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How to cure flu naturally fast? Everyone should know that

hi friends welcome to my blog and today we are talking about natural cold and flu remedies since we are in the depths of cold and flu season right now I thought that I would put together some of my favorite home remedies these aren’t really remedies per se but there are things that you can do to take care of yourself help yourself hopefully get better sooner

if you do have a cold currently or if you feel like you have something coming on hopefully you could use some of these strategies to make it not happen and make sure that you don’t catch that nasty bug that’s going around so why don’t we just go ahead and dive right in the first thing that you can do for your cold and flu is to hydrate I talked about hydration a lot on my blog and it is so important especially when you feel like you have a polder flu or you feel like you’re coming down with something the reason for that is that our body needs water to optimally function

so in order for our immune system to be strong in order for our digestive system to be strong our detoxification systems to be strong they need to have proper hydration so that they can function properly so it’s really important that we if we are feeling like we’re coming down with something we flood our body with water so in general I recommend that you guys try to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water every single day and that could be herbal teas whatever you want but when you have a cold or flu or you feel like you have something coming on I want you to 1.5 that amount so you’re basically drinking 3/4 of your body weight in ounces of some form of hydrating liquids

so that could be regular water it could be herbal teas it could be coconut water it could include kombucha or seltzer water really you want to just make sure that you’re getting in a ton of hydration and that kind of brings us in to my second topic which is to make some homemade elixirs so there are tons of things and tons of food things that help boost your immune system and help support your immune system but these are three drinks that I make all the time in the winter not only just to like feel cozy and warm because they are warm drinks but also because they are helpful for your immune system and they’re really cozy and comforting when you have a cold or flu so the first thing that we’re gonna make is a lemon ginger echinacea tea and this is super simple it’s just fresh lemon juice some sliced fresh ginger some echinacea droplets and then I like to sweeten mine with honey and the reason that I like to use honey is that raw honey which

I always use that’s the only form of honey that I use is really high in antimicrobial and antibacterial properties so it’s really great for when you do have some sort of thing going on in your body it just helps to kind of like get that bacteria out and get that stuff that stuff out and the other benefit of it is that it’s really soothing and it’s really comforting especially if you have a sore throat so this tea is amazing I love it I actually just made one this morning even though I’m not really feeling sick but I did make one this morning and it’s such a great way to start your day and it’s also really cozy and comforting so here’s what you do the first thing we’re gonna do is slice a lemon and we’re going to use all of that juice in our tea and then we’re also going to slice I like to thinly slice a 1-inch piece of fresh ginger I don’t peel it

I just really slice it on along the diagonal and then I also add that into the water as well so we have our lemon juice and our ginger and then the echinacea that I like is from Gaia herbs and this is a droplet bottle and you just basically are going to add two dropper Foles of the echinacea you could do one I like to do two especially if I feel like something is coming on so I have two dropper Foles of the echinacea and then I also add in either half to a whole teaspoon of raw honey and again just make sure that you are buying really high quality honey hopefully from somebody that you can find locally that has a really kind of sustainable bee farm and again like I mentioned honey just has a ton of really great nutritional properties so you’re going to add everything into your cup and then you are going to top it with hot water you’re going to just stir it all together and then you have your amazing ginger lemon tea like to let this steep for about five minutes before I drink it so it gets nice and gingery but it’s super simple to make and it’s really soothing especially if you have a sore throat the second elixir that we’re gonna make is a tumeric latte and I’m actually cheating a little bit with my tumeric latte because

I use a golden milk powder I found this on thrive market but you can get it at a lot of grocery stores and you can also get it on Amazon and actually this brand is again Gaia herbs they have really great products this video is not sponsored by them but I use a few of their supplements I use their echinacea like I just mentioned and I love their golden milk mixture so here are the ingredients of the gold milk it’s just tumeric it has some ashwagandha it has some cardamom has a little bit of date sugar it also has some vanilla and of course you could make this at home if you wanted you could just kind of build up these ingredients and I’ll give you some proportions in the description box that you don’t want to buy this mix but what I really like about this mix is that it also contains black pepper and if you are eating turmeric you really want to make sure that you have some black pepper in there as well because that activates the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric

which is the curcumin and when you have the black pepper that activates the curcumin and it helps boost the anti-inflammatory properties of the turmeric so for our tumeric latte we are going to add about a teaspoon of this golden milk powder into a blender I also like to add a little bit of cinnamon I just really like the flavor and it’s really warming I also like to add in some monk fruit extract to sweeten but you could also use raw honey you can use maple syrup or you can use some form of granulated sugar and then I add in a little bit of almond milk to make this nice and creamy of course you could use coconut milk or coconut butter some form of coconut oil or MCT oil and then we top it with hot water and basically we just blend this all up until it’s smooth and creamy and that’s all you have to do and

what I love about tumeric lattes is that they are super cozy they’re super comforting because this one has ashwagandha powder in it it also is really calming and relaxing it’s stress relieving and like I mentioned it’s also really anti-inflammatory so one of the things that happens when we’re sick internally is that we have inflammation so our body is responding to whatever is happening with our cold or flu and one of the things that it does is it gets inflamed so whether it’s your lungs your throat whatever is your sinuses there is inflammation inside of your body when you have a cold or flu so it’s really great to add some anti-inflammatory ingredients like tumeric into your diet so that’s why I love tumeric lattes when I’m feeling down and out the last thing that we’re making is a mushroom hot chocolate and I know that this sounds a little bit strange

but medicinal mushrooms are incredible immune boosters they are amazing for your immune system and they really help your body fight back against the whatever is happening the cold or the flu so I love incorporating with its no mushrooms especially when I’m feeling sick but I honestly eat medicinal mushrooms every single day the brand that I like and I’ve talked about these before and another video is root and bones they are organic they’re sustainably harvest and they’re really amazing so the three mushrooms that we’re using in our hot chocolate aren’t chaga this is considered the king of mushrooms it’s really amazing it’s great for immortality it’s great for longevity it’s also a course amazing for your immune system we’re also using reishi mushrooms which are considered the queen of mushrooms and they are amazing as well these are really great for immune system they’re really great for energy and they’re really great for balancing stress and in the last mushroom that we’re using is cordyceps I love cordyceps they’re really energizing they’re really great for vitality and clarity and they also aren’t amazing again for your immune system

so these are just the three that I personally like you really could do a blend of any of your favorite medicinal mushrooms and I promise this hot chocolate does not taste like mushrooms at all it tastes like hot chocolate it’s so good super creamy super thick and you guys are gonna love it and your immune system is going to love you for drinking it so here’s how to make it we’re gonna add about a tablespoon and a half to two tablespoons of rock cacao powder into our blender and then I like to do a full teaspoon each of my vegetable mushrooms and then I’m adding in some monk fruit extract to sweeten it as well as some coconut butter to make it super creamy you guys know I love adding coconut butter into my warm drinks and then you’re just topping this all with about two cups of hot water

and you’re just gonna blend this up until it’s smooth and creamy I find that this needs to be blended a little bit longer just so that the powders get evenly distributed throughout the liquid so I would say blend it for like fifteen to thirty seconds and then you can just pour it into your mug and you’re good to go so those are my three elixirs that I like to drink when I’m really feeling sick or I feel like something’s coming on but there are a few other things that you can do for your body if you have a cold or flu so we talked about hydration we talked about elixirs the second thing that I want to encourage you guys to do is rest and I’m sure you’ve heard of this a million times but it’s really important to get proper sleep and proper rest when you’re feeling sick your body is under internal stress and it needs to recuperate

it needs time to get better and if you’re just pushing pushing pushing going going going and you’re feeling really stressed out at work or whatever it is you’re not going to be able to get better as quickly so you want to make sure that you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep every single night maybe that means going to bed at 8:30 and getting up at your normal time if that’s the case do it you’re going to get better a lot faster if you get proper sleep and you’re gonna feel a lot better more quickly so I definitely recommend that you rest and recuperate as much as possible the third thing that I recommend you think about doing is sweating a little bit so it doesn’t have to be like a super intense workout or anything but getting a little bit of movement is going to really help kind of break things up inside it’s gonna get your body moving

and it’s really important for keeping your immune system in tip-top shape so I recommend that you do something semi gentle even if you are an intense exerciser I personally think it’s better to kind of go for a light jog go for a nice walk outside maybe go to a hot yoga class that’s what I personally love to do when I’m feeling sick because heat really makes me sweat and gets out some of those bad toxins but yoga is also really gentle so do something that’s kind of gentle but still kind of get your body moving so that you can get your systems moving internally another thing that you can do is take a steam shower I’m sure you guys have heard this as well but steaming in the shower is going to really help break up the congestion especially if you’re feeling something in your sinuses or in your chest so just kind of take a hot shower leave the water on for a little bit before you get in let your bathroom kind of steam up and then get in and what I actually love to do is add some eucalyptus oil into my shower so I just kind of drop it into the tub or the basin and it smells amazing it’s super energizing and invigorating but it also has like a kind of minty nest to it so it also helps to break up the conduction

so I love eucalyptus if you don’t have that you could also do peppermint but really just kind of steaming in your shower for like 10 minutes it’s really gonna help loosen things up and then from there I recommend you get out of the shower and try to either cough the congestion out of your lungs or really try to blow the congestion out of your sinuses like with tissues since it’s all kind of loose from your steam shower you really want to take advantage of that so make sure you try to get it out instead of just like going into your bedroom and getting dressed if congestion is something that you’re struggling with the fourth thing that I recommend is getting a neti pot and neti pots are really great because they flush your sinuses they feel super weird they like basically you’re just putting this little pot inside of your nose and water is going all through your sinuses and coming out the other side of your nose it feels so strange but I promise it helps amazingly well so I was pretty congested a couple weeks ago and I woke up in the middle of the night and I could barely breathe so I went into my bathroom and I did the neti pot with like a little bit of warm water and a little bit of sea salt I let it kind of sit so that the sea salt dissolved and then I flushed out my sinuses and I felt so much better it really cleared them out it really broke them you that was in there and I was able to blow my nose get the congestion out and fall back asleep

so if congestion is something that you’re really struggling with and you’re feeling really clogged up then I definitely recommend you guys pick up a neti pot and then the my last thing and of course there are a ton of other remedies that you can do and I’m actually gonna have a blog post on at my blog today as well so you can check that out in the description box below but the last thing that I recommend you do is incorporate essential oils into your routine so if you aren’t already using essential oils I have a few videos on my channel I’ll again link those for you in the description box below as well but I love using essential oils when I’m feeling sick I use them at night and I use them all day while I’m at home so if you are at home you’re working at home or you’re just taking a sick day even if you’re in an office if you have it like a closed-door office

you can definitely do this but bring your diffuser with you and diffuse some oils so my favorite blend is during the day our lavender peppermint and eucalyptus and sometimes I also add in some lemon in there and those scents together are really great for just feeling sick like the lavender is kind of calming and stress relieving the peppermint gets into your sinuses and it just kind of like helps break things up but it’s also energizing and then again the same thing with eucalyptus so that is my favorite blend for the daytime in the evening if I’m falling asleep I like to put together a little sleep concoction which really helps with congestion as well there is a blend from Young Living that I love it’s called RC so I used like 5 to 10 drops of RC I also add in lavender which I sleep with lavender every single night because it feels and smells amazing so lavender I also do a little bit of stress away because your body is feeling stress when you’re feeling sick so it’s kind of coping

like with you or feeling emotional stress so I like using stress way in that blend and then I also add in some thieves sometimes so those 3 blends are actually unique to Young Living so you really can only get them if you are a young living customer but you could also just use the the oils that I just mentioned in for the daytime and that would also work so those are a bunch of the natural remedies that I personally use I want to recommend that you guys check out the blog post like I just mentioned you can find that in the description box below and I took a little bit more and I’m giving you a more detailed like recipe for all of those liquors and I talked a little bit more about the essential oils so make sure to check that out and of course

I would love to hear you have any saving things that you do when you’re feeling the cold or flu or you feel like you have something coming on so if you have some natural remedies that I did not mention in today’s video definitely leave them in the comments below because the more that we can share with each other the better I feel like if we have a ton of natural remedies happening in the comments section then whoever is watching feeling the cold or flu you will have a ton of resources to hopefully get better more quickly so thank you guys so much for watching and really appreciate you being here if you haven’t subscribed to the channel already there’s a red button right below this video it says subscribe you can tap that button I’m here every Tuesday and Friday sharing new healthy recipes lifestyle advice everything like that so I’m really excited if you guys are here and again thank you and other than that I hope you have an awesome rest of your Friday have a fantastic weekend and I will see you it next week with another recipe video bye guys [Music]

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