Dandelions Aren’t Weeds! Top-9 Health benefits of all Dandelion

hey guys come on along with me today we’re making dandelion tea and I’ve had the kids in the yard all day picking these flowers a lot of people think they’re weeds but they are so nutritious and have so many things that you can do with them so come on along get some of these flowers and let’s make some tea all right now what I have here is our dandelions you can put them in any glass receptacle you use a half gallon a gallon I just got some reports here and you fill them maybe about a third to half way full and what I’m gonna do with these

is I’m gonna I’ve got some dried hibiscus and our tea water is just about boiling and I’m gonna put some hibiscus in this one so I’ll do a dandelion hibiscus how’s that just a few there like that and then this one I’m gonna do rose hips so we’ll do the rose hips in put a few rose hips in here give it a nice rose flavor there we go now pull this and you might want to add sweetener so you can do stevia you can do honey I’m going to do maple syrup today and we’ll start out with oh maybe like a tablespoon per per genre just drizzle some in there like that you can always sweeten it later if you want it sweeter you can also add things like

mint that would be really good lemon balm mint and lemon balm would be good and just throw them right in there stuff them right in and then basically all you’re gonna do now is pour your water right over top I’m right up just like that and I’ll leave them on the stove here come down to room temperature and then I’ll put him in the refrigerator and in 24 hours we’ll be back to taste and see what our dandelion tea now this will infuse and all the vitamins and nutrients from the dandelions are gonna go into our water and it’s gonna be delicious look at how beautiful those look young all right here

we are our dandelion tea has sat now for a little over 24 hours and that we’ve got them in the jars here and so we’re gonna do the hibiscus dandelion one first and so you just want to open this up get yourself a strainer and a bowl there besides boil you need depending how much you did and we’re gonna just pour it in here you want to strain out the flowers okay and you get those things I’m gonna push them get all that out of there and all the goodness of the dandelions are in the tea oh my gosh alright so there you have it we now have dandelion tea and again I sweeten it of course with

maple syrup and I’m going to and let’s see if I can get a little taste we’ll just do it this way I guess look at that oh my gosh that’s alright all right Cheers let’s check it out oh my gosh that is delicious you guys hibiscus dandelion sweet tea and so sweetened with maple syrup of course use whatever sweetener you like you can use honey stevia things like that but absolutely delicious and oh good for you and detoxifying so Cheers and hope to see you again with some more tips for your garden and whatever else in life I can give you all right all the best everybody



They are best indicators of

dandy-lion do you hate it or do you love it find out what it is doing in your yard or garden or Orchard stay tuned [Music] so dandelions I saw this week a father showing his son how to pull out and weed dandelion and how to throw it in the garbage and I thought wow is that your situation are you passing on the knowledge of how to destroy this plant to your kids and if so okay let me give you some reasons you may hate that any line you see you know I keep getting rid of it you know what dandelions actually doing in your yard and why you have it or why you have a lot where you don’t have hardly any that’s what we’ll look at if you have some dandelions it’s really a very useful indicator
plant you see we got a little bit of dandy line here and it’s it’s showing you a few things the first one that you’ll usually see dandelion associated with is your soil is compacted it’s pressed down it’s packed tight and so dandelion have you ever weeded dandelion you know that big tap root it’s actually trying to doesn’t really drill down but it’s trying to get through the soil so that that soil is d compacted or loosened so that’s what it’s trying to do and you know what happens when you actually pull it out and throw out the root it says sand the second wave you get it send another weight because it’s trying to do a job and you are pulling it out and getting rid of it alright the job’s not finished send a second wave so compaction is one reason another reason you get it and one of the reasons we get it here a little bit still this is nothing show you a picture of what
it looked like when we bought this place and it was if you bent down like this all you would see across the orchard was yellow you wouldn’t even see green well that was certainly indicating something and I knew then already what some of the problems are that it was trying to solve so I knew our soil here because it’s and it’s not really compaction that’s the problem so what else could it be the next biggest reason you get dandelion is your soil is lacking calcium and there are not many plants that are considered calcium pumps you see this imagine this stem and then you get a root and then it goes down down down down and deep into the ground beyond the range of your grass it can take that calcium that’s down deep and pump it up into well into the leaves and into the flowers so by pumping that calcium up if you leave the dandelion
that dandelion now that’s rich in calcium and these are very rich in calcium the leaves they will die on the surface or even if you mow it and if you mow it and you cut these two tops say and this is left so if you mow and you leave it so now these pieces are left on your surface of the soil what’s gonna happen with them their calcium rich they will decompose and they will bring that calcium into your grass and gradually your sort your soil level of calcium will go back to where it should be and then they will have done their job so that’s that’s another big reason that’s what we had a real lack of calcium and I remember the day that I realized Wow dandy line had done their job it wasn’t roots and it wasn’t flour I mean it wasn’t leaves and it wasn’t flowers who was actually
the roots and I heard a scuffle going on we had geese at the time and I thought what are they fighting over so much one of them had pulled up a dandelion root and the other one wanted it and they were fighting for a dandelion rooted I thought wow we used to have a sea of dandelions why are they fighting over one root and I have to look around and realize you know what it’s kind of like this there was very few dandelions left so they have to fight over it because it was not many around so I realized wow we went from complete yellow to well some of you would say that’s quite a lot and I’ll tell you another reason why not shortly but this is this is had done their they had done their job we weren’t removing material we weren’t taking out dandelions and so they had finished their job the calcium levels were good and
we really virtually don’t have dandelions anymore the other reason that you’ll get it is your soil is too acid and we don’t we have an almost a neutral pH soil here but if your soils acid it’ll encourage dandelion and let them restore the soil bounce because they really like a more neutral level of acidity in the soil so that’s another reason you could leave them do their job and the last one and the reason we still have some dandelion is when you have too much shade for the grass the dandelion starts to come in because it’s just too shady dandelion is a spring flower it grows a lot in the spring takes advantage of the Sun you see the leaves have just started to come in on the on the fruit trees and up until now the dandelion have been pumping away and building up their reserves so because they’re a spring plant they use their energy and now they’re not really growing much
so they’re done for the season until the fall and they’ll grow back more leaves in the fall so they can grow where the grass can’t grow grass needs at least eight hours of full Sun and so now in here because we’ve got taller trees we have a little too much shade for some of the grass and it thins out and the dandelion can grow if you’re at all concerned about wildlife and you think well you know there’s frogs and there’s birds but there’s a lot of insects dandelion you ever notice it’s kind of the first one to flower mass a lot of flowers and it happens to be the most important nectar source and pollen for the first insects to emerge in your yard if you’re removing
it you’re actually getting rid of a lot of beneficial insects insects that are trying to get rid of some pests in your yard maybe and if you’re taking these flowers away you’re chopping them off and you’re weeding them out then what are they gonna eat don’t go somewhere else so you want those beneficial insects to work in your garden so maybe leave them and let them finish their job they’ll reduce in a few years on their own and you won’t need to use tools or especially not herbicides to get rid of them that’s the tip for wildlife and biodiversity now let me show you one way that you can see the dandelions telling you at what stage it is is it dominating the landscape or is it kind of hanging on because if you let it do a job it will go from here’s a good
one let’s look at this one here see that see that look at the leaves how are they angled there when you see a dandy line basically angled like this they’re going please give me some Sun I need some Sun because well this case it’s the shrub is shading it the grass isn’t that thick and so it’s on its last stage it’s not really getting stronger but when you see dandelion like it is here or here you see their pattern they are basically they’re dominating they are opened up and now they can take the whole space and that’s what they do they’ll open up and they dominate means here they haven’t finished their job and I know that this area is about a little bit clay in our soil so because we walk here so much we have probably compacted this a little bit and in some places dandelion is finding it a good place to do some D compaction here’s a really good one completely open but you see how we see some bare ground here so it’s just filling up bare ground filling the space covering the ground because nature hates bare soil where you can have grass
and so it’s growing like this if you see it gradually going where the leaves close up then you know that it’s kind of finished its job so look at your situation do you hate these things or do you love them or if you’re neutral that’s okay too but realize that they’re trying to do a job for you for your lawn for your field for your orchard and which one are they doing look at where they’re growing are they growing there because it’s too shady for grass if you have a lot of trees that could be the main reason are they growing there because it’s compacted because it’s a spot like here in the middle where we walk a lot and so we’re packing the ground down
is it because your soil is too acid maybe you have a big conifer and the needles are falling and it makes the soil more acid that could be a reason you’re having dandelion or are you actually lacking calcium and they’re trying to pump that calcium from deep in put it back on the surface where if the grass has it it has sufficient calcium and it will crowd out the dandelion and the dandelions trying to tell you what it’s doing is it Oh Dominic and have all the space and its leaves are showing you that
it’s in the first stage or is it the last stage where now it’s so crowded by the grass that it has to grow its leaves upright the plant is telling you take a look at it learn to listen what it’s trying to do and be thankful for these little plants that are actually trying to solve the problems in your soil so thanks for watching see you next time bye hey please subscribe and check out our latest video [Music] acidity too much shade and [Music]

Benadryl and Alcohol is this a Fatal Combination?

Benadryl and Alcohol

Let me set the scene… You’re in the last week of a course of antibiotics, and there’s a big event coming up in your social calendar maybe a wedding, a birthday, table for one at Nando’s; Whatever it may be, it means heading out on the town for a night of partying. But unfortunately you’re likely to be the only sober person in the bar, because if you have a nice, cool alcoholic beverage it will stop your antibiotics from working, and most likely make you sick. A study at a London clinic found that eighty one percent of patients believed that this combination would stop antibiotics from working and seventy one percent thought it would cause side-effects. But how true is this?

Does it work the same for all antibiotics or is it just bunch of lies to get you to cut down on your alcohol intake? I’m Stu, this is Debunked, and we’re here to sort the Truths from the Myths and Facts from the Misconceptions. After penicillin was first discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928 it was soon used to treat soldiers’ infected wounds during World War Two. However, they soon found it to be extremely effective at clearing up Sexually Transmitted Infections too. Specifically ‘the clap’ or gonorrhoea.

According to Dr Eric Sidebottom from the University of Oxford ‘This presented the military with a problem: with limited supplies, which soldiers should receive the drug – those with clap or those with horrific injuries? Churchill reportedly decided to use it to “best military advantage” (give it to those with the clap to get them back onto the front lines more quickly).’ With it now established as a cure for STIs, it became widely prescribed in venereal disease clinics after World War Two.

Now this is the point in time where the idea of ‘no alcohol’ came into play. While on the course of antibiotics patients carrying an STI would still be infectious, so they were told to stay off alcohol; Doctors feared their patients would get drunk and jump into bed with someone at the first opportunity, spreading their infectious love juices all over town. By advising the patients not to drink, doctors were giving the medication a chance to work before any infections could be passed on. So, the advice was actually more psychological than medicinal. This advice has since passed through the generations and has become a sort of “tradition” as part of standard medical practice. So next time you worry about getting tipsy on your pills,

you can blame your randy grandparents. However, all of this doesn’t mean you should go out all night and get hammered while you’re on antibiotics. Drinking alcohol at the same time as taking medication can increase the time it takes for your liver to process the medication and therefore slows down your recovery period. Some antibiotics can also cause side effects like dizziness and drowsiness so this may increase the nauseating effect of alcohol. But, it won’t actually stop the antibiotics from working. However, of all the hundreds of antibiotics that are available, there are five types…

…that really should be avoided with alcohol, but only two of these are commonly prescribed. Metronidazole, is used to treat dental and gynaecological infections, as well as to treat clostridium difficile, an infection picked up in hospitals. The other is Tinidazole which is used for similar infections as well as to remove harmful bacteria from the gut. The combination of either of these medications and alcohol can make you pretty sick. It prevents your body from breaking down the alcohol properly, this leads to a build up of a toxin in the blood called acetaldehyde and can result in vomiting, severe headaches, chest pain, an increased heart rate and breathlessness. I’m sure we can all agree that none of those are particularly good for you.

And although a study in 2003 disputed this, it is still widely considered to cause these side-effects. Metronidazole is actually closely related to Antabuse, which a drug used to treat alcoholism by making alcoholics nauseous when they consume alcohol. So it’s best to stay away from the liquor if you’re on those, unless you want to paint the walls of your local boozer with your breakfast, lunch and dinner. To be on the safe side you should also avoid alcohol for 48 hours after finishing your course of Metronidazole and 72 hours after Tinidazole. I hope that cleared up a few misconceptions, but before you go,

there is another school of thought about where the whole myth came from… During World War Two, penicillin was in such short supply that medics would reuse as much as possible from patients pee, and if the patient’s drunk beer it would increase the volume of urine and make it harder to obtain the penicillin. So a ban on beer was put in place so they could recycle as much of the medication as possible.

But we can’t go debunking myths with urban legends so that just a nice side note. Anyway, I hope you learnt something new and, if you liked what you saw, then we’ve got loads more coming, so subscribe and you won’t miss out on those. If you have any suggestions for upcoming videos please leave a comment as we’d love to hear them. Thanks for watching.

Top 10 Essential oils for cold sores and Its Benefits (Updates 2020)

Essential oils for cold sores

hey there everyone so today I’m gonna be extremely vulnerable because I am suffering from something that I have not had happen to me in a very long time and that is this ugly thing on my lip which I feel like the whole world can see all the time and it’s like it’s like one of those bright flashing lights you know like how they used to have the staples like push like the easy button or something that’s what I feel like is on my lips now if you’ve ever had one you know exactly what I’m talking about and that would be the dreaded cold sore now I used to get these all the time actually like three four times a year then

I got into lipstick health I boosted my immune system I addressed it mice I dressed my stress which are some of the most common reasons why you will have this Colts were erupted I addressed those things and lo and behold for many many years I’ve had zero but lately I’ve been a little bit stressed out not managing very well and look what we got here so I don’t know if you didn’t see it I know it’s disgusting right you don’t really want to look that close but just if you’ve never seen it you know what

I’m talking about now for those of you that have had them and you know exactly how it feels you get that tiny little prickly sensation and then lo and behold you have a fever blister on your lips well I felt the tingling last night woke up this morning and sure enough the blister is performing it’s a bunch of fluid that forms in these blisters on your lips usually and I immediately thought what can I do what do I have in my medicine cabinet that I can apply I’ve tried Abreva has not really worked for me in the past I’ve tried lysine mixed results and this time I decided to try oregano oil this stuff is amazing so what I did was I took a little bit of fractionated coconut oil approximately half a teaspoon put one drop of oregano

I took a q-tip and I dabbed it in here and then applied it to the lip I did that this morning and I did it around lunchtime and now we’re in the afternoon and this thing is probably looking like it would normally look on day four or five and we’re like five hours in so this stuff is amazing I mean it’s cut down the time in like four days so add half a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil one drop of regon o oil in here take a q-tip apply delicately to the lip and then it’s a live in half a day for me

and I’ve already had the fever blisters let go release their liquid and now it’s starting to form a scab which like I said before usually takes about three or four days to get to and now once this gap is Fleming you can apply different oils before we move on to that I did want to say that a lot of people also have really great luck with mal looka or tea tree oil and you can do that the same way dilute it and another thing that people really love and you can use this in conjunction is turmeric so you could put a drop of turmeric with the oregano oil or with the Melaleuca and apply that I just did oregano by itself and that did the trick now

that I have a scab forming I can actually apply lavender lavender is amazing for healing the skin especially for burns or blisters so that’s what I will do now that this gap is forming so I hope you don’t get cold sores because they’re awful in the whole world can notice them on your face but if you do get them don’t worry don’t fret you can get rid of them really quickly with the help of essential oils I will leave a link below if you want to get hold of some of these great essential oils for you and I highly recommend getting the basics all three of these will come in the bay that kid Melaleuca the lavender and the oregano and I use these for so many things so if you have any questions leave a comment below and I am more than happy to answer them have a great one



I want to talk to you guys about my journey with cold sores first off let’s just talk about how much do cold sores suck if you get cold sores you have the answer to this they suck and they always happen at the absolute worst times and I have been suffering with them let’s see I am 41 so I’ve been suffering with them for about 25 years now they started when I when I hit puberty they started getting really bad and it got to the point where like everything would trigger a cold sore eat citrus I get a cold sore get a fever cold sore get sick cold sore go out in the Sun oh another cold sore and the kicker was I started getting them with my monthly cycle

when I of you late ‘add and my temperature would because your temperature goes up a little bit when you ovulate so I died late cold sore so like every month I was getting a cold sore for years oh my gosh you guys my life has been changed world transformed so a year ago I started taking whole food concentrates and vegan omegas I’ve had one cold sore in this past year one cold sore so this is my first tip these things amazing I will post the link in the comments completely as I think have just regulated my immune system or something because I’m not getting cold sores anymore when I do get them though

I have amazing tips so I did get one cold source since I’ve started that but one cold sore in a year versus one every month I literally feel like a new human being but I have a trick for when you do get a cold sore how to make it go away super super fast like within three days I have tried everything prescription medications every home remedy known to man freezing them gosh I can’t I can’t even go through the list of how many different things I’ve tried alcohol lemons like everything but I have found something that works so here’s what I do when I get a cold sore essential oils and I do them straight you’re not usually supposed to put essential oils directly on your skin but when it’s a cold sore you don’t ever round you just don’t because you don’t want that thing on your face so here’s what I do I get a q-tip and I saturate the tip of the q-tip

with either helichrysum essential oil or Melaleuca essential oil which is tea tree so saturate the tip of this with tea tree or helichrysum essential oil I’ll put some good brands some of my favorite brands in the comments or wherever the comments are gonna show up up down so that you can buy these essential oils if you don’t have already have them this is the most expensive one and is the kind of the investment which is Melissa essential oil it’s lemon balm so then and you don’t need much of this so you can just get a teeny tiny little bottle so after you saturated the tip of your q-tip with either helichrysum or tea tree you will put one drop of Melissa essential oil on that q-tip and then you’re gonna take it and you’re gonna scrub you’re not gonna dab you’re not gonna be gentle you’re gonna scrub the heck out of that cold sore and hopefully you caught it

early and it’s just barely there or just starting to blister so that’s the best time to catch it you’re gonna take this and kind of flatten your lip out and scrub really hard the whole area where the cold sore is for probably thirty Seconds to a minute scrub it scrub scrub scrub you’re gonna do that two to three times a day for the first actually I would maybe even do it more often I would do it maybe every three hours or something for the first day and then after that you can you can dab that you don’t have to scrub it as much once it starts to scab but the first day before it scabs you want to really scrub it it might bleed those little blisters are gonna pop but you guys I’m telling you your cold sore will dry up and be gone within three days

so it’s like magic basically and those of you who get cold sores know what I’m talking about those suckers can be hard to get rid of and to get to dry out and what seems to happen with this is that you get down into like those deep layers and the cold sore never gets really deep painful if you catch it early on and you do this trick it stops it like it stops it right where it is and then it’ll just scab over lightly and you’re done Colts are gone so that is my magic tip and I’m telling you it works and flooding my body with these whole food concentrates has changed my world because now I only have to deal with a cold sore once a year I’m hoping maybe even less than that I don’t know knock on wood we’ll see how the next year goes so let me know how this works for you let me know how this scrubbing tip works for you put some comments below I’d love to hear back from you guys cold sores suck but there is a little bit of hope I never thought I wouldn’t say that there’s hope

How to cure flu naturally fast? Everyone should know that

cure flu naturally fast

hi friends welcome to my blog and today we are talking about natural cold and flu remedies since we are in the depths of cold and flu season right now I thought that I would put together some of my favorite home remedies these aren’t really remedies per se but there are things that you can do to take care of yourself help yourself hopefully get better sooner

if you do have a cold currently or if you feel like you have something coming on hopefully you could use some of these strategies to make it not happen and make sure that you don’t catch that nasty bug that’s going around so why don’t we just go ahead and dive right in the first thing that you can do for your cold and flu is to hydrate I talked about hydration a lot on my blog and it is so important especially when you feel like you have a polder flu or you feel like you’re coming down with something the reason for that is that our body needs water to optimally function

so in order for our immune system to be strong in order for our digestive system to be strong our detoxification systems to be strong they need to have proper hydration so that they can function properly so it’s really important that we if we are feeling like we’re coming down with something we flood our body with water so in general I recommend that you guys try to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water every single day and that could be herbal teas whatever you want but when you have a cold or flu or you feel like you have something coming on I want you to 1.5 that amount so you’re basically drinking 3/4 of your body weight in ounces of some form of hydrating liquids

so that could be regular water it could be herbal teas it could be coconut water it could include kombucha or seltzer water really you want to just make sure that you’re getting in a ton of hydration and that kind of brings us in to my second topic which is to make some homemade elixirs so there are tons of things and tons of food things that help boost your immune system and help support your immune system but these are three drinks that I make all the time in the winter not only just to like feel cozy and warm because they are warm drinks but also because they are helpful for your immune system and they’re really cozy and comforting when you have a cold or flu so the first thing that we’re gonna make is a lemon ginger echinacea tea and this is super simple it’s just fresh lemon juice some sliced fresh ginger some echinacea droplets and then I like to sweeten mine with honey and the reason that I like to use honey is that raw honey which

I always use that’s the only form of honey that I use is really high in antimicrobial and antibacterial properties so it’s really great for when you do have some sort of thing going on in your body it just helps to kind of like get that bacteria out and get that stuff that stuff out and the other benefit of it is that it’s really soothing and it’s really comforting especially if you have a sore throat so this tea is amazing I love it I actually just made one this morning even though I’m not really feeling sick but I did make one this morning and it’s such a great way to start your day and it’s also really cozy and comforting so here’s what you do the first thing we’re gonna do is slice a lemon and we’re going to use all of that juice in our tea and then we’re also going to slice I like to thinly slice a 1-inch piece of fresh ginger I don’t peel it

I just really slice it on along the diagonal and then I also add that into the water as well so we have our lemon juice and our ginger and then the echinacea that I like is from Gaia herbs and this is a droplet bottle and you just basically are going to add two dropper Foles of the echinacea you could do one I like to do two especially if I feel like something is coming on so I have two dropper Foles of the echinacea and then I also add in either half to a whole teaspoon of raw honey and again just make sure that you are buying really high quality honey hopefully from somebody that you can find locally that has a really kind of sustainable bee farm and again like I mentioned honey just has a ton of really great nutritional properties so you’re going to add everything into your cup and then you are going to top it with hot water you’re going to just stir it all together and then you have your amazing ginger lemon tea like to let this steep for about five minutes before I drink it so it gets nice and gingery but it’s super simple to make and it’s really soothing especially if you have a sore throat the second elixir that we’re gonna make is a tumeric latte and I’m actually cheating a little bit with my tumeric latte because

I use a golden milk powder I found this on thrive market but you can get it at a lot of grocery stores and you can also get it on Amazon and actually this brand is again Gaia herbs they have really great products this video is not sponsored by them but I use a few of their supplements I use their echinacea like I just mentioned and I love their golden milk mixture so here are the ingredients of the gold milk it’s just tumeric it has some ashwagandha it has some cardamom has a little bit of date sugar it also has some vanilla and of course you could make this at home if you wanted you could just kind of build up these ingredients and I’ll give you some proportions in the description box that you don’t want to buy this mix but what I really like about this mix is that it also contains black pepper and if you are eating turmeric you really want to make sure that you have some black pepper in there as well because that activates the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric

which is the curcumin and when you have the black pepper that activates the curcumin and it helps boost the anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric so for our tumeric latte we are going to add about a teaspoon of this golden milk powder into a blender I also like to add a little bit of cinnamon I just really like the flavor and it’s really warming I also like to add in some monk fruit extract to sweeten but you could also use raw honey you can use maple syrup or you can use some form of granulated sugar and then I add in a little bit of almond milk to make this nice and creamy of course you could use coconut milk or coconut butter some form of coconut oil or MCT oil and then we top it with hot water and basically we just blend this all up until it’s smooth and creamy and that’s all you have to do and

what I love about tumeric lattes is that they are super cozy they’re super comforting because this one has ashwagandha powder in it it also is really calming and relaxing it’s stress relieving and like I mentioned it’s also really anti-inflammatory so one of the things that happens when we’re sick internally is that we have inflammation so our body is responding to whatever is happening with our cold or flu and one of the things that it does is it gets inflamed so whether it’s your lungs your throat whatever is your sinuses there is inflammation inside of your body when you have a cold or flu so it’s really great to add some anti-inflammatory ingredients like tumeric into your diet so that’s why I love tumeric lattes when I’m feeling down and out the last thing that we’re making is a mushroom hot chocolate and I know that this sounds a little bit strange

but medicinal mushrooms are incredible immune boosters they are amazing for your immune system and they really help your body fight back against the whatever is happening the cold or the flu so I love incorporating with its no mushrooms especially when I’m feeling sick but I honestly eat medicinal mushrooms every single day the brand that I like and I’ve talked about these before and another video is root and bones they are organic they’re sustainably harvest and they’re really amazing so the three mushrooms that we’re using in our hot chocolate aren’t chaga this is considered the king of mushrooms it’s really amazing it’s great for immortality it’s great for longevity it’s also a course amazing for your immune system we’re also using reishi mushrooms which are considered the queen of mushrooms and they are amazing as well these are really great for immune system they’re really great for energy and they’re really great for balancing stress and in the last mushroom that we’re using is cordyceps I love cordyceps they’re really energizing they’re really great for vitality and clarity and they also aren’t amazing again for your immune system

so these are just the three that I personally like you really could do a blend of any of your favorite medicinal mushrooms and I promise this hot chocolate does not taste like mushrooms at all it tastes like hot chocolate it’s so good super creamy super thick and you guys are gonna love it and your immune system is going to love you for drinking it so here’s how to make it we’re gonna add about a tablespoon and a half to two tablespoons of rock cacao powder into our blender and then I like to do a full teaspoon each of my vegetable mushrooms and then I’m adding in some monk fruit extract to sweeten it as well as some coconut butter to make it super creamy you guys know I love adding coconut butter into my warm drinks and then you’re just topping this all with about two cups of hot water

and you’re just gonna blend this up until it’s smooth and creamy I find that this needs to be blended a little bit longer just so that the powders get evenly distributed throughout the liquid so I would say blend it for like fifteen to thirty seconds and then you can just pour it into your mug and you’re good to go so those are my three elixirs that I like to drink when I’m really feeling sick or I feel like something’s coming on but there are a few other things that you can do for your body if you have a cold or flu so we talked about hydration we talked about elixirs the second thing that I want to encourage you guys to do is rest and I’m sure you’ve heard of this a million times but it’s really important to get proper sleep and proper rest when you’re feeling sick your body is under internal stress and it needs to recuperate

it needs time to get better and if you’re just pushing pushing pushing going going going and you’re feeling really stressed out at work or whatever it is you’re not going to be able to get better as quickly so you want to make sure that you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep every single night maybe that means going to bed at 8:30 and getting up at your normal time if that’s the case do it you’re going to get better a lot faster if you get proper sleep and you’re gonna feel a lot better more quickly so I definitely recommend that you rest and recuperate as much as possible the third thing that I recommend you think about doing is sweating a little bit so it doesn’t have to be like a super intense workout or anything but getting a little bit of movement is going to really help kind of break things up inside it’s gonna get your body moving

and it’s really important for keeping your immune system in tip-top shape so I recommend that you do something semi gentle even if you are an intense exerciser I personally think it’s better to kind of go for a light jog go for a nice walk outside maybe go to a hot yoga class that’s what I personally love to do when I’m feeling sick because heat really makes me sweat and gets out some of those bad toxins but yoga is also really gentle so do something that’s kind of gentle but still kind of get your body moving so that you can get your systems moving internally another thing that you can do is take a steam shower I’m sure you guys have heard this as well but steaming in the shower is going to really help break up the congestion especially if you’re feeling something in your sinuses or in your chest so just kind of take a hot shower leave the water on for a little bit before you get in let your bathroom kind of steam up and then get in and what I actually love to do is add some eucalyptus oil into my shower so I just kind of drop it into the tub or the basin and it smells amazing it’s super energizing and invigorating but it also has like a kind of minty nest to it so it also helps to break up the conduction

so I love eucalyptus if you don’t have that you could also do peppermint but really just kind of steaming in your shower for like 10 minutes it’s really gonna help loosen things up and then from there I recommend you get out of the shower and try to either cough the congestion out of your lungs or really try to blow the congestion out of your sinuses like with tissues since it’s all kind of loose from your steam shower you really want to take advantage of that so make sure you try to get it out instead of just like going into your bedroom and getting dressed if congestion is something that you’re struggling with the fourth thing that I recommend is getting a neti pot and neti pots are really great because they flush your sinuses they feel super weird they like basically you’re just putting this little pot inside of your nose and water is going all through your sinuses and coming out the other side of your nose it feels so strange but I promise it helps amazingly well so I was pretty congested a couple weeks ago and I woke up in the middle of the night and I could barely breathe so I went into my bathroom and I did the neti pot with like a little bit of warm water and a little bit of sea salt I let it kind of sit so that the sea salt dissolved and then I flushed out my sinuses and I felt so much better it really cleared them out it really broke them you that was in there and I was able to blow my nose get the congestion out and fall back asleep

so if congestion is something that you’re really struggling with and you’re feeling really clogged up then I definitely recommend you guys pick up a neti pot and then the my last thing and of course there are a ton of other remedies that you can do and I’m actually gonna have a blog post on at my blog today as well so you can check that out in the description box below but the last thing that I recommend you do is incorporate essential oils into your routine so if you aren’t already using essential oils I have a few videos on my channel I’ll again link those for you in the description box below as well but I love using essential oils when I’m feeling sick I use them at night and I use them all day while I’m at home so if you are at home you’re working at home or you’re just taking a sick day even if you’re in an office if you have it like a closed-door office

you can definitely do this but bring your diffuser with you and diffuse some oils so my favorite blend is during the day our lavender peppermint and eucalyptus and sometimes I also add in some lemon in there and those scents together are really great for just feeling sick like the lavender is kind of calming and stress relieving the peppermint gets into your sinuses and it just kind of like helps break things up but it’s also energizing and then again the same thing with eucalyptus so that is my favorite blend for the daytime in the evening if I’m falling asleep I like to put together a little sleep concoction which really helps with congestion as well there is a blend from Young Living that I love it’s called RC so I used like 5 to 10 drops of RC I also add in lavender which I sleep with lavender every single night because it feels and smells amazing so lavender I also do a little bit of stress away because your body is feeling stress when you’re feeling sick so it’s kind of coping

like with you or feeling emotional stress so I like using stress way in that blend and then I also add in some thieves sometimes so those 3 blends are actually unique to Young Living so you really can only get them if you are a young living customer but you could also just use the the oils that I just mentioned in for the daytime and that would also work so those are a bunch of the natural remedies that I personally use I want to recommend that you guys check out the blog post like I just mentioned you can find that in the description box below and I took a little bit more and I’m giving you a more detailed like recipe for all of those liquors and I talked a little bit more about the essential oils so make sure to check that out and of course

I would love to hear you have any saving things that you do when you’re feeling the cold or flu or you feel like you have something coming on so if you have some natural remedies that I did not mention in today’s video definitely leave them in the comments below because the more that we can share with each other the better I feel like if we have a ton of natural remedies happening in the comments section then whoever is watching feeling the cold or flu you will have a ton of resources to hopefully get better more quickly so thank you guys so much for watching and really appreciate you being here if you haven’t subscribed to the channel already there’s a red button right below this video it says subscribe you can tap that button I’m here every Tuesday and Friday sharing new healthy recipes lifestyle advice everything like that so I’m really excited if you guys are here and again thank you and other than that I hope you have an awesome rest of your Friday have a fantastic weekend and I will see you it next week with another recipe video bye guys [Music]

What is Parkinson’s Disease? How it Happens?

Parkinson's Disease


hi  today I’d like to discuss a question that is essential to our Foundation’s work what is Parkinson’s let’s start with some basic in the United States it is estimated that anywhere from 600,000 to 1 million people or more are living with Parkinson’s and at least 60,000 are diagnosed each year this makes P V one of the most common brain diseases second only to Alzheimer’s age increases the risk of Parkinson’s and the average age at diagnosis is 60 so as our population continues to grow older
more people are likely to experience PD in fact people tend to think of Parkinson’s as an older person’s disease but some get PD at 40 or even younger some diseases can be diagnosed with a lab test cholesterol levels and blood pressure are measured to evaluate for heart disease for example we need tests like that in Parkinson’s but they don’t exist yet doctors diagnose Parkinson’s by completing a medical history and physical examination they look for two of the three classic motor symptoms which are resting tremor stiffness and slowness of movement
when people hear about Parkinson’s they mostly think of these motor symptoms especially tremor but some people also experience walking and balance problems and PD affects other body systems constipation sleep problems cognitive changes and depression can occur sometimes even before a Parkinson’s diagnosis and some people report that they lose their sense of smell one of the hardest things about Parkinson’s is that everyone with the disease embarks on a unique journey in fact movement disorder specialists say if you’ve met one person with Parkinson’s you’ve met one person with Parkinson’s each person has their own mix of symptoms and there is no standard trajectory or path so if everyone gets their own version of Parkinson’s


Parkinson's Disease


and what does everyone with PD have in common to answer that let’s take a look inside the brain in Parkinson’s the brain cells that make dopamine stop working or die dopamine is a signaling chemicals or a neurotransmitter that coordinates movement as well as feelings of motivation and reward when dopamine cells die Parkinson’s symptoms emerge exactly why these cells die is not well understood researchers believe that in most people Parkinson’s is likely caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors but although certain environmental factors such as pesticides and head injury are associated with an increased risk of PD in most people there is no clear exposure we can point to as a straightforward cause of their Parkinson’s similarly while genetic mutations are linked to an increased risk of Parkinson’s based on

what we know today the vast majority of cases are not directly related to genetics however the field of genetics is moving fast in Parkinson’s as in many other diseases tremendous research is focused on genetics because this is our best opportunity to uncover paths to treatment breakthroughs but how do we treat Parkinson’s today here’s what I told my own patients when I was a doctor in clinical practice the currently available PD medications can’t slow or stop the progression of the disease but they can ease symptoms and help you continue doing much of what you have always done the same goes for certain surgical procedures which are a good option for people the most important point is that treatment regimens need to be individualized

so you should work closely with your doctor to determine what medication or combination of therapies work best for you and your symptoms speaking of doctors our foundation urges people with PD to see a movement disorder specialist if possible many people don’t get to these experts and we’d like to change that because the right doctor can help optimize your Parkinson’s care update you on research and drug development and direct you to clinical trials which are vital opportunities for you to advance scientific progress specialists can help you build the right care team and treatment regimen but there’s much more you can do to feel your back like making sure to eat well exercise and stay connected to others check out our full Parkinson’s 360 toolkit for advice

on living in the here and now with Parkinson’s as well as information on what to expect as Parkinson’s unfolds over time so what is Parkinson disease today it’s different things to different people but by working together urgently and with purpose we hope to make it a thing of the past for everybody at the Michael J Fox foundation our mission is nothing short of eradicating Parkinson’s altogether much work remains to be done but we’ve got many reasons to be optimistic as Michael J Fox says the latest research is the latest hope we’re closer than ever to new and better therapies even one second slow or stop the progression of the disease and until the day we find the cure and close our doors we promise we won’t stop