Hair Color Tips and Best Hair Color

do you have gray strands of hair would you not want to get rid of them naturally in just five minutes if yes then this video is for you as in this Blog I’m going to share with you the best hair color in the Indian market stay tuned hello friends welcome to 51 greying of hair is not just a problem among adults but lately one out of every five teenagers is facing this issue the reasons could be many apart from genetics bad eating habits smoking and stress are some of them of course eating healthy helps a lot but what if we want an instant solution well hair colours are what we turn to so in order to find out the best hair color in the market I picked up 15 most commonly used hair colors by Indians

one thing that I found during the intensive research of this video was that the hair colors for men and women are not more than a marketing gimmick this is because the ingredients of both these hair colors are almost the same on the basis of number of harmful chemicals in them I have categorized all these hair colors into four categories category number one includes the hair colors by L’Oreal Revlon Garnier streaks and be blunt if you have been using one of these to color your hair surely you haven’t gone through their ingredient list because

if you had you wouldn’t have dared to touch them all these hair colors have over twenty harmful chemicals present in them using them on a regular basis may cause itchy scalp dandruff excessive hair fall and in some rare cases dermatitis and skin cancer so through these toxin lated black powders out of the window as they do not deserve to be part of your grooming kit category number two includes the hair colors by Cote rage color mate begin indica and became surely better than the ones in the category number one but still not recommended using them regularly main white skin allergies these products themselves warn you of the certain ingredients in them which may cause skin irritation so do yourself a favor by staying away from them category number three include the hair colors by Jovi’s banjaara and black rose these are those self-proclaimed safe and natural hair colors

which shy away from mentioning the complete list of their ingredients if you go through their ingredient list you will only find the mention of a few active ingredients the details of the base are totally missing on the back so not much can be said about them although these hair colors to come with a warning about certain chemicals in them which can cause inflammation of the skin so better to go for something better so are there any hair colors in the indian market which can be used on a regular basis without worrying about their side-effects yes category number 4 includes the hair colors by biotech vegetal hadi all these hair colors are natural in their true sense and

do not come with any warnings let’s briefly go through them one by one biotechs bio henna fresh powder hair color mentions hundred percent ingredient list on the back organically pure and preservative free this hair color will cost you two Peas $1.99 for 90 grams Hadi Naturals herbal black hair color is indigo and henna based product which will cost you two please 235 for 150 grams vegetal x’ safe hair color is another chemical free indigo based vegan product which will cost you rupees 475 400 grams a little on a pricier side but in my opinion it’s worth a try you can use any of the hair colors mentioned in this category according to your budget and suitability the links to the best hair colors are down in the description box I want to confirm that whatever I have spoken in this video or any of the previous

videos in this series is my honest opinion none of the haircolor brands mentioned in the four categories has paid me prevention is better than cure isn’t it although graying of here is something which is not completely in our hands still we can do our bit by eating the healthy and balanced tight reducing the consumption of tea and coffee protecting hair from UV rays of the Sun staying away from tobacco and and living a stress-free life I want to thank mama for partnering with us for this video rainy season is here and one thing that we need this season is a mosquito repellent

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