using the entire time I’m gonna go in with a little bit of a fluffier brush now this is the morphe m4 33 of course this is one of my favorite blending brushes ever and I’m going to just tap that upward now that we have that kind of like fade on the outer corner and I’m going to bring that in to the crease we’re keeping it low in the crease we’re not taking it too high and I was taking a totally clean blending brush I’m gonna go over the edge of that just to make sure that we don’t

have any harsh lines okay so now I’m gonna go in with my original palette and I’m going to grab the shade Central Park right here which is a really really dark very neutral brown and I’m going to Pat right over top of that initial
shadow that we put on by the lash line just to deepen up one last time before we go in with lashes and I’m gonna go in with the shade pooter right here in my palettes gonna take a pencil brush and line my entire lower lash line with that shade I love this color on fair skin because of the fact that it has a little warmth in it but it’s not too warm like it’s just the perfect amount of neutral you know and I’m gonna bring that nice and low on my lower lash line to really smoke that out looks a little freaky at first kind of like Uncle Fester but it all comes together so now I’m gonna go in with a Mac eye pencil in the shade teddy which is a really beautiful Brown it’s got like a little bit of shimmer in it and I’ve been lining my inner waterline with this recently and I absolutely love the way it makes this look because when you are really fair and you line your inner waterline with black sometimes it can be really

really harsh and just make your eyes look like really kind of small and squinty and I’ll make even more pale and sometimes in kind of like a dead looking way and we don’t look like a corpse you know it’s okay to be really fair it’s okay to be as pale as you know as paper as this right here but you also don’t want to do anything that looks unflattering you want to make sure that you look alive and you look vibrant you look healthy you look glowing and that’s all very achievable no matter how pale you are so I really love to use a brown eyeliner as opposed to a black one when doing my eye makeup what I am this fair okay so now I’m gonna go back in with the shade a prowl right here who armed and gorgeous palette and I’m gonna go with that same definer brush that I was using on my upper lash line and I am just going to go right over that really tight on my lower lash line and blend it down okay I’m gonna apply a

little mascara to my upper lashes so that I can go in and pop on some false ones okay so now I’m gonna put a little mascara on my lower lashes as well what a difference lashes make like it’s like night and day of course for this look you do not have to do false lashes you can of course just do mascara but I just love the look of false lashes with this especially because the actual eyeshadow is so easy and actually very simple you put on lashes and it just kind of fools everybody into thinking that like wow what a beautiful smoky eye you’re like bitch I only use three shadows okay so now at this point we look a little weird right like I kind of look dead like it’s just like dark eyes like dark eyebrows and just like pale flat matte skin so we are about to change that first thing I do is highlight the inner corner of my eye I’m gonna go in with my palette and grab the first shade in the palette which is in light I’m going to just

dab that right in the inner corner it’s kind of blend it out down inward upward all around just to get a nice halo on that inner corner then once I have that I’m gonna go in with the shade VIP which is the first shade and the armed and gorgeous palette and I’m just going to lightly tap that right or top of what I did specifically only just in the inner corner like a dot because this is white and it’s pigmented but it just gonna give like a little bit of an extra wow I’m actually a highlight my brow bone today – I feel like this look needs it so I’m gonna go back in with in light from my palette right here take a little bit of that autumn brush and just hit that right underneath of the brow oh yeah mm-hmm gosh highlight just makes everything so much better that statement really is true having a bad day you

highlight it gets better going through a breakup highlight it gets better okay so now let us bronze because obviously right now we are looking very flat and we need to warm up this skin I’m gonna go in with a very neutral shade of bronzer since I am so fair I don’t want to go in with something that has like an orange like a really warm undertone it might look a little harsh you might look a little fake and so to keep it looking natural we’re gonna go in with something that’s not too cool or too warm meet right in the middle and I’m gonna go in with the Too Faced chocolate Soleil

bronzer this is the more feet are to brush right here and I’m just going to Oh God it’s bronzer never gets old its most so God it I can taste it my god bronzer just makes the face come to life hit it up there right by the hairline just brighter didn’t go on as smooth today as it normally does it’s kind of weird so now instead of baking what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go back in with that powder that I used to set my face earlier and that damp Beauty sponge I use as well Pat this into the skin underneath of that bronzer just to light in this area up again and blend it into that bronzer just so that we keep the bottom portion of the face nice and light we don’t have like a dark line of demarcation from the bronzer and this will also just make everything look even more natural on your fair skin I’m gonna go on with the same bronzer but it is a lighter version so this is the milk chocolate Soleil I’m going to take that one a little small fluffy brush and I’m just going to put a little bit of that warmth on the sides of my nose I’m not really contouring my nose necessarily just warming it up a little bit so that it doesn’t look just

like weird and pale sitting in the center of my face that’s how I think about my nose just this weird pale thing sitting in the side of my face I’m gonna set my brows right now they’re driving me crazy so I’m gonna take a little bit of the Mac Pro emphasize shaping powder on a brush like this and I’m going to put that directly underneath my eye area I’m actually gonna mix it with a little bit of the Kat Von D um shade as well and I’m just going to tap that right under here and bring it down just because this is such a light shade that when I’m really fair like this I can’t like where on I can wear on my under eye and it doesn’t look ridiculously white but it just makes you look so angelic and just like I feel real and it just brings so much light and attention to the center of the face I love that look it’s like padding and then lightly dusting that out I love this powder so much when I’m there kiba’s well summer my nose I’m sorry I Center my chin in my face I know it looks a little weird right now but don’t worry it

won’t look weird in a minute right there take it up on the forehead I love a good light beam on the forehead for blush I’m gonna go in with pinky tones today because normally I do like really warm my coppery kind of like orange e undertones but for this look and since I am so fair I want to go with like rosy pinky shades cuz it’s just very complementary to these Browns on the eyes and my skin tone right now okay for highlight I’m gonna take the shade of Santorini by Kylie cosmetics this is her loose highlighting pigment I love them so much and Santorini is such a beautiful shade when I’m really fair on my skintone I’m gonna take a really big brush actually because today I don’t want to do like a direct beam spot white highlight I wanted to something a little bit more like blend it out and like ethereal if you will so I’m gonna take this brush right here this is the morphe M 500 it’s gonna dip it into the cap just like that and then I’m just going to lightly on my cheeks go towards the top of my ear just to keep it nice and subtle I mean that’s all for me take it dab it put it on nose I have to have a nose

highlight Cupid’s bow I’m also gonna do a touch right here on the forehead and then I’ll take my damp Beauty sponge dab right over that so that it really just like melts it into the skin okay I’m going to try the Kylie cosmetics velvet liquid lipstick in the shade there that’s not what it is yeah bear and see how this looks I’m also gonna take a little bit of the kylie gloss in the shade so cute this is her palest gloss that she has but took just a little bit of it and put it in the center of my lip and it’s kind of blended out for some high shine right in the center and now I’m just going to set that bitch with some setting spray it really is incredible the power that makeup has and the power that I personally have chosen to give makeup like now that my face is done I look in the mirror and I’m just like like I’m ready I feel like I have more confidence I feel like I have more energy like I can just do anything right now I’m like I’m ray and go whatever life has to throw at me I can handle it like it’s just weird how I just feel

completely different it’s such a good way when I have on makeup I mean don’t get me wrong also be bossing people around bare face with acne everywhere but there’s something about a whole bays and makeup that just makes me feel like so that is it for this look you guys I hope that you enjoy not you saw how extremely easy it is honestly if this is difficult for you try it a couple of times and you’ll be good to go when I was first starting in makeup doing that I shadow is eyeliner trick that is how I taught myself how to do a straight line of eyeliner so it’s a really great trick so if you’re struggling with eyeliner just do that for a couple of weeks or a couple of months and get used to that and then you’ll get so much more comfortable with liquids and gels so yeah that’s it you guys I hope that you enjoyed this look

Modern Day Bridal Makeup Tips

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog for today’s Blog I’m going to be doing my take on like the modern bridal wedding makeup and I am so excited to be doing this Blog it is one of my most requested Blog of all time I just want to say right now that I am sorry for the fact that my eyes are very bloodshot this entire Blog just because it doesn’t make the makeup look as beautiful as I wish it did coz I’m still getting over being sick I was so sick this past week and so yeah my I just look really bloodshot like very irritated by the lights right now so I am sorry about that but I absolutely love this look so much in this Blog is gonna be a longer one

because it is filled with a lot of tips and a lot of tricks and a lot of suggestions coming from me for being a bride and looking your absolute best and feeling your absolute best on your wedding day so I hope you guys enjoy this Blog and if you like this and you would like it to become like a Bridal series I’d be very open to doing that I know that like just Bridal makeup in general is one of the most requested thing on my channel so I wanted to do this because it’s just like that smoky but natural look if you will and it’s really pretty but it’s also gonna like stand the test of time you know so if you guys want to see like a series of Bridal looks let me know if that something that you’re really interested in this Blog thumbs up leave me a comment down below let me know what you like to see next if you see a comment in the

comment section you’re at oh I want to see that give it a thumbs up so I can see what you guys are looking forward to seeing on my channel and I can produce some good content for you guys that you actually enjoy and want to watch also quick disclaimer I am wearing a top I look so naked right now like I can’t even begin like ever since I’m not gonna be monitor I think I’m just like naked in diamonds which I’m not complaining about being butt-naked just wearing diamonds but anyway I really hope that you guys enjoy this tutorial and maybe gather some tips and tricks along the way that would make me so happy if I could help out someone on their wedding day help them make like help make them feel beautiful and it’s just like a princess and put together like we all deserve so yeah congratulations to all of those who are getting married and for those of you who are single and ready to mingle just watching this Blog for the hell of it I see you girls I love you guys so much and if you want to see how to get this a modern day a bridal look and then just keep watching okay so the first thing that we are going to do today which the first step in every single makeup application of course whether it’s your wedding day or a typical normal day we’re just doing a light beat

whatever maybe is to prime the skin but first of all if my first tip to any brides to be out there is to make sure that you’re really happy with your skin care and start at months in advance do not try a new skin care three weeks before the wedding and then you have a bad reaction and now your skin isn’t where you want it to be on your wedding day going and getting like a really great facial months before the wedding you’re really clearing out your pores finding a skin care regimen that really suits you and your needs and sticking to it making sure that you are cleansing your skin moisturizing and exfoliating it constantly and not missing any days is a key step in making sure that your skin looks beautiful on your wedding day and along with that also making sure that you are really exfoliated because your skin he’s not gonna adhere like the makeups not gonna adhere to the skin and really hold on if you have really dry flaky skin so make sure to really exfoliate the night before in the morning of your wedding depending how sensitive you are to really make sure that your skin is in a good place for your makeup to be applied I started off with the Sicily double ten cor primer because it’s my

favorite and I’m also gonna go in with the global perfect pore minimizer by Sicily as well I’m gonna put this one specifically on the center of my face more directed on like my t-zone area I love this primer because it really does kind of fill mattify and blur my pores even though I personally don’t like to have really matte skin I still love what this does it as a base once I have my foundation on it just makes everything look a lot more like airbrushed and smooth okay so now I’m gonna go in with foundation and again the foundation issue using their wedding-day do not use a great foundation that you heard some of the amazing things about for the very first time on your wedding day make sure that you have tried your foundation and you actually love it even if it’s a foundation that you love and you can’t afford get a sample of it and use that sample on your wedding day but just make sure that it’s gonna be something that you really love and it lays nice on the skin and it doesn’t settle onto your fine

lines doesn’t break you out and none of that jazz just make sure that all the products you are using on your wedding day are things that you actually like and don’t take chances it’s not the day to take chances so I’m gonna be going in and with the two born this way foundation is a full-coverage foundation is definitely um kind of like a satiny finish which I love because it’s not too matte but it’s also not like dewy and sticky so I’m going to be going in with a shade natural beige now this color does not match my face at all you can see my face is very fair right now and I’m having breakouts everywhere I’ve been sick recently and just really stress with some stuff so I got breakouts everywhere we’re gonna cover those up but you can see my neck is so much thinner than my face so we’re gonna go ahead and use a shade that’s a little bit darker I’m going to go in with a duty sponge right here this is dampened I just put it
underneath the sink to get it nice and damp and squishy then I’m gonna take that right off the back of my hand and once I have that I’m going to use the Lila be a glow face mist I’m gonna spray that directly on to the Beauty sponge and I’m going to begin to just tap this into the skin and blend it out and I will just say for me personally there’s like no question about it using some sort of spray on my sponge to apply my foundation makes the world of a difference in the application and the way it looks when I’m completely done I think I keep adding more and more steps to my routine it keeps getting more and more complex but it also keeps getting prettier and prettier and more airbrush and more flawless looking in the more steps I ahead so I’m just kind of going with it but I just personally think that it makes the product look so natural when you do this it really just like makes it very creamy and it’s kind of like melts it into the skin and it sheers it out a bit too which is really nice these I prefer to have a foundation application where it starts off sheer and then we build up as opposed to it being extremely like boom massive coverage all at once and then you’re kind of screwed because if it looks like cake face then all you can do is wipe it off you know okay so now for concealer I’m gonna go in with the Tarte shape tape concealer and this is my tried and trued number one most favourite concealer of all time if you have not used it I would really recommend trying it I personally don’t know anybody who doesn’t like this concealer it’s so amazing it’s really full coverage and the thing that I love about it so much is it does dry to a pretty matte

finish but it’s not like a chalky matte finish but it’s also not um like sticky you know how some concealers will be so like sticky you feel like there’s gonna kind of like run off your face or it’s like you only blink three or four times you’ve got creases everywhere now under my creases are kind of like inevitable it happens and the only way to really get rid of the under-eye creases is the way you set it with your powder by the end of the day if you’ve got under-eye creases you’re just gonna have them and that we don’t need to like push women and men that far to think like oh it’s unnatural to have under-eye creases it happens and sometimes your container is gonna settle there but to prevent it this concealer is absolutely amazing as far as the under-eye creasing goes which is why I would recommend it to brides for sure on their wedding day not to mention it like stay as a test of time like this stuff never ever breaks up on me but I could I think that might also be the way I’ve set it as well which you guys will see me do in a minute I’m spraying a beauty sponge now on the tip of it same

exact setting mist and I’m gonna go in and blend that out and I did use two different shades and use my eye I use light neutral and I use the medium just because it’s what I have sitting next to me right now in media there’s a little too dark and light neutrals a little too light and I want this to be a little bit lighter than my foundation shade I don’t want it to be drastically lighter but as you can see it is a little bit because that’s just gonna come in handy later with just the end result of the face I prefer doing a lighter concealer any for my eye ever since Mario he Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist years ago introduced that technique I’ve never stopped I always make my concealer a little bit lighter I think it just looks so much more natural in the end so I continue to do that but just make sure that you don’t go to like like if you put on a really like stark white under-eye concealer then you’re gonna start looking a little bit more fake I don’t like to use that word but you guys know what I mean it’s not gonna look as natural as your end result which I’m kind of into that look sometimes but on my wedding day I would personally want it to look a little bit more just like ah perfect okay I’m going to take that same lighter shade I’m going to put that right here up in between the eyebrow area I’m gonna take it and put it right on the Cupid’s bow and on the chin and then I’m gonna go over that a pinch just a pinch with the shade medium right there cuz I again don’t want that to be too late because it’s just right I’m just going to push that into the skin

okay now that my face isn’t matching my body a little bit better I definitely feel like I’m in a better place now um excuse me mm I know it’s high and annoying me clearing my throat and coughing so much in this Blog but you know like I said I’m just trying to kick this sickness once and for all I’m at the tail end of it right now okay so now I’m going to set my face with powder and this is where it starts to get I don’t want to say tricky but kind of because this is where you can kind of make or break the base of your face meaning your foundation and concealer application for me personally I am more on the normal slash dry side I definitely am NOT oily at all so I prefer to go in with a very full amount of foundation and concealer like anything that’s wet that’s what I want to go in with the majority of because of my skin type and then I had to go over with a pretty small amount of powder and if I am going to use a generous amount of powder I am gonna make sure that I’m really blending it out and consistently like constantly using like a setting this to really make sure that it melts into the skin if you are more on the oily side and then you would want to kind of do the opposite you would want to do like a medium coverage and maybe a little bit more powder to really keep yourself mattified throughout the day I’m gonna go in with the hourglass and failed translucent

powder this has quickly become a most favored powder to set my face with recently because it is just so natural and I’m gonna pick it up like this on my damp Beauty sponge and this is still pretty damp like this is not anywhere near dry yet but it’s not wet to make sure you’re not using a wet sponge because then you will have the reverse effect and it’s just gonna break up your makeup and make things maybe he’s a little messy so you’ll know if you squeeze it any waters coming out then it’s too wet you should be able to squeeze it and no water actually comes out of the Beauty sponge so I’m gonna take this and I’m gonna tap it you can see it is a really light application and I’m just going to press this in to the skin all over my entire face now if I had more oil on my skin for my wedding day I would definitely go in with the cover effects perfect perfect great yet perfect setting powder right here um and if I was really I would go in with the Laura Mercier translucent powder because that one definitely is like whoo honey it’s it’s a dry situation but I say that for the wedding day it’s ideal to set your entire face with the translucent powder as opposed to a powder with actual color and pigment and coverage in it because this usually looks the most natural over time so if you want to like make sure if you look great in pictures throughout the entire day in the entire night I would go in with a translucent one and of course make sure that you have a trial

before doing your makeup yourself or with an artist and take photos with flash take photos clothes take photos far all that jazz to make sure not only you love your makeup but to make sure that you get no full lash back moments meaning a huge white cast all over your face because no one likes the way that looks and you guys will notice that I usually tend to powder my nose more than anything else on my face like I’ll even go back and powder it later again after my eyes sometimes because just for anybody it doesn’t matter if you’re dry oily normal the nose is always the thing to break up and come off the quickest typically the t-zone is and that’s not only because of oils and just living your daily life and like the humidity and the weather whatever may be but also hugging people kissing people drinking drinks whatever it is it’s like you tend just kinda like rub your face you have an itch on your nose whatever it is the nose usually breaks up the quickest so I usually like to or powder my nose just to insure that that’s not gonna happen okay so I’m going to use that exact same powder and I’m going to put it on my under eye using the pointed side of the sponge now and I’m cleaning about that much right there I’m gonna blend that out so I am doing this a little bit

differently than normal typically I go in with a lighter powder to have some color in it and some pigment on my under eye and I do that immediately before I do my eye shadow but today I’m doing it different because I really want my skin just to look absolutely perfect so I’m gonna spend a little bit more extra time on it today and that’s why I’m doing this okay so before doing anything else at this point I’m going to grab some setting spray whatever setting spray is your absolute favorite again don’t try anything new on your wedding day this is my favorite setting spray of all time it has been for a very long time at this point the reason I love it number one is because of the fact that it makes my powder and my foundation melt together in a way that I have truly never seen a setting spray do it’s kind of like the mac fix+ but less tacky and doesn’t make me as dewy I have heard some people say that makes them really dewy I personally don’t experience that but it also takes a lot to make my skin dewy because I am more than the other reason I love this so much is because it is an aerosol can so it comes out like a hairspray like that so you just like an even continuous spray at all times and it doesn’t like like just squirt in your face and ruin your makeup so I’m going to take this and just spray my entire face right now when I really want my skin to look absolutely

incredible this is something I will do because I will spray my face with that setting spray my product four times drop my makeup application because I feel like if you spray it in between applications like in between like foundation powder spray and then like bronzer contour blush spray and then highlight and then spray it’s like your end result just looks everything is so blended together and she’s like mmm like it just gives you like that Instagram face you know so that’s why I use setting spray so much I’m going to now go in and do my eyebrows I’m going to be using the Anastasia brow definer in the shade medium brown I’m going to cut this part of the Blog because to me eyebrows are like exciting to watch and we all do eyebrows in our own individual unique way if you guys want a full detailed Blog on how I do my eyebrows let me know I have not gone and got my eyebrows tweeze or waxed or anything in years I don’t even remember the last time I just do everything myself fill them in and that jazz so if you guys don’t like a full detailed Blog of like how I got from the girl like this and all that jazz I can do that at a different time but for right now we’re just gonna boom yay eyebrows are done I always can’t stand the way I look like this and I just happen Dacian and nothing else and brows I feel like I look so just like in your face and very aggressive and angry so I’m always like very panicked to get makeup on as quickly as possible because once I have I makeup on my coffee it all comes together okay I’m gonna start off by going in with my

original Jaclyn hill palette and I mean obviously if it’s my wedding day I’m going to be wearing this bad boy I’m 100% I’m gonna go in with a shade silk cream right here this is typically always the first shade that I go in when I do any neutral makeup book whatsoever listen so it’s my wedding day I’m definitely keeping neutral you know I feel like it’s really fun when brides you like major like pops of color just like really like get wild with their makeup I think it’s so cool but I’ll keep it neutral cuz that is Who I am I’m going to grab that on a fluffy brush and begin to put that in the upper area of my crease if you can see exactly where I’m putting it I’m not really getting it on the actual lid and I’m not getting up there on the brow bone I’m getting it right in between and then the bristles of the fluffy brush are gonna really help to blend that out up here and down here as well so we’re going back and forth and a windshield wiper motions and then as that product kind of leaves my brush I’m gonna bring it to the inner corner of my eye and I always lift my eye up you when I’m getting my makeup done and the artist starts to go it’s my inner core I always lift my eye up like this to kind of help them because if you keep your eye like this could be kind of droopy and then that fluffy brush will get it like too high in there so I always lift that up so you can really get precise all right so now I’m gonna go back in with that same silk cranking again and this time I’m going to lightly start

to kind of flick it out up Hinch like I barely have anything on my brush right now just a little bit of it and I’m gonna kind of bring it towards the tail of my brow just because I don’t want this to be too rounded because if my eye shadow was rounded on a daily vitamin but if I’m gonna be looking at photos myself forever I definitely want like a little bit more like a soft edge because it’s more flattering when you kind of have a duck as opposed to a circle around the eyes okay so now I’m going to do before I go in with anything else is I’m going to grab my cover of X translucent powder in the shade I’m sorry it’s just called the perfect setting powder and I’m going to stamp this underneath my eyes now this is why I didn’t put that much powder on my under eye when I initially set my face because I didn’t knew I was gonna be going in with this method right here and I do not want this to cake up and start looking like too much so I’m just going to lightly stamp that right there and then press this under the eye to catch any fallout okay now I’m gonna go in with the shade pukey right here in the center of my palette on a little bit of a stiffer brush like it’s not as big and not as fluffy as the first one and I’m gonna put that right underneath of the first shade that we have with it the first shade that we went in with called silk cream and I am just going to blend that back and forth the exact same way that I did with the first shade literally same exact steps just right beneath it and on top of it and then I’m just going to lightly again or I have basically nothing my brush kind of flick that out towards the brow you can see I’m not making it as pigmented as the actual lid color but I’m just making it like an afterthought so it just hasn’t that really like

natural effortless effect okay now I’m gonna go in with the shade buns right here which is this matte Brown and the undertone has like a little bit of like rosiness and it almost which is like really flattering I always tell the same story how I hated this color at first and Lyndon made me put it in the palette and I was like that’s a caramel and now I use it all that time I don’t even know what to do I didn’t have this color I use it constantly so now I’m gonna take that I’m gonna stamp it really lightly on the outer corner of my eye and just blend that into the upper shade god I was way too rough when I wash these brushes last they are like right now and again we’re basically doing the exact same thing I’m just keeping this shade lower than the previous ones okay so I’m gonna go in I’m gonna wipe away their the trace isn’t powder just on the outer corner because you see how right there we haven’t got sharp line right now well I don’t want it to be that sharp on my wedding day so I’m just going to clear that off and then continue to work but just not with that right there like the line right now is good because I’m gonna be able to like blend it and make it look great and I’m glad that I did that I’m not saying I shouldn’t have done that like I want to make sure I’m clear that is what I want it to look like as of right now but the end result I don’t want it to be that sharp in that harsh so I’m gonna go ahead and wipe that area off and then just go ahead and put a little bit more translucent powder directly underneath my eyes just to catch any fallout once again I want to see it a tiny bit like that is enough just to make sure that we don’t mess up the under eye

concealer okay so now I’m gonna go in with this really deep shade down here this is called Central Park I always say Central Perk it’s like the hardest thing for me not to say Park from the show friends um this dark matte brown like espresso shade I’m gonna go in with that and I’m going to put this on the outer area of the eye I’ve been working this entire time and I was going to deepen that I’m gonna start by stamping it there I’m going with a really really light amount cuz I don’t want to overdo it in the big oh my god what I do it’s like a tiny amount is where I’m starting I’m just gonna build it until it’s exactly where I want it to be it’s gonna stamp and then lightly kind of stamp it on the lid and up in that crease as well okay so now for the actual lid of the eye I’m gonna go ahead and apply those shadows now and work with any more blending and browns on the outer corner I’m gonna go in with the shade obsessed right here and then SBN which stands for smoky but natural and I actually created this shade right here SBN for wedding days because it is that perfect allover lid shade when a bride just says like I don’t know I wanted to be smoky and I want it to be really sexy but I also want to be like natural you know like smoky but natural like it’s just something to hear all the time when you are a freelance makeup artist so that’s what I actually created the shade right here so it’s
perfect so I’m gonna go in with these two shades and combine them I’m going to spritz my brush with some fix+

because blue because I like the way it shows up more when a shimmer is a little bit more metallic I’m just gonna go ahead and stamp that on the lid I’m going to take only a shade SBN on my finger right here and I’m going to put that all over the outer part of the lid using my finger because I don’t know sometimes I feel like it’s just something that I’ve been doing the past like a year or so I feel like when you use your finger that it can just I don’t know but there’s something I like about it not on the inner corner but only this area it’s gonna like to use my finger to blend out and be really nice if I didn’t have these long nails I could actually get to work but they’re holding me back okay I just applied a little bit more translucent powder and kind of like blended it out a little bit just because the other application of it was starting to like soaking in my skin disappear so I wanted to make sure that it’s still Eric’s I’m gonna go in with one more deep matte shade I’m going using the ring the alarm palette and I’m gonna go in with the shade secret because at this moment I really love this eye look but I need a little bit more warmth but I don’t it to be like burgundy or red even though honestly for real like if I got married next month I would probably do like a really intense burgundy smokey eye because that’s me and I think it’s so important you

wanting to stay true to you but I don’t know this is also so like so classic and just like beautiful and stay it’s test time you know so I’m gonna go in with that shade secret that look deep kind of like warm brownie matte shade and I’m going to warm this up no I want to smush hold on I’m going to just blend this out and warm this up a pinch I’m being very soft and delicate with this because I don’t want to do too much make it too harsh or too warm then I’m going to go in with a basically clean brush and just go over the edge of that and make sure that it is totally blended outs really making sure I’m working my brush all along that edge I’ll go back in with a little bit of the shade pukey that I use that was a second color so tiny bits just fancy tiny and just making sure that everything is really soft and just perfection looking I’m going to go with the very first shade right palette right here called in light on a tiny little precision brush I’m gonna tap that just at the high point of my brow bone right underneath my brow for a little pop of highlight I’m not gonna like extremely highlight my entire brow so I don’t it to look too over-the-top and kind of like artificial if you will or if that’s the right word to use but just a little bit right there for just more than anything volume of the brow I’ll just give like a more

lifted look and we all have to look lifted okay after looking at my eyes like from a distance a little bit I decided to bring this shimmer color all the way over on my entire lid you could definitely leave it like this but I don’t know I’m just having a moment where I’m like I want my entire lid to look really like fairytale I’m just like open and bright so I’m gonna should bring this shade all the way over on top of that Brown so obviously if I would have known this earlier this would have saved a lot of time and effort and the blending process but that’s okay now I know see already I like the way this looks better I’m going to kind of create a cut crease with this but a gentle one I actually love a good cut crease on a wedding day I think it’s really beautiful just like such a modern bride but I am gonna soften it up a little bit yeah see I like this so much more you can see the difference of how that’s what opens up my eye and this one kind of closes it which I like this but it’s very like a nighttime very smoky and I don’t really want that vibe for my look right now okay so because I use fix+ on that I’m not gonna try to like blend the outer area at all right now I’m just gonna let it sit I’m gonna let it chill and then I’m gonna go and kind of blend it out after I and do a few more steps because if you try to blend out shimmer eyeshadow that you use with fix+ and it’s wet it just makes a mess so I’m

gonna just let it relax for a few minutes then go back and then I’m actually gonna take a little bit of that in light shade right here the first one to my palate again I’m gonna use my finger just on the tip of my finger and I’m going to lightly tap that only in the center of the lid because it’s just gonna give like a little bit of brightness and then I was kind of buff that out a little bit like that so now I have wiped off that under-eye area and what I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna go back with the same Beauty sponge and use the entire time I have not read appened it whatsoever it’s just the same as it’s been sitting here my vanity and I am just going to press this all over my under-eye for probably about 30 to 60 seconds like 30 seconds on each eye because doing this if you have dry skin any of that trenches and powder could just kind of sit there and like kind of build up and maybe make your skin look a little dry under there this will make sure that it gets rid of that and if it doesn’t work it’s because your beauty sponge is too dry but just please do not go in with a really wet Beauty sponge at this

point because you will mess up your under-eye concealer it needs to be damp but not what okay so for the under-eye I’m gonna go in with the shade pukey again right here in the center and I’m going to bring this all the way from outer corner to inner corner on the lower lash line alright I’m gonna go in with that deep dark matte Brown called Central Park on a skiffle definer brush so I’m gonna put like an additional layer on the outer half of my eye and then I’m gonna go in with the shade buns again on a smaller hip myself the face on a smaller pencil brush like this and I’m going to just blend that out okay so now I’m going to put on some mascara to prep my lashes for false lashes I would definitely suggest on your wedding day going with false lashes reactions going with false eyelashes whether it be strip lashes whether it be lash extensions whether it’s individuals just some sort of lashes because it is a really big special important day in your life and putting on some lashes is going to just make you not only feel like a princess last just have like this power behind them I don’t know what it is but when I put on a lash like even if I have on basically no makeup whatsoever and I put on some lashes I just feel like better it’s so silly but I do and not only that it will look so
beautiful in photos your eyes will definitely have like it factor to them and that they won’t have without lashes now if you have incredibly naturally long beautiful to the clashes god bless you girl do you and just act like I never said anything don’t listen to me now before I go in with lashes I was gonna pick up a matte black shadow I’m going with a shade abyss from my palette right here any black matte will do and I’m going to stamp that along my upper lash line right here because this will just make the lashes look a lot more natural and like they’re growing from the roots of your lashes and not like they’re a strip just sitting on top and I’m just lightly flicking up that black on the outer corner to blend it into that shade just to keep it nice and smoky okay so I’m gonna be going in with Lily lashes and the style so extra Miami right here she has Miami and then she has so extra Miami I feel like Miami is like one of the most beautiful lashes I’m obsessed with it as it recently but it is a little bit more shorter and a little bit more spiky er in my opinion and I definitely want like princess flashes like a long

lash like lashes so I’m gonna go in with so extra Miami I will be real if it was my wedding day I would use intoxicating lashes my flutter because I personally love them so much and they compliment my eye shape so well but I am 100% out of them right now uh I officially went through 100 pairs of intoxicating which is crazy so I’m gonna be using these day because they’re really beautiful as well applying lashes is so easy when you put some shadow on first like all your lash line like did you see how easily that went on she’s like no you don’t have to worry about it being like freaking perfect up against your lash line so simple okay so now for my under eye I’m going to wipe off my inner rim because all that Brown shadow has gotten in there and it just looks kind of dingy I’m gonna wipe that clean and I’m going to go in with a white eyeliner and let’s pretend that this is Mac fascinating eye Kohl because that is my favorite white eyeliner of all time but this is all I have right now I’m going to use this once you align my inner waterline with that stark white now if you are uncomfortable doing a white you could do a beige um MAC Cosmetics has a couple of great options for a beige eye pencil and a lot of brands actually have options for beige now it never used to be like a really big thing but a lot of brands are definitely coming out with them now but if you just think that

this is too much then totally do that but I love that light and bright it just feels very like classic and dull like I think it’s really pretty I’m going to take that shade and light for my palette I’m going to pop that in my inner corner right there to give a little bow okay so now let’s move on to the face I’m going to start off by doing my bronzing and contouring I’m gonna go in with this Dior a backstage palette this is called the Dewar backstage contour palette looks like this and I have recently fallen in love with it this color right here is so beautiful for contouring for the skintone I’m Pat right now I can also be a little bit darker and I can also be really light in order to use this it’s just beautiful if you are much deeper and complexion and you would have to go and with this shade or right here but I just love the consistency so much they’re super pigmented so I’m going to just do what I always do and begin to softly contour with this I do not want a harsh contour that’s just that that would not be my vibe on my wedding day like a really lush contour so we’re gonna keep this a little bit softer today I’m gonna keep that right there I do not want the center of my forehead to start looking too dark or too Brown for my contour powder so I’m gonna keep this on the edge of my hairline okay so I don’t know if you can really tell on camera right now but my skin looks very flat and one-dimensional and the reason why is because I did not go in with any lighter like matte highlighting powders

underneath my eyes earlier so everything just kind of like the same tone I’m just like flat which I do not like that so what I’m gonna do is go in with this Kat Von D shade + light contour palette same Beauty sponge I’m gonna pick up a little bit of this and a little bit of this combine those two shades together and I’m going to apply this to my under eye area I’m gonna start right by the nose bringing that downward like that and then up towards the temple and this is going to honestly bring my entire face together and make such a difference it’s gonna go for my doll so just like heavenly I’m gonna bring that down on the apple of the cheek because anything that you put this on right now it’s going to come forward so under-eye circles ie I want my cheeks to come forward like a nice little babydoll g-good hmm you can see the difference between this and this right it’s like so flat and this is like rounded and has dimension to it I’m gonna take that same powder I’m gonna put a touch of it right there on my chin a little bit of it right there on my Cupid’s bow blend out just pressing it in and then

same thing right here in between the brows like that and then blending it right above the brow and then upward towards the hairline right like that and then again going in and make sure you’re pressing that all out I’ll flip a sponge around on the other side so we don’t have any powder on it we’re just simply blending out what we just put on the skin now I’m going to take a little bit this color pop and alexis wren bronzer in the shade topaz just because it is a really beautiful and it’s very creamy also as well but it’s really beautiful like orange e terra cotta shade and i want to use that to bring a little bit of warmth to the face and also is super inexpensive as well so it’s gonna take a little bit of that tap off the excess so we want to keep this really minimal and just go over the contour area more than anything we’re kind of applying this like blush just to warm up the cheeks okay I am going to bake a little bit but when I say a little bit I’m literally going to put this on and wipe it off because I want this to be clean so I’m going to just line it up and I was gonna go in with this foundation brush and just completely wipe that off because you can see that it gave us like that nice little line and we can go in and we can diffuse it with this brush right here and make it nice and soft but more

than anything it cleaned up this area and didn’t leave it so messy like it looked before I’m going to warm up my nose just a little bit like I’m not really contouring it because I don’t want like a structured like Oh nose contour I just want to bring a little warm for the face so that my nose isn’t totally left out and then I’m gonna go on the sides of my nose where I have that powder I don’t oppress that and so it’s not so strong so for blush I’m gonna go into my old school Mac palette I’m gonna go with the shade copper tone and Melba and I’m gonna mix these two together some of my favorite blushes ever I love these colors so much and I want my cheeks to have like a little bit of like a blushing bride look you know like a little pinky but not too pinky so that’s why I’m choosing to mix these shades together I love blush so much I get so heavy-handed in so carried away but also blush fades on me so quickly so I will apply so much like contouring a clown and then 15 minutes later no lie I like my blush will fade so much so I always go really heavy-handed because I know like this is not how it’s gonna look all day so don’t mind me just living my best life okay this is the most necessary product for a bride I can’t even stress this enough this is the hourglass ambient lighting powder in the shade a luminous light it is the most beautiful glow from within like I don’t know what I

would do without this powder so I’m gonna take it on a small fluffy highlighted brush and I’m going to just put it on the apples of my cheeks like this and it’s going to not only give you that glow but it’s also gonna light in my blush a little bit so that’s not so harsh so keep that in mind when you are applying your blush that it’s gonna lighten it up a pinch I’m just going to bring that backward towards the temple oh so beautiful and then for my highlight highlight I would like to say on my wedding day I wouldn’t want my highlight to be too insane like a little bit more tapered down but if that were the case I’ll just leave it like this so the fact I’m going with more clearly shows my true colors I’m gonna go in with the Kylie cosmetics a loose highlight in the shade Fiji these highlights are so beautiful I’m gonna tap my brush in that and then actually no no I’m gonna nope I’m gonna spray my face first I’m just gonna spray my entire face I just wanted just miss my skin first because the highlight is going to show up so much more it’s gonna look a lot more natural and like wet looking and it’s gonna it’s gonna freakin pop so let me go ahead and pick a little bit of that on my brush and just hit the high points of my cheeks with that [Music] take it easy Jacqueline don’t carry it away figure Daisy I love this highlighter so much so this shade right here in Fiji only works on me when I have a little color in my skin what I’m really fair I have to use the shade Fiji which is equally as

beautiful it’s just more like a white vanilla base I don’t think this is too much for you what do you day is it mmm tiny little on the nose wait okay I’m gonna take my Beauty sponge and just dab over this mainly at the bottom half of it just where like the blush is like meeting the highlight and I’m just going to damp with that sorry dad but with that damn a beauty sponge it just to make sure that everything is nice and soft and blended and no it’s okay I’m gonna put some mascara on my lower lashes okay I’m going to wipe off all this crusty foundation off of my lips and then apply my lipstick okay so now ways have bare lips and an additional tip to all the brides out there make sure that you exfoliate the crap out of your lips on your wedding day because you do not want to have any crusty lips you want to try to avoid that as much as possible you want to have nice supple juicy looking lips to kiss your man when you get married so make sure that you’ll have any dry dead skin make sure you wipe out foundation before and go with a clean slate okay I’m gonna go in with the MAC Cosmetics a lip pencil in the shade world it’s just such a beautiful like Bridal lip liner like whirl subculture bully bear this is honestly like the exact same color as my natural lips be honest

okay so now my entire lips are lined with whirl another suggestion that would make on your wedding day is not to
over line your lips too much I love a good over line if you are going to over line your lips in your wedding day just do it up here at the Cupid’s bow to make them look a little bit fuller but overall you’re gonna be in a lot of people’s faces taking a lot of photos and having a lip line especially if it starts to fade you starts like lose it and your lip line stays there it’s just not very flattering and it’s just not like that Bridal beauty that we’re going for and you know and don’t get me wrong I overlined my lips almost every so if I do my makeup but still just a suggestion okay I’m gonna go in with this shade candy Kay a bye Kylie cosmetics this is one of my favorite liquid lipstick shades it is so beautiful it’s gonna be a very different color and then the lip rod I put on but that’s okay cuz that just can make a really nice base and therefore I’m gonna know exactly where to put this and the trick to your liquid lipstick looking beautiful and lasting forever is to put as little on as possible going over it over and over and over and just gonna make it look chunky and crumbly and dry and the second you eat or put anything in your mouth it’s just going to crumble off into pieces or break up so doing just like one layer is

truly the trick okay so I personally am a gloss girl I want to wear a gloss all the time I think it makes the lips look so full and luscious and just girly but on your wedding day you’re obviously going to have the big kiss hey probably make y’all your husband if it were me at the altar and on top of it the rest of the night at your reception you’re gonna be kissing constantly so gloss is just gonna get a little messy little of the way so I would suggest doing a long wearing liquid lipstick of some sort or it’s a great lip liner something it’s not gonna transfer and necessarily transfer as much as a gloss which is like the major transfer situation so because I can’t do a gloss I am going to highlight the center of my lips I’m going to use a shade

of mannequin by Jeffery star to do that and then I just put like a down right there and alright on the verbal live I try to talk to you like I am just dabbing this out last but not least I’m going to set my brows really quick some anastacio brauch oh are you guys so that is it this look is complete I hope that you enjoy my take on like the modern day Bridal and makeup and hopefully you guys got some tips out of this maybe some tricks learned a little something I hope so that’s what I’m here for yeah if you guys liked it make sure you subscribe give this Blog a thumbs up and if you want to see more wedding looks that is very very much doable for me you know absolutely so just let me know what you guys want to see in it come section down below I love you guys and I will see you my next one bye

Translucent skin : Reason and Cure

Translucent skin

Hi everyone, Today I wanted to talk about the skin barrier and what it has probably to do with Acne, atopic dermatitis or just general uncomfortable skin. We’re going to cover the following topics What is the skins barrier? How do we damage the skins barrier? what does a damaged skin barrier feel like? what does it matter if we damage our skin barrier? and What can we do to repair it? But firstly welcome! If you are new here hi, my name’s Anne, I’m a doctor and a beauty lover and I’m passionate about sharing beauty tips and tricks for people with more mature skin. You might not know that about me, but I suffer from a mild form of atopic dermatitis, and recently, due to many factors, I had a huge flare-up that was not contained to my body but spread up over my chest and Onto my face, which was not pretty but reminded me that I’ve been meaning to talk about the damaged skin barrier for quite some time. What is the skin barrier?

The skin barrier goes by many different names: lipid barrier, moisture barrier or, the most technical term, stratum corneum It’s basically the upper layer of dead skin cells. It’s usually 10 to 20 layers of them and in between is a lipid matrix made up of ceramides (around 60%) phospholipids and fatty acids. On top of that the skin has a mildly acidic pH which helps activate some enzymes that are in this lipid matrix and Help fight bacteria. So basically the skin barrier keeps the good stuff like the moisture in and keeps the bad stuff like bacteria and Irritants out. What does damage the skin barrier? Well, basically everything. There are environmental factors like wind Cold air, dry air. There are lifestyle factors like alcohol, smoking, pollution, medication we need to take and stress, because stress increases cortisol levels and cortisol leads to chronic inflammation and increased production of sebum in our skin. Then, as Always, we have age: The amount of ceramides we have in our skin which make up to 60% of the lipids in the skin barrier Decreases.

And there are some innate conditions like acne, rosacea and atopic dermatitis that come with a naturally weaker Skin barrier. The biggest factor though are our habits. And the first one is: over washing our face. Water changes the pH of our skin and any cleansers we put on our face, Especially harsh cleansers, foaming cleansers and alkaline cleansers Do not only disrupt the pH, but take away the oils that we need to protect or to form this protective barrier. I did a whole video on the topic of double cleansing and if it’s actually bad for your skin that I’m going to link in The cards here, but as a takeaway message: Do clean your skin as often as necessary, but as gentle as possible. Another thing is over exfoliation. As I mentioned the skin barrier is made up of 10 to 20 layers of dead skin and these are needed, so if we are continuously Exfoliating the upper layer, we are stripping our skin from this protective barrier. We do need to exfoliate as we age because cell turnover gets slower, the cells don’t shed as easily so we end up not with 20, but with 30, 35 layers on our skin

which makes it look tired, but if we end up with just 5 this isn’t good either because it’s just a weaker protection. And For that it’s really important to take a look at your routine and see what you are actually Using that is exfoliating: Your cleansing brushes – They are physical exfoliants, your microfiber or washcloth – Physical exfoliants. The towel you rub your face with is a physical exfoliant. If you pair that with a daily Gentle chemical peel like the pixi Glow Tonic and then maybe a weekly peel, you’re just overexfoliating your skin and that will get you in trouble. Then of course all the other actives we use, especially acne medication or things like retinol, but even vitamin C,

which can be potentially irritating. So if you use them too often and combine too many, over time You can weaken your skin barrier. Another common mistake is not replenishing the lost lipids. I have been guilty of that as well. When I grew up I would use the harshest cleanser I could on my face and then leave it without any kind of hydrating or Moisturizing layer on top, just because I wanted to get rid of all the oil. But that made things worse, made my skin more prone to bacteria invading and led to more acne breakouts. So a lightweight moisturizer that is aimed at acne prone and oily skin is actually a must, and the same goes for your body: If you take a long bath or a Long shower and don’t moisturize immediately afterwards, you will probably end up with dry patches everywhere.

Well, we all have a skin type and we also have skin conditions, and if these conditions change, this might be a warning sign. My skin type is Combination oily, it gets more to normal now that I age and my skin conditions are: dehydration, mature and acne prone. Some warning signs are if your skin gets Really really oily, but at the same time feels kind of tight and dehydrated, if you get breakouts in areas where you never had a breakout before And these are really stubborn and hard to treat, if you develop product resistant dry patches or flakes of eczema, if your skin feels Inflamed and you develop redness, or if a skin care product that you’ve been using for a long time suddenly causes Stinging and irritation.

Why is a damaged in barrier problematic? The skin acts as a barrier, So not only does a damaged skin barrier make it easier for water to evaporate, leading to dehydrated skin or an increase in Transepidermal Water Loss, but it’s also easier for Bacteria and potential irritants to penetrate inside your skin, So A) you’re more prone to breakout and inflammation and B) You’re more prone to developing sensitivities And this is why I personally, when you have a damaged skin barrier, do not recommend using essential oils or any other kind of Fragrance. Not because they do damage the skin barrier, But because they can penetrate inside and the possibility of you developing an allergy against them is much higher Than it is when your skin is functioning completely normal. And even without the dehydration and the bacteria invading leading to breakouts your skin is actually Pretty uncomfortable. I don’t want to run around with tight, Itchy and red skin,

I want my skin to feel plump and shiny and lovely. Skin barrier repair – How do you actually do it? As always Prevention is key and you can’t repair your skin barrier if you’re leading a shitty lifestyle. Stop smoking Stop drinking Make sure you eat a balanced diet that contains all the good nutrients. Manage your stress levels: Work out – This is my preferred way – or meditate if that is what works for you. Make sure you get enough sleep and if all that is done, take a look at your skincare. Make sure you’re using a gentle cleanser and then really access all your Exfoliation and your actives. Do you need all of them? I mean, it’s perfectly fine if you can apply a retinol, a vitamin C and glycolic acid all in one setting but the important point is: You don’t need to, so why would you? Spread them out to different days. Make sure you only use the actives that you and your skin really need! And of course,

I’m guilty of shoving everything on my face and trust me I have paid the price many, many times! So look what you and your skin really need and then make sure you use it as often as needed But not too often. Look at your exfoliation: Once a week is probably fine. Don’t use face brushes, Don’t rub your face with your towel or your washcloth. Just Gentle. Treat your skin gentle! If your skin is already damaged, Then you need to make a plan: The first thing is to cut out everything and focus on gentle cleansing, a lot of hydration and Ingredients that help repair the skin barrier. The last time I damaged my skin barrier it took me a little longer than a week before I slowly started to reintroduce atcives into my routine. This might be shorter for you if you catch it early, This might take even longer depending on your skin and how far it has been damaged. But your face is not going to fall off if you stop using your actives for a week! Gentle cleanser, Hydration, and then a cream that’s called barrier repairing cream or moisture cream, things like that,

basically a cream that contains phospholipids, ceramides and essential fatty acids to help replenish that. If you have something with niacinamid Or if you have something with ProVitamin B5 then this might help on top to soothe and repair your skin. I will have few product recommendations down in the description box. Urea and Even lactic acid have been shown in some studies to help with rebuilding the skin barrier Because they are slightly acidic and hydrating. So if your skin’s pH is the problem, if it is too alkaline due to your cleansers This might work But I personally did stay clear from even lactic acid for the time that my skin was Upset with me. And once you feel like your skin is back in great condition, your breakouts Go back, your skin looks even, there’s no itching,

no tightness no eczema patches, then you can slowly slowly! Reintroduce your actives. Not more than one a week, don’t start using them every night, really listen to your skin and See how much it can actually take. Skincare is a marathon, not a sprint. You need your skin to look good for the rest of your life So if it takes you a week or two longer to introduce a retinol into your routine This will not make you old Overnight. That was hard because I’m kind of impatient, but I admit my skin looks the best that it has in Quite a long time. So maybe this eczema flare-up was just the nudge in the right direction that I needed. I’m going to link a few videos on the screen that I think might interest you, I´d love to hear if you have experienced a damaged skin barrier and what you did do to Heal it. Don’t forget to Like and subscribe, and I’m going to see you all very soon with another video. Bye

Best Beauty tips that you should know

if you clicked on this video because you saw the words beauty sleep in the title we’re gonna be great friends we all know that getting a good night’s sleep is super important when it comes to looking and feeling our best the next day that’s why in today’s video I’ll be showing you guys my 10 before bed beauty sleep tips to enhance your beauty sleep so you wake up with radiant hair and glowing skin actually a lot of the tips in this video are fun one with you you guys know about her I’ve done some videos about her and all of her crazy skincare secrets and if you guys haven’t seen that video I’ll put it right over here you gotta check it out sometimes Mama’s know best right and if you guys were new to my channel hello and my name is Jenna and welcome to the two family I hope you guys stay awhile if you want to subscribe to my channel definitely do I will put the link right over here we talked about Beauty health and one lifestyle here

so those are some topics that you guys love to hear about or talk about or see or watch on YouTube you definitely want to subscribe oh and guys be sure to watch the entire video because there’s another surprise okay are you guys ready let’s cue to the video first things first let’s get comfy you guys know I love wearing my robe I mean if I could I would wear it all the time there’s nothing like a super soft comfy brogue to relax in after a long day I also love lavender scented candles to help me fall into a deep slumber I put this on my bedside table and then let the stress ease away to really get me in the mood Spotify is my go-to for relaxing spa music if you’re having trouble falling asleep trying to spa treatment playlist and plug in your headphones

one of my favorite relaxing songs is a wishful Sora you’ll know why when you listen to it if you want to wake up with soft and radiant hair try a hair treatment once a month I love using the nexxus infinite nourishing her oil I won this up in my hands and apply a thin coating all over my ends and an extra step I like to take is put my hair in a disposable shower cap and let the oil soak in for 10 to 15 min this keeps everything clean and gives the hair oil a chance to treat any dry split ends the babassu and marilla oils help heal my ends in just one treatment and I wake up the next day with my hair feeling super healthy and shiny if you want gorgeous skin it’s time to take it to the bath I’ve been using the st. Ives renew and purify sea salt

and Pacific health exfoliating body wash in the bath with my trusty exfoliating towel take this time to exfoliate your skin and get rid of those dead skin cells I love that it’s paraben free and it’s also a 100% naturally source exfoliant so it’s great for sensitive skin I remember growing up my mom would always have a tub of Vaseline around the house for dry cracked skin that’s why I love the aloe lip therapy 10 the aloe is super soothing to use and has the same healing powers as petroleum jelly my lips are soft and moisturized white when I wake up and now it’s time for the giveaway guys this is going to be a huge one I’m giving away to five lucky winners my sleeping beauty essentials box to enter you have to number one be

number two follow me on Instagram and snapchat like this giveaway photo and tag a friend number three follow me on Twitter and retweet this giveaway photo number four comment below with your best beauty sleep tip all details on how to enter will be in the description box below who was excited I hadn’t picked all of my favorite items so that you can also wake up with a radiant hair in skin so be sure to enter now okay let’s get back to the video for those of you who love DIYs here’s an easy calming honey mask you can make in just a few minutes mix 1 tablespoon of honey with a few dashes of cinnamon and mix it all together

I’m going to use my face brush and apply a thin layer of this all over and leave on for about 10 minutes and rinse off this mask can help with clogged pores and acne prone skin so give it a whirl another thing that really helps me relax before bed is turning on my diffuser I just add a few drops of lavender oil intimate and fill it with water and it just fills my entire place with a scent and it’s so calming right before bed now if you’re having trouble sleeping I’ve always been a big fan of the 9090 I’ve been drinking this tea for years and love

but it’s a natural nighttime sleep in about 30 minutes I’m ready for bed the passionflower hops and valerian help with easing you into slavery time just before hitting the sack I always moisturize my hands they are for real dry during the colder months so to make it easier I just leave my same eyes for fresh revived pear nectar and soy body lotion on my bedside table so I always remember to do it it’s fast absorbing which is nice and I wake up with silky soft hands and my cuticles are in dry which is a huge bonus nobody wants dry crusty cuticles and finally read a book or in my case an Archie comic throwback anyone I had a huge collection of Archie comics growing up and

I remember hiding under the blanket with a flashlight trying to read them late into the night but momma tube would always find out in fact to sleep I wind be sure to thumbs up if you left Archie comics too and now we’re done beauty and sleep go hand-in-hand and if you’re not getting enough sleep or you’re having trouble getting to sleep hopefully this video did help you and you wake up feeling and looking amazing and all me that your hair is looking great skin’s looking great because who doesn’t want to wake up feeling great right

right also thanks mama shoutout to you for sending me some of these awesome tips and again sharing these care if you guys have any awesome tips you want to share with me or with the community here let me know and again if you haven’t done this already click that subscribe button give this video a thumbs up remember to enter the contest

best eye cream for wrinkles and dark circles

today I’m going to be telling you about under eye wrinkles what are the causes and how to treat them this was a highly requested video under eye wrinkles are a common complaint so whenever we look at somebody the first thing we notice are their eyes so if the skin under their eyes have wrinkles or it’s dark then the tend to look older than their age so taking good care of your under eye skin is very important if you want to look youthful so what are the causes for under eye wrinkles first and foremost is robbing your eyes

lot of people have a habit of rubbing their eyes especially at the end of the day when they feel that robbing their eyes will reduce the tiredness this is something should absolutely not do ok robbing the eyes causes injury to the skin and leads to collagen breakdown which causes wrinkles the skin under the eyes are very thin ok so you don’t want to injure it so please do not rub your eyes second is if you have spectacles and you don’t wear them so when you don’t wear spectacles your eyes will try to focus on an object which is far then

effort to focus the muscles around your eyes will tend to contract and this repeated contraction can lead to early appearance of wrinkles around the eyes certain allergies can also cause wrinkles around the eyes such as allergic rhinitis allergic sinusitis atopic dermatitis all these conditions can cause premature appearance of wrinkles around the eyes in Etobicoke mellitus there’s dry skin in the whole body and also dryness or under the eyes so because of dry skin under the eyes the wrinkles tend to be more prominent just the normal process of aging can also lead to wrinkles under the eyes so as we age the skin tends to lose collagen and elastin

okay so the skin is not as elastic and does not have the turgor that it had when it was young so this breakdown of collagen can lead to the skin getting thrown into fools and these fools appear as wrinkles there can be certain change in your genetics that could be the reason for your under eye wrinkles so in certain families wrinkles tend to appear early as compared to others so what are the treatments that you can take for under eye wrinkles the best and the gold standard treatment for under eye wrinkles is bottling toxin injection or motor Injection Botox injections cause relaxation of the muscle so because the muscle is not contracting

there will be no inline formation but botulinum toxin injections are best when you have dynamic wrinkles okay so if these fine lines and wrinkles are dynamic that means that when there is expression and movement of your face only then if the wrinkles are pure then Botox can completely get rid of it but if you have wrinkles even when you have a straight face with new expressions at all then Botox will help in reducing the appearance but will not completely help in disappearing the wrinkles the cost for bottling toxin injection depends upon the units injected and the units depend upon how deep your wrinkles are and how many of them you have results of botulinum toxin can be noticed as early as three days and maximum results are seen in 14 days

and the results tend to last for about four to six months so it is best to consult your dermatologist if you want to know whether botulinum toxin injections are suitable for you or not there are certain under eye creams that you can use to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so look for components such as retinol peptides and hyaluronic acid in them okay these will help in boosting the collagen and will also plump up the skin as hyaluronic acid tends to attract water under the skin so it makes the appearance of fine lines much less I suggest you to please make a habit of reading the labels of all the under eye creams

I get a lot of requests for suggesting an under eye cream so I request that if you look at the ingredients available maybe the under eye cream that you’re using is good enough okay so you can just look for the presence of retinol peptides and hyaluronic acid the under eye creams I prefer are roc under eye cream a Vata under eye cream and Neutrogena hydraboost eye gel these under eye creams will have to be used regularly for a period of about 3 to 4 months before you can notice improvement ok so it is not like a magic or a quick fix so you will have to use this regularly for 3 to 4 months in order to see results I get a lot of questions whether they can apply tretinoin cream under the eye tretinoin is a very good cream in reducing wrinkles

ut under-eye skin is face sensitive okay so if you have dry under-eye skin or you react to products easily then tretinoin cream is not a good option for you to apply on the under eye you’ll not be pro tolerated so I will not suggest you to apply tretinoin cream under the eyes if you do wish to apply Tet you know in cream I suggest that you visit your dermatologist you consult once a dermatologist can you know see you in person and see how your skin is then maybe they’ll be able to give you the right suggestion whether trechie know in cream under the eyes will be suitable for you or not we can also undergo certain peels such as arginine peel lactic acid peel or mandelic acid peel in order to reduce the wrinkling under the eyes

you have to go for about six to eight sessions of these peels in order to see improvement these pins help in shedding the dead skin layer of the skin and also helps in stimulating collagen formation so in the long run it helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles you can also undergo a few sessions of fractional co2 laser or micro needling RF treatment would these work by heating the skin up causing a type of a thermal injury to small portions of the skin thereby causing collagen stimulation and formation of new skin this new skin will be tighter and we’ll have less lines and wrinkles

you will have to undergo about three to four sessions of these treatments at about two months interval in order to see improvement hyaluronic acid fillers injected under the eyes can also help in improving the fine lines and wrinkles so if you have your trough under the eyes along with fine lines and wrinkles then hyaluronic acid is a good option for you hyaluronic acid tends to attract water and hence plumps up the skin under the eyes so this way it will not only improve the groove under your eyes but will also improve the quality of the skin okay so the fine lines and wrinkles will appear much less so there you go a short video on fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes

Hair Color Tips and Best Hair Color

do you have gray strands of hair would you not want to get rid of them naturally in just five minutes if yes then this video is for you as in this Blog I’m going to share with you the best hair color in the Indian market stay tuned hello friends welcome to 51 greying of hair is not just a problem among adults but lately one out of every five teenagers is facing this issue the reasons could be many apart from genetics bad eating habits smoking and stress are some of them of course eating healthy helps a lot but what if we want an instant solution well hair colours are what we turn to so in order to find out the best hair color in the market I picked up 15 most commonly used hair colors by Indians

one thing that I found during the intensive research of this video was that the hair colors for men and women are not more than a marketing gimmick this is because the ingredients of both these hair colors are almost the same on the basis of number of harmful chemicals in them I have categorized all these hair colors into four categories category number one includes the hair colors by L’Oreal Revlon Garnier streaks and be blunt if you have been using one of these to color your hair surely you haven’t gone through their ingredient list because

if you had you wouldn’t have dared to touch them all these hair colors have over twenty harmful chemicals present in them using them on a regular basis may cause itchy scalp dandruff excessive hair fall and in some rare cases dermatitis and skin cancer so through these toxin lated black powders out of the window as they do not deserve to be part of your grooming kit category number two includes the hair colors by Cote rage color mate begin indica and became surely better than the ones in the category number one but still not recommended using them regularly main white skin allergies these products themselves warn you of the certain ingredients in them which may cause skin irritation so do yourself a favor by staying away from them category number three include the hair colors by Jovi’s banjaara and black rose these are those self-proclaimed safe and natural hair colors

which shy away from mentioning the complete list of their ingredients if you go through their ingredient list you will only find the mention of a few active ingredients the details of the base are totally missing on the back so not much can be said about them although these hair colors to come with a warning about certain chemicals in them which can cause inflammation of the skin so better to go for something better so are there any hair colors in the indian market which can be used on a regular basis without worrying about their side-effects yes category number 4 includes the hair colors by biotech vegetal hadi all these hair colors are natural in their true sense and

do not come with any warnings let’s briefly go through them one by one biotechs bio henna fresh powder hair color mentions hundred percent ingredient list on the back organically pure and preservative free this hair color will cost you two Peas $1.99 for 90 grams Hadi Naturals herbal black hair color is indigo and henna based product which will cost you two please 235 for 150 grams vegetal x’ safe hair color is another chemical free indigo based vegan product which will cost you rupees 475 400 grams a little on a pricier side but in my opinion it’s worth a try you can use any of the hair colors mentioned in this category according to your budget and suitability the links to the best hair colors are down in the description box I want to confirm that whatever I have spoken in this video or any of the previous

videos in this series is my honest opinion none of the haircolor brands mentioned in the four categories has paid me prevention is better than cure isn’t it although graying of here is something which is not completely in our hands still we can do our bit by eating the healthy and balanced tight reducing the consumption of tea and coffee protecting hair from UV rays of the Sun staying away from tobacco and and living a stress-free life I want to thank mama for partnering with us for this video rainy season is here and one thing that we need this season is a mosquito repellent

mama presents to you for different variants of natural mosquito repellent starting at rupees 99 first is Mama’s natural anti mosquito body roll all this has to be applied directly to the skin to repel mosquitoes they also have a gel based mosquito repellent to be applied on skin if you do not wish to apply the mosquito repellent on your body mama has two options to offer one is their fabric rule on mosquito repellent whose a few drops have to be applied on clothes other is a patch based mosquito repellent whose patches can be put on the either side of the bed or walls all these mosquito repellents by mama are made from essential oils mammoth is one of those rare brands which not only mentioned the complete list of their ingredients but also the source of their ingredients if you wish to buy mama products the link is down in the description box so friends that’s all for this video I hope you found it to be helpful