[Music] having low iron levels can really suck their symptoms such as fatigue dizziness dry skin sometimes even hair loss so if you’re struggling with a little iron today’s blog is for you I’m going to discuss seven science back tips to boost your iron absorption and also increase your iron levels if you’re interested keep watching hello hello welcome back to the whole happy life I’m RIA for today’s blog we are talking about iron levels the reason I picked this topic is I actually did my thesis on iron fortification so it is a topic that is near and dear to my heart so let’s talk about that today now as always all of the references and the links that I use to create this blog are in the description I invite you to read them if you’re looking for more information now before we begin I need to say something really important and that is we are not going to talk about supplements in this blog the reason for this is iron supplements

should not be taken unless you’ve spoken to your doctor it’s really important to get your iron levels tested so you know where they’re at and then you can talk to your doctor and decide if the supplement is right for you when it comes to iron too much it’s not a good thing and too little as a lot of good things you definitely don’t want to take supplements unless you absolutely have to now that’s out of the way let’s begin tip number one is to eat more iron rich foods but this is a rather obvious tip but I have to mention it because sometimes we end up in a rut and when we’re in a rut we don’t eat a variety of foods or eating the same things again and again and that can limit the variety of nutrients we get so it’s really important to eat a variety of foods and to get your iron rich foods on a regular basis not just once or twice a

week but every single day so which foods have I earned a lot of foods have iron I can’t possibly list although it basically meat seafood beans lentils as well as grains and some nuts and seeds and also some fruits and veggies have iron in them too my suggestion is to go online look for a list of iron rich foods and pick the ones that you think you can have on a regular basis the things that you like and put them down on a sheet of paper and stick that up on the fridge that way you’re able to look at the every single day and you’re more likely to eat those items now if you want to make your life easier I already have a solution for you I already have this for you so I have a list for omnivores and I have a list for vegans and vegetarians you can print these lists and stick them up on your fridge and it have little check boxes on them so you can check off the foods that you want to enjoy more often for the foods on the list I would suggest picking whole foods and minimally processed foods typically Whole Foods and minimally processed foods have a lot more iron than hyper processed

foods before we move on to the next step I need to mention that there are two different kinds of iron inner foods there’s heme iron that’s found in animal foods and then there’s non heme iron that’s found in plant foods as well as animal foods heme iron is generally better absorbed and Naim iron is a little harder to absorb so there are things that you could do to boost the absorption of that non heme iron and that’s what I’m going to discuss in the rest of the blog so let’s move on to tip number two eat something with vitamin C with your iron rich meals so vitamin C can help boost the iron absorption so a very simple thing that you could do is every single time you eat iron rich foods pair them with vitamin C rich foods as an example let’s say you were to eat beans beans are a source of iron if you pair those beans with Tomatoes that will boost your iron levels another example is almonds almonds have iron and iron and almonds is a non heme type and it’s difficult to absorb so you can have the almonds with strawberries or an orange that has vitamin C and that will help you absorb that iron a lot better if you’re interested in a list of vitamin C rich foods as well as combinations of iron and vitamin C I do have that in my info guide which you can find in the description as

well as a pin comment you could print those sheets out and again you can stick them up on your fridge as well tip number three soak and strain your beans lentils and grains before you cook them if you eat beans lentils and grains they can be a source of iron but it can be very difficult to absorb that iron because of something known as phytic acid or phytates these to make it really difficult to absorb the iron because they kind of lock that iron up so what can you do there are a number of things that you can do you could soak you can ferment you can sprout but to be honest for the majority of people fermenting and sprouting their beans and lentils it’s just too much works so soaking is something that you could try if you’ve never soaked before I do have some information below it’s very simple so basically what I do is before I cook any beans and lentils or grains I will soak them in water overnight strain the water out and then cook it in fresh water and that makes it easier to digest them and also

makes it easier to absorb the iron myth number four avoid coffee and tea with your meals now I’m not saying to avoid coffee and tea all the time just with your meals both coffee and tea have compounds such as caffeine tannins and polyphenols that make it hard to absorb iron in fact in one study just one cup of black tea reduce the absorption of iron from a meal by sixty percent so that’s a significant amount and one simple change you can make is to not have coffee and tea with your meals have it in between your meals tip number five avoid calcium supplements with your meals calcium makes it harder to absorb iron so if you are struggling with your iron levels and let’s say you take calcium supplements try not to take them with your iron rich meals take them separately and I would also apply this knowledge to fortified beverages so if you’re drinking fortified plant milks and you are really struggling with your iron levels maybe it’s a better idea to take them separately from your iron rich

foods tip number six is to avoid taking over-the-counter antacids unless you absolutely need to take them I’m not talking about doctor prescribed antacids if your doctor has prescribed them please do take them this is a discussion for you to have with your doctor but I am talking about over-the-counter ABS acids such as tums I went through this phase ten years ago and I used to take tums every single day after a meal it made me feel better but I did not realize the harm in doing so when we take antacids such as tums it reduces your stomach acid what our stomach acid is really really important for us to digest food and to actually absorb iron if your stomach acid levels are low because of something like antacids or low in general it can be very difficult to absorb iron so if you’re popping antacids like pills please don’t find another solution for your digestive issues talk to your doctor to see if there’s something else that you could do now even if you don’t take antacids you could have low stomach acid a lot of people have those stomach acid so in my infoguide I have more information on low

stomach acid symptoms you can read through that and see if you have any of the symptoms and I also have a few suggestions tip number seven is to use non enameled cast iron cookware there are studies that show that if you cook in cast iron cookware especially new cast iron cookware and you’re cooking something that is acidic that is moist and you’re cooking for a long time maybe something like applesauce there is some iron from the cast iron cookware that ends up in the food and then you end up with serving it so it is kind of like an add on source of iron now the problem with this is majority of foods we cook we’re not really cooking for that long and they’re typically dry so you can’t rely on this as a source of iron by any means and I would say that if you have anyone in your family who has very high iron levels and you have very young children – you may not want to cook in cast iron for them because they may not need the extra iron now let’s say you’ve tried everything in this blog

and let’s say you’re also taking doctor prescribed supplements and your iron levels are still not budging there might be something else at play so you need to get to the root cause of the problem and in order to do that you need to talk to your doctor have a deeper discussion with them things like celiac disease if you have undiagnosed umiak disease you have no idea that’s going on it could cause low iron levels because of that gut inflammation your body is unable to observe iron sitting with something like Crohn’s disease also if you have heavy menstrual bleeding that can also cause low iron so this is definitely something that you want to discuss with the doctor to figure out if there’s something else going on and once you address that problem maybe your iron levels will go up I have a special note for women of
childbearing age who are planning to get pregnant than you’re so if you are planning to have children and you’re trying to get pregnant it is very important to know what your iron levels are if you haven’t gotten them tested already go to your doctor get them tested because a lot of women go through iron deficiency anemia when they are pregnant there’s something to keep in mind to get your iron levels up before you get pregnant if you can so top their doctor get those levels tested anyway I hope you enjoyed this blog when you found it informative

and if you’d like further information information I could not fit in this blog because there’s only so much I can fit in this blog you can find more information in the info guide below it is a pay what you want product you can pay what you think is a fair price you get a 23 page ebook it’s an e guide and it has four printables in it so you’ll get the printables for the iron-rich foods and you also get their printables for the food combinations with vitamin C and the vitamin C rich foods I also have sample menus and a bunch of other information some of the basics that you should know about iron and if you have any issues

7 Proven matcha tea benefits: Why You Should Try It ?

matcha tea benefits

hello and welcome  my purpose is to inspire and power and motivate you to live longer healthier and of course more abundant lives in today’s blog I want to speak to you about the amazing health benefits of matcha green tea and I will tell you I didn’t know a lot about matcha green tea until a couple of years ago and it has become one of my favorites and I’ll tell you I love coffee I’m a big coffee drinker I love it I love the whole warmth of it the social aspect of it but matcha green tea with the health benefits of it is slowly becoming

or I should say quickly becoming probably my go-to favorite and I think once you see what this is all about you’re gonna understand why – and we’re gonna hop right on it in just a moment with all the health benefits but first you know I’d love to give a shout out I love celebrating you out there because you guys are crushing it the reviews the testimonials the the heartfelt messages I get from you are just absolutely melting my heart and I want to thank you for that so this one goes out to Vincent Rando and Vincent writes hi dr. NIC I’m 56 and he’s going to be 57 in a couple of months so Vincent if I don’t say happy birthday to you then I’m gonna give you one right now

I started keto way of eating March 3rd of this year I was 345 pounds my size 50 waist jeans were getting too tight uh I said this is it I’m in with this way of eating it’s been 210 days and I get this this is amazing 210 days and he’s lost a hundred and eighteen pounds that’s a half a pound a day consistently 226 pounds now I want to get to 200 and I believe you will I know you will in fact I can’t believe how much I’ve lost in such a short time intermittent fasting every day in a strict keto diet I flood my mind with everything health and fitness and that’s a big part of it so many times you’re exposed to people who maybe don’t believe in what you’re doing they’re telling you the keto diets not healthy not the way to go you can’t eat that way whatever it may be or maybe they just putting their false beliefs on you maybe they know they can’t do it they don’t you to succeed I’m sorry but some people are like that but when you flood your mind with positive thoughts every day positive motivational things you

watch videos and tapes and audios and things like that that are motivational inspirational that’s how you really succeed with this so like I said he’s flooding his mind everything health and fitness your videos have been with me from day one thank you doctor Nick you’ve been my second home Vincent Randall well thank you so much Vincent I appreciate that you have no idea and like I said guys a lot of you maybe aren’t getting the same results as Vincent and that’s okay nobody has to lose a hundred and ten pounds or a hundred and twenty pounds or even 80 pounds even if you’re losing 5 10 15 20 you’re still winning take that next step

you can do it don’t get discouraged by other people who are doing maybe more than you maybe you started this off with your husband and he’s just killing it and you’re struggling along a lot of times it really depends on what we’ve been exposed to all of our lives maybe your insulin-resistant a little bit more but that’s ok just keep going keep plugging you’ll have that breakthrough I promise you just give it the time to work its way through let your body start to really heal healing your hormones and so on and you can do it and I’ll tell you one way like I said is from our communities our Facebook group

and if you really want the extra help take a look at the course we’ve got we just started a course called ultimate keto with dr. Nick and if you really want more help take a look at it if it’s not a fit for you that’s okay but some of you need a little bit more hand-holding or a little bit more instruction and a little bit more insight and so on so take a look at it and see if it’s a fit for you or not but anyway if you like what we’re talking about here make sure you like you share you comment and subscribe and we’re going to dive right on in with the amazing health benefits of matcha green tea so first of all let’s look at five different reasons why this is so powerful and we look at the ORAC value

that’s the oxygen radical absorbance how much free radicals can it absorb of course we all know about antioxidant levels how much antioxidants as a food have that can fight these free radicals catechins we’re going to be speaking about those in a little while but those are super antioxidants basically l-theanine and chlorophyll extremely important and you’re gonna see why in just a little while and how its alkalizing so with that said let’s first talk about its or act value and like I said or act stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity so how many free radicals can it absorb so that’s basically when we look at foods and of course we’ve typically we’re thinking about foods that are very high in the

ORAC score or high antioxidants is the very colorful ones and so berries are of course pretty much at the top of the list we could always think about but what’s interesting about matcha green-tea is this most people think of blueberries is one of the highest blueberries of course everybody knows how super rich and antioxidants are well they’re or ACT score is 24 now get this the or ACT score of matcha green tea is 1384 so it just absolutely blows away one of the top points that you can think of which are blueberries so this thing is a rock star when it comes to absorbing free radicals now next i want to talk about catechins what are those exactly well catechins are actually super antioxidants in fact a lot of people think they’re even more powerful than vitamin E and vitamin C so what Harvard said is this according to a paper published by Harvard Medical School green tea is one of the best food sources of a group of antioxidants known as catechins catechins are thought to be even more powerful than both vitamin C and E and stopping oxidative damage to cells and that’s really the important thing when you think about your health.


you have to literally think about it at the cellular level it has to go right back to the cell and anything that causes damage to the cell structure itself to the DNA the cell membrane whatever it may be that is going to start to cause your body to break down and it ages you early so one of the big things that causes your premature aging is things that cause free radicals to be formed now antioxidants like catechins play a key role in the health and disease with studies showing that they could help protect against chronic conditions like heart disease diabetes and even cancer so some of the biggest diseases that we know about can actually be helped with matcha green-tea because of these catechins because of these super super antioxidants now talk about l-theanine now l-theanine now this is an amino acid and what Elfi neem does is it can actually get your body to produce alpha waves this is very calming effect alpha waves are the frequency that your brain is in when it’s in the most calm most tranquil a lot of times your daydream and you’re kind of off in a daze that’s typically alpha waves sometimes people can meditate with about a very high alpha frequency so that is the one where you’re most calm now the amazing thing about this is that matcha green tea one has an extremely high amount of l-theanine

but it’s also got some caffeine but it’s not as high as coffee so the beautiful thing about how matcha green tea works is that it’s a very alert calm your alert your sharp but yet your very calm so it’s got a very calming effect on your body but also helps increase levels of gaba now that’s gamma amino butyric acid now gaba is a neurotransmitter in your brain now what that means is this neurotransmitters are chemicals within your nerve system that can answer actually transmit the signals from nerve to nerve that’s a neurotransmitter so it’s in the gaps between the nerve fibers so that way it can transmit the signal across the gap so think of it like there’s a canyon you want to get across the canyon to the other side you need a carrier molecule and a neurotransmitter is just that now what’s interesting about gaba

is gaba is a inhibitory neurotransmitter now what it’s known for is inhibiting these impulses so that way your body doesn’t feel stressed and anxious so matcha green tea is very very relaxing because it gets your body to secrete more gaba which helps your body block those messages that are causing anxiety and worry and things like that so super super good for that so you want to include it anytime you’re feeling anxious that’s one of the nice tranquil benefits of drinking a nice cup of matcha green tea now what about its other benefits well number one it’s cancer-fighting been of that’s numerous numerous studies on this number one a bladder cancer study 882 women showed that the risk of bladder cancer was

significantly reduced in women who consumed matcha not only that when it comes to breast cancer a meta-analysis and what a meta-analysis means is this a medicine analysis is a study of the studies so if you have a bunch of studies say 5 or 10 different studies and you want to do a study on the studies that’s called a meta-analysis so meta-analysis found that women who drank the most green tea had a 22% lower risk of developing breast cancer now for those of you who are concerned about colorectal cancer okay colon and rectum a study of 69

thousand seven hundred ten Chinese women aged 40 to 70 found that green tea drinkers had a 57 percent less chance of developing colorectal cancer now that’s significant as if 22 percent wasn’t high enough 57 percent is really super high you know that now for those of you who are concerned guys out there about prostate cancer and of course all men after the ages say 50 are gonna start to get enlarged prostates it starts to become an issue but you don’t want it to turn cancerous so get this one large study found that the Japanese men who drank five or more cups of green tea per day had a 48 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer so good news for us guys if you’re worried about being at risk for prostate cancer

Tofu Nutrition Facts for our Heart and Body

Tofu, edamame and tempeh are high-quality sources of protein that are low in calories and saturated fat and high in vitamins and minerals. However are there a subset of people who should avoid soy foods? Should men avoid soy products because of possible feminizing effects, lowering of testosterone and the fact that soy contains plant estrogens called phytoestrogens? The short answer is no…..and this meta-analysis showed that soy products do not affect testosterone levels in men. Interestingly soy may be protective against prostate cancer. This is because prostate cells carry beta type estrogen receptors, which appear to act as tumor suppressors, inhibiting invasion, proliferation, and preventing the prostate cells from turning cancerous and those are the very receptors targeted by the phytoestrogens in soy.

This analysis showed that increased intake of soy resulted in a 26 percent reduction in prostate cancer risk and even a 30 percent risk reduction with non fermented soy products such as tofu. I must stress that it’s very important to eat soy in it’s whole form and not to eat isolated so protein products like soy burger, powders etc. Now there have been two case reports of men who consumed 14-20 servings of soy foods a day who did experience feminizing effects but that’s the equivalent of consuming 5 liters of soy milk every day so of course it’s dose dependent. Now what about women at risk of breast cancer? In the past it was recommended that those who have, or are at risk of developing estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer should avoid eating soybean-based foods because they contain the isoflavones.

Isoflavones are similar in structure to estrogen so there was a fear that soy could act as estrogen in the body and stimulate cancer cells and encourage tumor growth. Well let’s hear from Dr Michael Greger as he addresses this concern……[Dr Greger] Yes until 2007 we didn’t know either way because there weren’t any human studies so soy did one thing to hamsters and other things to rats and there was a lot of controversy, until finally it was put to the test. The original study was published in the journal AMA there’s since been five studies done to date looking at breast cancer survivors involving thousands of breast cancer survivors basically split into two groups half eat soy, half don’t eat soy and just asking simple questions who lives longer and who has lower cancer re occurrence risk, lower risk of the cancer coming back and in every single study,

five out of five studies, women with breast cancer eating soy live significantly longer, have significantly lower risk of the cancer coming back, when you put all the studies together so five out of five. It couldn’t get more clearer so not only should breast cancer survivors not avoid soy they should actively include soy in their daily diet and this goes for a woman with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, estrogen receptor negative, on tamoxifen, off tamoxifen and in fact it’s particular beneficial for those women with BRCA genes with these breast cancer genes at particularly high risk, soy is even more protective for them not only for preventing breast cancer in the first place but extending the life of those with breast cancer and significantly reducing risk of the cancer returning.

People don’t understand about soy there are two types of estrogen receptors in the body, alpha and beta so the phytoestrogens in soy preferentially bind to the beta receptors whereas our own endogenous estrogen binds to the alpha receptors so the effect that soy has on the tissues of the body depends on the relative ratio from alpha to beta. I mean estrogen has positive effects on some tissues like bone health whereas it has negative effects other places like increasing risk of breast cancer so ideally we would have some kind of selective estrogen receptor modulator and that’s exactly what soy does. Soy has anti-estrogenic effects where you want them like reducing the risk of breast cancer but pro estrogenic effects where you want them like reducing menopausal hot flashes that’s actually a pro-estrogenic effect so you get the best of both worlds when you eat soy.

So the most important thing is that you’re eating whole soy foods so I encourage people to eat a diet centered around whole plant foods and so the more of the food is whole the better. So even something like tofu, that is a processed food, you know, you take a soy bean and you remove about 80% of the fiber remove about half of the minerals and you’re left with tofu. Now soybeans are so incredibly healthy you can remove most of the nutrition and are still left with a really healthy food but tempeh is even better you can see the individual soybeans right there in front of you something like miso something like edamame, whole foods is really the critical point.


soya chunks you’re getting about 52 grams of protein per hundred grams and hundred grams of soya chunks come for about 20 rupees compare that to eggs if you want 52 grams of protein from eggs you need to spend about 40 rupees so soya chunks are half the price of eggs so your chunks and soy products in general are fantastic for building muscle but chances are if you tell a gym bro to take so a chance they’ll react like this yo soy un man boobs or what now here’s the unfortunate truth about jimbros if for most of their life they’ve believed in a particular concept and they formed an opinion on that concept it’s very difficult to ask them to reconsider their opinion now in today’s video I’m not asking you to listen in my opinion I’m asking you to listen to the opinion of science don’t form opinions based on something you’ve heard someone say

if you want to form an opinion on something fitness related first you got a science the shit out of it now understand this topic better you gotta understand where this whole myth comes from now any soy derived product contains a compound called isoflavones and isoflavones are called phytoestrogens phyto means plant and estrogen is the female hormone responsible for giving you female characteristics and unfortunately for most people this is where the story ends you’re eating estrogen grow obviously will become a chick and unfortunately it’s not just the guys a lot of women are also concerned about soya

because they think it messes with their hormonal system but again to understand the truth let’s dive a little bit deeper into the science now isoflavones are called phytoestrogens because they’re capable of combining with the east asian receptors all over your body but what is – gene receptors now East Regine receptors are these proteins found on cells all over your body even on the guys and Eastridge and by itself which means the female hormone doesn’t have any effects without combining with the east asian receptors you know if you’re trying to light a firecracker you need the wick and you need the flame so the flame is the Easter gene that set off the whole thing

but the East region receptor is the wick only together will they have an action now these receptors basically allow East region to do its thing and they found all over your body in your bones they allow for a deposition of calcium in the bones on your skin it helps in keeping the skin looking you’ll know when it’s combined with these students now the isoflavones that you ingest when you eat soy products also have the ability to combine with these receptors but the thing to note here is that they don’t combine with the receptors the same way the East region does they combine weakly with the receptors but just to be sure let’s put numbers on this so there were these studies done when rodents were given a huge amount of isoflavones

and the rodents did show an elevated estrogen level and a drop in the testosterone levels but not so fast the rodents were given about twenty milligrams per kg of body weight converting that the human numbers for every gram of protein that you’re getting from soya you’re ingesting about three milligrams of isoflavones so even if you have 100 grams of soya you’re getting about 52 grams of protein which means you’re getting about 156 milligrams of isoflavones so if you’re a 70 kg dude and you’re ingesting 100 grams of soya chunks you’re only getting about 2.2 milligrams per kg or body weight now just for a minute compare that with the 20 mg per kilogram

that those mice were given if as a human being you want to be consuming 20 mg per kg that means you need to consume about 1,400 milligrams if you’re a 70 kg individual which amounts to about 467 grams of protein and if you want 467 grams of protein just from soya chunks you have to consume a kilo of soya chunks every single day if you actually want manboobs through the soya chunks and if you want your hormones to get affected you got to be consuming a kilo of soya chunks every single day you gotta understand that unfortunately the fitness industry is full of egos and a lot of propaganda and there are rumors that the whey protein industry and the meat industry have had a role to play so we are having such a bad name

now soya having such a bad name is linked to isoflavones but what they don’t tell you is that isoflavones also have a lot of other health benefits they use in everything from cancer therapy to hormone replacement treatment to helping with your bone density and a bunch of other things okay but just for a bit let’s turn our attention away from the science and the numbers and let’s look at Japan and Japanese food culture a lot of the dishes are centered around soya products like tofu and miso sauces everything that contains isoflavones

but none of them have hormonal problems or manboobs or reproductive problems or anything like that now if a culture like that has survived and prospered for thousands of years and thousands of generations of eating soya what makes you think that that little bit of soya chunks are you eating every day will change your hormonal system or your hormonal profile or will make you more manly or more feminine or things like that okay now that we know that you can consume so a chance

Secrets of Peanut Butter and How it’s Made

the average child eats 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by the time they graduate high school easy to eat and high in protein there’s no doubt peanut butter is a popular item to spread on bread today almost 120 million jars of Skippy peanut butter are sold annually that’s about four jars every second in other words Skippy produces enough peanut butter each year to make two billion peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Skippy has been making peanut butter since 1933 but the idea for this popular sandwich bread dates back much earlier peanut butter was invented in 1890 by an unknown st. Louis physician who was trying to come up with something for his patients see that’s a high-protein easy to digest food something when they couldn’t eat meat they could get proteins through peanuts but there’s something you should know about this nutty spread peanuts aren’t actually nuts they’re actually a Legum they contain the properties of both

the bean or lentil and tree nuts in Little Rock Arkansas machines pop out over a million pounds of Skippy peanut butter each week rail cars deliver shelled peanuts to the factory each railcar holds over 195 thousand pounds they move into giant silos before heading to the roaster – check this out a waterfall of peanuts flows off the conveyor belt at a rate of 18,000 an hour next stop the Blanchard the planter uses gentle friction similar to holding some peanuts in your hands rubbing them together the skins fall right off after a quick soak it’s time for a bumpy ride down a vibrating belt to shake off any remaining skins next machines soar through the masses one by one only the best are used in Skippy peanut butter giant blades now grind the peanuts into a coarse paste workers test the mixture to make sure it’s the correct color each jar of peanut butter

involves over 30 quality tests up next machines at sugar salt and other ingredients to prevent oil from separating from the peanut taste the mixture moves to a mixing kettle and stirs for a few minutes then a second set of grinders works their magic it rotates at over 9000 rpm and takes tiny micro slices if you will often off of each and every peanut this creates that smooth creamy peanut butter texture meanwhile an army of plastic jars marched to the filling station depositors fill the clear containers at turbo speed up to 250 jars each minute machines cap the containers and then the jars receive the famous hippie labels Skippy’s the world’s largest seller of peanut butter we sell it in roughly 100 countries at homes across the country kids love to pack in the peanut flavor between two slices of bread creamy or chunky crushed or no crush there’s nothing quite like the peanut butter sandwich you


peanut butter is a pace made from dry roasted peanuts this paste is generally used as a spread on toaster sandwiches peanuts a type of ground nuts belonged to the family of Foote Bay CA and species of Iraqis hypo GA the plant itself is small in which the branch of the flower touches the ground and grows underneath it is thought to have originated in the American continent and through Spanish travellers it was spread all over the world unlike costly nuts such as cashew nuts pistachio nuts almonds and walnuts peanuts are low cost nuts that offer similar benefits peanut butter nutrition according to the USDA national nutrient database peanut butter is a healthy food that is full of nutrients such as proteins carbohydrates monounsaturated fatty acids folate niacin pantothenic acid paroxetine riboflavin thiamine vitamin E vitamin C vitamin A

sodium magnesium calcium manganese phosphorus selenium copper iron and zinc peanuts contain no saturated fats and can be consumed on a regular basis they only contain unsaturated fats this is good news for people who fear to gain weight by consuming peanuts peanuts actually help you to lose weight health benefits of peanut butter apart from its great taste peanut butter has vital nutrients that are essential for the body the health benefits of this tasty butter include the following number one rich source of protein peanut butter 100 grams contains a high amount of protein 25 to 30 grams proteins that we eat are broken down into amino acids which are then utilized in each and every cell for repairing and building

the body number 2 lowers cholesterol levels a 2016 research paper published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology has revealed that peanuts are an excellent source of compounds like resveratrol phenolic acids flavonoids and phytosterols that completely stopped the absorption of cholesterol from the diet the fat content risk the unsaturated fats and peanut butter helped to lower bad cholesterol levels low-density lipoprotein and promote the circulation of good cholesterol high density lipoprotein number three prevents type 2 diabetes consuming peanut butter can also be beneficial in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes peanuts contain not only protein but also unsaturated fats unsaturated fats have been noted to improve insulin sensitivity research into peanut butter consumption and diabetes shows that a higher intake of peanut butter and other nuts lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes number 4 good source of vitamins peanut butter contains many vitamins that are good for our body to function properly vitamin A

found in it is helpful for eyesight while vitamin C helps to boost the immune system and heals simple ulcers faster on the other hand the vitamin E found in peanut butter is a very important micronutrient needed by our body to dissolve complex fatty acid structures and fat blockages in the arteries number 5 antioxidant properties peanut butter contains antioxidant properties due to the presence of folate niacin pantothenic acid pyridoxine riboflavin and thiamine one of the antioxidants found in it is resveratrol resveratrol is a polyphonic antioxidant which may help in controlling chronic diseases number 6 prevents cancer according to Carol s finke Karen C Chan Arthur C downy a tall study report published in the nutrition and cancer journal peanut butter contains B sitosterol a phytosterols it has a great property of fighting against cancer particularly colon prostate and breast cancers peanuts and its products such as peanut oil and peanut butter are ideal sources of phytosterols number seven regulates blood sugar levels peanut butter is a good source of magnesium




170 milligrams per 100 grams this makes up for 42% of the daily recommended value of magnesium magnesium has an important role to play in muscle bone and immunity development in the body magnesium also helps in regulating blood sugar levels and blood pressure its presence in our body helps in more than 300 biochemical reactions that are extremely important for our survival number eight high in potassium butter contains potassium 70 milligrams per 100 grams that acts as an electrolyte and is a fluid balancing element in the body cardiovascular system in effect potassium is a heart-friendly element that is found in high quantities and peanut butter number 9

reduce risk of gall stones gall stones a major health risk in developed countries is caused by being overweight crash diets certain types of cholesterol drugs and birth control pills a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on peanuts and nut consumption relating to the risk of gall stones was undertaken and the results of the study showed that over a period of two decades women who consumed peanut butter and nuts on a regular basis had reduced their risk of developing gall stones number 10 rich in dietary fiber peanuts and peanut butter are both high in dietary fiber one cup or approximately 125 grams of peanuts and peanut butter has 12 grams and 20 grams


fatty acid structures and fat blockages in the arteries number 5 antioxidant properties peanut butter contains antioxidant properties due to the presence of folate niacin pantothenic acid pyridoxine riboflavin and

thiamine one of the antioxidants found in it is resveratrol resveratrol is a polyphonic antioxidant which may help in controlling chronic diseases number 6 prevents cancer according to Carol s

finke Karen C Chan Arthur C downy a tall study report published in the nutrition and cancer journal peanut butter contains B sitosterol a phytosterols it has a great property

of fighting against cancer particularly colon prostate and breast cancers peanuts and its products such as peanut oil and peanut butter are ideal sources of phytosterols number seven regulates blood

sugar levels peanut butter is a good source of magnesium 170 milligrams per 100 grams this makes up for 42% of the daily recommended value of magnesium magnesium has an

important role to play in muscle bone and immunity development in the body magnesium also helps in regulating blood sugar levels and blood pressure its presence in our body helps

in more than 300 biochemical reactions that are extremely important for our survival number eight high in potassium butter contains potassium 70 milligrams per 100 grams that acts as an


put any pressure either on the blood or on the cardiovascular system in effect potassium is a heart-friendly element that is found in high quantities and peanut butter number 9

reduce risk of gall stones gall stones a major health risk in developed countries is caused by being overweight crash diets certain types of cholesterol drugs and birth control pills

a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on peanuts and nut consumption relating to the risk of gall stones was undertaken and the results of the study

showed that over a period of two decades women who consumed peanut butter and nuts on a regular basis had reduced their risk of developing gall stones number 10 rich

in dietary fiber peanuts and peanut butter are both high in dietary fiber one cup or approximately 125 grams of peanuts and peanut butter has 12 grams and 20 grams

such as constipation diabetes and various heart diseases thanks for watching don’t forget to like share and subscribe to our channel to stay updated with our videos of food and

What are the Foods that Boost Immune System for any Age

Foods that Boost Immune System

today we are going to see the best foods to boost your immune system considering the current situation of kovat ninth in there isn’t particular public interest on increasing immune defense easily feeding your body certain foods may help keep your immune system strong so if you are looking for ways to boost your immunity during this pandemic then plan your meals to include this 15 powerful immune system boosters so let’s see which are those citrus fruits most people turn to vitamin C after they have got a cold
are key to fighting infections and most popular citrus fruits like brave oranges lemon as your body doesn’t produce or store it you need daily vitamin C for your health almost all citrus fruits are high in vitamin C fruits
have the most vitamin C of any fruit or vegetable think again red bell peppers contain twice as much vitamin C as citrus they are also a rich source of beta-carotene beta-carotene helps keep your eyes and skin healthy Vita carotene is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce inflammation and boost immune function by increasing disease fighting cells in the body excellent sources includes sweet potatoes carrots green leafy vegetables broccoli broccoli is supercharged with vitamins and minerals act with vitamins A C and E as well as many other antioxidants and fiber broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables you can put on your table the key to keeping
its power impact is to cook it as little as possible or better yet not at all garlic garlic is found in almost every cousin in the world it adds a little zing to food and it’s must-have for your health early civilizations are recognized its value in fighting infections garlic may also help lower blood pressure and slow down hardening of the arteries garlic’s immune boosting properties seem to come from a heavy concentration of sulfur containing compounds such as Alison ginger ginger is another ingredient many turn book after getting sick ginger may help decrease inflammation which can help reduce a sore throat and other inflammatory illness ginger may also help decrease nausea while it’s used in many sweet desserts ginger packs some heat in the form of ginger ginger may help decrease chronic pain mmm possess cholesterol-lowering properties spinach spinach made a list not just because it’s rich in vitamin C
it’s also packed with numerous antioxidants and beta carotene which may increase the infection-fighting ability of her immune systems similar to broccoli spinach is healthiest when it’s cooked as little as possible so that it retains its nutrients however light cooking enhances his vitamin A and allows other nutrients to be released from oxalic acid yogurt look for yogurts that have life and active cultures printed on the label like Greek yogurt these cultures may stimulate your immune system to help find diseases try to get plain yogurts rather than the pines that are pre flavored and loaded sugar you can sweeten plain you got yourself with healthy fruits and drizzle some honey yogurt can also be a good source of vitamin D so try to select brands fortified with vitamin D vitamin D helps regulate the immune system
and is taught to boost your body’s natural defenses against diseases almonds when it comes to preventing and fighting off polls vitamin E tends to take a backseat to vitamin C however vitamin E is key to a healthy immune system it’s a fat soluble vitamin meaning it requires the presence of fat to be absorbed properly nuts such as almonds are packed with vitamin and also have healthy fats a half cup serving which is about 46 whole shelled almonds provides nearly 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin E turmeric you may know turmeric as a key ingredient in many curries but this bright yellow witness spice has also been used for years as an anti-inflammatory in treating both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis it is high concentration of curcumin which gives turmeric
its distinctive color and can help decrease exercise Indians muscle damage green e both green and black peas are packed with flavonoids a type of antioxidant green tea really excels in its level of época no caffeine Galit or EGCG which is another powerful antioxidant EGCG has been shown to enhance immune function the fermentation process black thing goes through destroys a lot of Ag CG whereas green tea is steamed and not fermented so the ad CG is preserved green tea is also good source of amino acid l-theanine l-theanine may aid in production of john fighting compounds in your T cells papaya papaya is another fruit loaded with vitamin C you can find two 25% of the daily recommended amount vitamin C in a single papaya papaya also have a digestive enzyme called papain that has anti-inflammatory effects papayas have decent amount of potassium B vitamins and folate all of which are beneficial to your overall health TV like papayas TVs are naturally full of essential nutrients including folate potassium vitamin K and vitamin C
vitamin C boosts white blood cells to fight infection while Kiwis are the nutrients keep the rest of your body functioning properly poultry when you are sick chicken soup is more than just a feel-good food with a placebo effect it hurts into symptoms of a cold and also helps protect you from getting sick in the first place poultry such as chicken and turkey is high in vitamin b6 about 3 ounces of little turkey or chicken meat contains 40 to 50 percent of your daily recommended amount of basics vitamin b6 is an important player in many of the chemical reactions that happen in the body it’s also widened to the formation of new and healthy red blood cells stock or broth made by boiling chicken bones contains gelatin chondroitin and other nutrients helpful for gut healing and immunity sunflower seeds sunflower seeds are full of nutrients including phosphorus magnesium and vitamin b6 they are also incredibly high in vitamin E a powerful antioxidant vitamin E is important in regulating and maintaining immune system function other foods with high amounts of vitamin E includes avocados and dark leafy vegetables shellfish
shellfish isn’t what jumps to mind for many who are trying to boost their immune system but some types of shellfish are packed with zing zing doesn’t get as much attention as many other vitamins and minerals but our body needs it so that our immune cells can function as intended varieties of shellfish that are high in zinc includes crabs clams and lobster keep in mind that you do want to have more than the daily recommended amount of zinc in your diet for adult men its 11 milligrams and for women it’s 8 milligram too much zinc can actually inhibit immune system function so these are the 15 foods that can boost and strengthen your immunity subscribe our channel for more such videos stay healthy and stay safe [Music]