Symptoms of gastroenteritis

Symptoms of gastroenteritis

Symptoms of Gastroenteritis


This Article is about Symptoms of gastroenteritis.

Gastroenteritis is always welcome at Christmas. Running, stomach ache, laziness … What are the manifestations of gastroenteritis? How can you prevent your winter from being flooded with pollution?

  • What is gastroenteritis?
  • Symptoms of gastro
  • Gastro transmission
  • How to avoid gastroenteritis?
  • Gastroenteritis in children: recommendations

Symptoms of gastroenteritis


The scourge of winter gastroenteritis. According to Sentinelles Organized the Responsibility for Home Intelligence 1, this disease is the cause of more than one million discussions if everything is in the recipe every winter (with the highest points in the first two weeks of January). Regularly polite, he generally encourages side effects such as: bowel movements, pain, injury … Warning, this can be dangerous for sensitive people.

What is gastroenteritis?


Gastroenteritis is often caused by infection, rotavirus, although it can also be caused by microorganisms (Salmonella, Campylobacter, etc.). This causes the intestines to sag and lift in many patients for 2 to 3 days. This is still very bad, but it is not risky for most of us. It is also associated with migraines, throbbing pain, fever, and fatigue.

However, be careful of young people who are increasingly sensitive! This can cause them to dry out one day after bowel movements. There are around 600 bowel movements per year, mainly in the elderly (under 5 years and over 75 years).

Gastrointestinal symptoms

The incubation period of the gastrointestinal tract is 24 to 72 hours. The topmost symptoms of gastroenteritis are :

Acute and sudden diarrhea, characterized by a high frequency of stools (more than three stools in 24 hours) and a soft or liquid consistency;
Nausea and/or vomiting;
Abdominal cramps;
Moderate fever;
Sometimes blood in the stool may accompany these diarrhea.
Gastrointestinal Transmission
Gastro transmission is through :

Direct contact between a sick person and another person;
Food or water contaminated by a sick person;
Contact with objects soiled with fine particles of sick people’s stool.
Gastroenteritis is favoured by living in a community and eating out.

Reducing symptoms of gastroenteritis: treatments
To treat gastroenteritis, there are several solutions:

Take oral rehydration solutions (ORS). During gastroenteritis, the body experiences dehydration, which can be severe in the elderly or children. It is therefore necessary to compensate for the loss of water and salt. These solutes allow early rehydration (products are reimbursed by social security);
Drink a lot of water, often and in small quantities;
A dietetic approach is important: eat salty foods, rich in sugar and without residues such as pasta, rice, cooked carrots and salty biscuits. Raw fruits and vegetables as well as iced drinks should be avoided;
Reduce the intensity and duration of diarrhoea (diet, intestinal transit slowers, intestinal adsorbents/protectors…) ;

How to avoid gastroenteritis?

Gastroenteritis can be caught by eating contaminated food, drinking contaminated water and also by direct contact with the sick. So, to avoid being infected, no mystery! You have to..:

Ensure hand and surface hygiene;
Wash your hands with soap as often and as thoroughly as possible;
Do not share water glasses or cutlery at the table;
Pay attention to the preparation of meals (especially in groups). Strict hygiene rules (hand washing, wearing single-use gloves) must be observed. Sick people should obviously not participate in the preparation of meals;

Gastroenteritis in children: recommendations

People who are already ill must of course take all these precautions. A sick mother will make sure to wash her hands systematically before touching her children. She will limit contact to what is strictly necessary. For infants, at the slightest worry, one goes to the doctor or to the emergency room.

For children and older people, make sure they drink plenty of water or special rehydration solutions sold in pharmacies.2 And if you are the one who is sick, you are not exempt from your water treatment either. A lot of rest and time will help you get over this little winter ailment!


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