Essential oils for cold sores

Top 10 Essential oils for cold sores and Its Benefits (Updates 2020)

hey there everyone so today I’m gonna be extremely vulnerable because I am suffering from something that I have not had happen to me in a very long time and that is this ugly thing on my lip which I feel like the whole world can see all the time and it’s like it’s like one of those bright flashing lights you know like how they used to have the staples like push like the easy button or something that’s what I feel like is on my lips now if you’ve ever had one you know exactly what I’m talking about and that would be the dreaded cold sore now I used to get these all the time actually like three four times a year then

I got into lipstick health I boosted my immune system I addressed it mice I dressed my stress which are some of the most common reasons why you will have this Colts were erupted I addressed those things and lo and behold for many many years I’ve had zero but lately I’ve been a little bit stressed out not managing very well and look what we got here so I don’t know if you didn’t see it I know it’s disgusting right you don’t really want to look that close but just if you’ve never seen it you know what

I’m talking about now for those of you that have had them and you know exactly how it feels you get that tiny little prickly sensation and then lo and behold you have a fever blister on your lips well I felt the tingling last night woke up this morning and sure enough the blister is performing it’s a bunch of fluid that forms in these blisters on your lips usually and I immediately thought what can I do what do I have in my medicine cabinet that I can apply I’ve tried Abreva has not really worked for me in the past I’ve tried lysine mixed results and this time I decided to try oregano oil this stuff is amazing so what I did was I took a little bit of fractionated coconut oil approximately half a teaspoon put one drop of oregano

I took a q-tip and I dabbed it in here and then applied it to the lip I did that this morning and I did it around lunchtime and now we’re in the afternoon and this thing is probably looking like it would normally look on day four or five and we’re like five hours in so this stuff is amazing I mean it’s cut down the time in like four days so add half a teaspoon of fractionated coconut oil one drop of regon o oil in here take a q-tip apply delicately to the lip and then it’s a live in half a day for me

and I’ve already had the fever blisters let go release their liquid and now it’s starting to form a scab which like I said before usually takes about three or four days to get to and now once this gap is Fleming you can apply different oils before we move on to that I did want to say that a lot of people also have really great luck with mal looka or tea tree oil and you can do that the same way dilute it and another thing that people really love and you can use this in conjunction is turmeric so you could put a drop of turmeric with the oregano oil or with the Melaleuca and apply that I just did oregano by itself and that did the trick now

that I have a scab forming I can actually apply lavender lavender is amazing for healing the skin especially for burns or blisters so that’s what I will do now that this gap is forming so I hope you don’t get cold sores because they’re awful in the whole world can notice them on your face but if you do get them don’t worry don’t fret you can get rid of them really quickly with the help of essential oils I will leave a link below if you want to get hold of some of these great essential oils for you and I highly recommend getting the basics all three of these will come in the bay that kid Melaleuca the lavender and the oregano and I use these for so many things so if you have any questions leave a comment below and I am more than happy to answer them have a great one



I want to talk to you guys about my journey with cold sores first off let’s just talk about how much do cold sores suck if you get cold sores you have the answer to this they suck and they always happen at the absolute worst times and I have been suffering with them let’s see I am 41 so I’ve been suffering with them for about 25 years now they started when I when I hit puberty they started getting really bad and it got to the point where like everything would trigger a cold sore eat citrus I get a cold sore get a fever cold sore get sick cold sore go out in the Sun oh another cold sore and the kicker was I started getting them with my monthly cycle

when I of you late ‘add and my temperature would because your temperature goes up a little bit when you ovulate so I died late cold sore so like every month I was getting a cold sore for years oh my gosh you guys my life has been changed world transformed so a year ago I started taking whole food concentrates and vegan omegas I’ve had one cold sore in this past year one cold sore so this is my first tip these things amazing I will post the link in the comments completely as I think have just regulated my immune system or something because I’m not getting cold sores anymore when I do get them though

I have amazing tips so I did get one cold source since I’ve started that but one cold sore in a year versus one every month I literally feel like a new human being but I have a trick for when you do get a cold sore how to make it go away super super fast like within three days I have tried everything prescription medications every home remedy known to man freezing them gosh I can’t I can’t even go through the list of how many different things I’ve tried alcohol lemons like everything but I have found something that works so here’s what I do when I get a cold sore essential oils and I do them straight you’re not usually supposed to put essential oils directly on your skin but when it’s a cold sore you don’t ever round you just don’t because you don’t want that thing on your face so here’s what I do I get a q-tip and I saturate the tip of the q-tip

with either helichrysum essential oil or Melaleuca essential oil which is tea tree so saturate the tip of this with tea tree or helichrysum essential oil I’ll put some good brands some of my favorite brands in the comments or wherever the comments are gonna show up up down so that you can buy these essential oils if you don’t have already have them this is the most expensive one and is the kind of the investment which is Melissa essential oil it’s lemon balm so then and you don’t need much of this so you can just get a teeny tiny little bottle so after you saturated the tip of your q-tip with either helichrysum or tea tree you will put one drop of Melissa essential oil on that q-tip and then you’re gonna take it and you’re gonna scrub you’re not gonna dab you’re not gonna be gentle you’re gonna scrub the heck out of that cold sore and hopefully you caught it

early and it’s just barely there or just starting to blister so that’s the best time to catch it you’re gonna take this and kind of flatten your lip out and scrub really hard the whole area where the cold sore is for probably thirty Seconds to a minute scrub it scrub scrub scrub you’re gonna do that two to three times a day for the first actually I would maybe even do it more often I would do it maybe every three hours or something for the first day and then after that you can you can dab that you don’t have to scrub it as much once it starts to scab but the first day before it scabs you want to really scrub it it might bleed those little blisters are gonna pop but you guys I’m telling you your cold sore will dry up and be gone within three days

so it’s like magic basically and those of you who get cold sores know what I’m talking about those suckers can be hard to get rid of and to get to dry out and what seems to happen with this is that you get down into like those deep layers and the cold sore never gets really deep painful if you catch it early on and you do this trick it stops it like it stops it right where it is and then it’ll just scab over lightly and you’re done Colts are gone so that is my magic tip and I’m telling you it works and flooding my body with these whole food concentrates has changed my world because now I only have to deal with a cold sore once a year I’m hoping maybe even less than that I don’t know knock on wood we’ll see how the next year goes so let me know how this works for you let me know how this scrubbing tip works for you put some comments below I’d love to hear back from you guys cold sores suck but there is a little bit of hope I never thought I wouldn’t say that there’s hope

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